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Good post, TomP. I’m sure had Bernie said, “I’m not sure the country can take a black woman,” massive outrage would ensue!

The automatic response to any comment like that should be: How long should we wait?


Thank you, TomP! I agree that this is well worth a discussion. I come down on the side of Hell Yes, the country is ready for two women! (Would have much preferred feminist Sanders and Warren tho…)

Hard to tell where Lewis is coming from sometimes, but am not into “purity tests”. Great men and women, as you say, can be very wrong sometimes.



Cali Scribe

8 years ago, a lot of people believed this country wasn’t ready for a black President either. (Sorry to say I was one of them early in the primary campaign — glad Obama proved me wrong.)

John Lewis is a great man, but he’s stuck in 20th century thinking. Except for those who would never vote for a woman under any circumstances (and they’re all voting for Trump anyway), I think most Americans can look beyond gender these days.


I’m a woman of color and I never thought I would see it. Not until the South was really giving him wins did I believe he had a chance. Then I feared he would be offed–and HRC’s June/RFK comment had me scared it would happen. Suffice to say, I cried on both election night and during the inauguration. It is beautiful when people come together in hope and solidarity. Alas, not enough has changed even if we continue to inch our way forward.


Thanks Tom! I missed this at TOP as I tend to miss most everything over there at the moment, very glad you brought it over here!


Ok, I agree, John Lewis said a dumb thing.

But if I’m supposed to be thrilled by Clinton and Warren “electrifying the crowd” in their matching outfits, count me out.

Two women on the ticket? Yes, of course! That lying criminal at the top of the ticket? No.

belle de jour

Wish it had been an orange jumpsuit instead. It would be nice to see Hillary’s strong environmental policy in action as she is picking up trash by the side of the road.

Linda Thieman

Oh, shoot. And here they looked so nice together in their color-coordinated blue jackets yesterday. {tongue firmly planted in cheek}


Lewis is solidly in HRC’s corner and, I think, given all he has done to get her elected, anything that might reduce her odds are seen as a threat. Has he tapped into the gentle misogyny of ‘well HRC is fine but two women–no way!”? Sure. He reflects the old school of woman as exception and token where we have to engage in cat fights to be the alpha woman in a male dominated environment. It is buy-in to the existing system rather than pushing for real change.


John Lewis has been wrong-headed during this whole election cycle. His remark is senseless. Having said that, it is my opinion that EW on a HRC ticket undermines everything EW has been fighting against, and the reasons so many of us have followed her speeches and her candidacy for the Senate, in the first place.

You can count me out as someone who is going to rush to my precinct in November to vote for HRC only because EW is on her ticket. In fact, I feel as though EW has sold out. Trump As the Evil One aside, where is the integrity when EW knows full-well the corrupting force of Wall Street and the One Percenters who backed HRC before she even tossed her hat into the ring. I’m sorely disappointed that EW could not stand with Bernie, and yet she is now “enthusiastically” campaigning for Hillary. She might as well have endorsed Hillary with the rest of Hillary’s coterie of Establishment Democrats.

The struggle continues…..

Raggedy Ann

I feel the exact same way, KayCe.


Must be something in our NM water, Raggedy Ann, LOL!

I cannot see my cup half full with EW standing with Hillary. In fact, seeing her stand with Hillary now only disappoints and depresses me.

Raggedy Ann

It makes me nauseous!

Cali Scribe

I keep telling myself that EW knows something, that something being that Clinton won’t be in the campaign the closer we get to November.


If that were true, why would she then put herself in a position of compromise or condemnation, in the aftermath? “The friends you keep…” But nothing would surprise me, Cali. The older I am the more suspicious I am about all of them.

Cora Regina

Absolutely agreed, although I’m drinking KY water! Seeing EW standing next to HRC and declaring that “I’m with HER” churns my stomach and engenders very definite feelings of betrayal.

(Every time someone refers to HRC as “Her” I can’t help but compare her with HIM from The Powerpuff Girls. I think I may start calling HRC “HER” instead, short for Her Emetic Majesty.)


Stomach churning, indeed. I feel like our Dems are now somehow bewitched. By HER!

belle de jour

Didn’t see your comment until after I’d written one above ^… couldn’t agree more with all your sentiments about & assessments of Warren.


