HomeDemocratic PlatformKeith Ellison & Josh Fox: Sanders Pushed Party Platform to Left, But We Failed on TPP, Medicare, Gaza
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I think I have a different perspective on this than many, because I see Bernie as the ultimate pragmaticist and he knows they just aren’t going to go against TPP, but I also think he worked out a real deal for them to go after tuition and student loans.

Though some may see him as a sell out, or others may see this as all meaningless, but I think Bernie did here what he has done in congress for years, accepted the things he can not change while negotiating to change what he can. I think the tuition was his final hold out and I think he did all this because he believes there is an opportunity to move things forward, not in all ways we would like, but in all ways that were possible at the moment

In some ways them not giving in on TPP is actually a good sign, because that is the one I wouldn’t have believed any way and the fact they stuck to it, implies negotiations were in good faith and not kabuki.


Great point that Bernie is the “ultimate pragmatist”


Sort of related, the NYT is reporting that Sen Warren will be speaking at the DNConvention the first night. This means she’s not likely to be the VP pick.



Also, I read on twitter that Nina Turner had hoped Bernie would be considered for VP, but he was not vetted. She was a guest on Tweety’s show.


I’m a bit surprised to hear that Nina Turner (love her) would think that there would be even the most remote possibility that Hillary would want Bernie as her VP.


I am, too, actually.

Betty Pinson

Those fights will continue. We just switch to fighting our MOC’s, Obama and Hillary.

The Platform was just one tactic. There are others.


Watched DN this morning, loved the interview. Josh Fox is on it.


I’m with Shailene! Wisdom givers will be bringing up the back end. We’ll carry water and food. I wanna go. wahhhh.


I also heard that the call to action regarding ending Citizen’s United was removed.

And postal banking was also removed from the platform. So disappointing! Would it really kill HRC & DWS to oppose their Wall Street & Payday Lender donors? This makes me so sick.


That’s disappointing. I thought Postal Banking was a go.


Yes, support for postal banking was included in the first round of the platform draft. And then it was removed over this weekend in Orlando.


That sucks.

Angela Marx

Quite an interesting bit there by Shailene Woodley, especially for someone so young and an admitted, first-time active in politics.

She really has the Millennial view down in plain language.

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