If EW can stop the TPP, I will be in her debt. And then she can reinstall Glass-Steagle. haha. jokes on me. yes, it is hard to see her and HRC laughin it up to the adoring (crowd?).


Read your diary on DK and thought…. If I had posted what BBB posted I would have been banned.


Star Strider

As a straight male, gender is only important in whom I choose to date.

By joining with she-who-must-not-be-named, Warren has lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned. If she-who-must-not-be-named thinks embracing Warren will endear the Berniecrats to her, it likely backfired, at least with this one. It just destroyed Warren.

Raggedy Ann

For those of you who are thinking of voting for hrc and for those of you who think it’s okay for Warren to endorse hrc, here’s a great comment from Amanda over on c99P. I couldn’t say it better myself. I’m coying and pasting it for those who may not be able to access it. She ends it with an interview of Bill and Hill in that 60 Minutes interview (not embedded here) about Ms. Flowers. Her majesticness is ensuring Bill says the right words.


What? You can vote for someone like this?

I can agree that we need a Third Party. We need to get out of this bad guy/good guy election trap and actually ensure that there’s a debate on the ISSUES, and not just fear mongering choice of evils like we have now and is epitomized in this damn election.

From that same article:
As Senator from New York and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton pushed a belligerent foreign policy that included wars of aggression and unequivocal defence of U.S. allies (such as Israel). She oversaw the coup in Honduras and the regime-change operation in Libya— two instances, among many, which showed that her liberalism seemed identical to neo-conservatism. Little wonder that the neo-conservative writer Robert Kagan said of her: “I feel comfortable with her on foreign policy.” Little in Hillary Clinton’s record should give anyone illusions that she will govern from anywhere other than the Right. That is her temperament. The two pillars of her administration will be Wall Street and war. It is to be expected.


What I just copied and pasted is an absolutely accurate description of what we will get with Clinton. She’s proven that by example. When you see someone do the same shit over and over and over, it should be clear that is exactly how that person is. She loves Wall Street. She loves war. She loves the 1%. And she doesn’t give a fat rat’s ass about us plebs. There is NOTHING in her past or present that says she is going to become an ethical, decent, caring human being in future. There is EVERYTHING in her past and present that says she will not. We don’t know what Trump will do (I won’t vote for that guy ever) but we DO know what Clinton will do.

She (and the horn dog she’s ‘married’ to) have both been looking us in the eyes and lying to us since the early 90s, and they’ve done it at the expense of others. For example the time they basically called a woman a liar and a prostitute (Bill said she was a friend of the family that sold her ‘lies for money’) when the story was true all along. Bob Herbert said all that needed to be said about BOTH Clintons 15 years ago:

“The Clintons are a terminally vulgar and unethical couple who betrayed everyone who ever believed in them”

This remark really puzzles me: ” When Dems are in charge, they tend to do at least a few things for average people – such as the ACA and the Lily Ledbetter Act.” We’re supposed to be grateful and settle for that? Shillary’s true constituents use the federal government to enable them to destabilize areas they want to take over (iraq or the Ukraine for instance) and to allow Wall Street to rape the economies of half the planet and cash in. What we get, per your example, are a seriously flawed healthcare coverage package that’s falling apart as we type, and this so-called big favor we were granted by the Dems passing an extension on the time we have to seek a fair paycheck? Do you know what the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 does? It is not this big leap into equal pay like the bill’s name suggests. All the act states is that the 180-day statute of limitations for filing an equal-pay lawsuit regarding pay discrimination resets with each new paycheck affected by that discriminatory action. Well BFD. That right should have always been in effect. They did us no big favors there. They didn’t legislate equal pay, just gave us more time to try to fight for it in court ourselves. Whoo Hoo. It’s done nothing for the big discrepancy in male to female pay so far. When do we start to see all these benefits?

I’m sick of living off the scrap heap and watching an extremely small segments of our society live very well off our labor, which they think is only worth poverty wages, while we pay the bulk of the taxes and foot the bills for their wars. That situation exists thanks to the help and support of Hillary Clinton.

Here is some EARLY exposure to the trash named Clinton. We’ve had to put up with these classless, greedy, corrupt opportunists for around 25 years. People knows how toxic Shills and the hubby both are. Some of them can justify it to themselves somehow. She’s said that she’s going to put Slick Willie in charge of the economy. Oh happy day! How much more damage can we expect? I can’t imagine anyone being able to hold their nose long enough to vote for this creature or who can stand the thought of that probable pedophile back in the White House. That’s what bothers me about Sanders. He knows what she’s like, he’s dealt with her first hand. That’s what bothers me about the nose holders. This is not all new ground we’re breaking here. We’ve been through this same scenario with these same people before./blockquote>

edited to blockquote the comment


You are not allowed on TOS to criticize John Lewis. I tried once because of his shameful treatment of Bernie Sanders and was handed my head.

Cali Scribe

I got away with it only by saying that he may have gotten his timeline confused — dealing with a lot of that in talking with my mom-in-law these days (she’s 84 and the mind is still hanging in there for the most part).


Yeah, kind of like HRC saying I don’t remember 250 times and that she’ll try never to lie to us, ha ha ha

Hillary Can’t Recall If She Ever Lied To The American People


I reminded someone just the other day about the ‘where was he’ inanity and got a whole diatribe including, of course, so will you be voting for HRC in Nov?! That’s all that matters, blind fealty. F*cking scary.


Here’s a question: If I said I don’t think this country is ready for an out gay president, would that be bigotry? It would be fine with me but I think the Dems would lose that race no matter who the opponent was. I don’t thin Lewis is showing bigotry at all. I think he is concerned about losing, and I think legitimately so.

Cali Scribe

As I said in my comment, there were many people who said the country wasn’t ready for a black President back in 2008. Obama proved them wrong. If we avoid something out of fear, we’re always going to be stuck in the same place. As Tom Cruise said in “Risky Business”: “Sometimes you’ve just got to say ‘what the fuck’.” We need to take that risk if necessary, for the sake of our country. And you just might end up surprised.


OMG thanks for that–that was my mantra for the longest time. I don’t use it now because I get quizzical looks (woman of a certain age and all…)


Why? Because then you’d have two vaginas instead of one? That ought to help the middle class, planet, immigrant babies in for-profit detention centers and all those students in debt up to their ears. Warren is a traitor. Her and her Bobsy twin in the matching suit are a stitch. Hillary lies and Warren sits on her knee pretending she believes her.

John Lewis was a great man. Now he just follows the establishment’s lead and rests on his laurels. As the dkos trolls all said about Bernie being a part of the civil rights movement, “yeah, what’s he done since”. Imo that sit in was as phony as a $2 bill, and Lewis was the token anti-establishment character selected by a bunch of old, rich, white insiders to star in it.

The Clintons and the DP stole this election, and they can fuck off forever. I don’t understand this diary at all Tom.


Your tone startles me and makes me want to argue with you–yet much of your substance I agree with. So I guess I’m saying you have a lot that is worthwhile in here and it is hard to hear it because of your anger. Again, I’m not saying your anger isn’t real or legitimate, just that it is clouding your message {{{dkmich}}}


I have a tendency to be very direct, and I am angry that they stole this election from us and our kids. I make no truck about it. However, I attacked no one on this blog, certainly not Tom, nor did I make my rant personal to anyone here. Having said that, I am sorry my tone and delivery upsets you. I promise you will always know where I stand and will never have to worry about your back.


No need to apologize (though I do appreciate it) because I know you’re angry (though I’m probably more on the disgusted I can’t f*cking believe this crap sweet spot). I know you’re not attacking anyone personally, so I hope you don’t feel I was doing/saying that. It was just me sharing to let you know you aren’t alone, though it can feel that way as we are all survivors of over there with various levels of PTKD. 🙂


dkmich, I think you are only saying what many of us are thinking and feeling in the gut. ,)


i think that it’s more that the country can’t take two white grandma lawyers from the east coast. That’s Yves Smith’s line (she’s a woman).


In fairness to Liz, she didn’t grow up middle class like HRC or go straight Ivy. Not the same level of privilege. And she’s originally from Oklahoma (where the winds….)


[oops posted in wrong place]

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