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Actually, I hope Bannon sticks around to stir up trouble in the Republican ranks. As you point out, he’s no worse than most of that sorry lot and at least on taxes appears to be somewhat better. Opponent infighting can be very helpful


Yes, yes, it wasn’t the blatant racism and it wasn’t the xenophobia and it wasn’t the guns or religion that made the elites banish Bannon. No, it was money, it was always about the money.


I think that Trump and Bannon for that matter are really the sordid end point of what the Republican Party has been ever since I started paying attention to politics.

e.g. George H W Bush used the Willie Horton scam on Dukakis.

e.g. George W Bush used the illegitimate black baby scam against John McCain during the 2000 primary

Trump’s just the latest in a long line of racists willing to pander to a base of homophobic, racists.

No shame, No honor, Know nothings.

Endless wars and financial wrongdoing.

And then even the Dems joined them in the mayhem of endless regime change wars and irresponsible financial deregulation…..

Am I bitter and discouraged?
Y’might say so….

Go Bernie, go Nina, go Ben Jealous, go Keith Ellison and others who are marching to a different drummer……

……the amazing Jack London wrote a novel on “Oligarchy”:
“The Iron Heel”
available via the electronic “Hoopla” app at some local libraries…
He’s a remarkable writer…..

Don midwest
Don midwest

we have 2 factions, not 2 parties

In Federalist 10, Madison defines a faction as “a number of citizens, whether amounting to a minority or majority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community”.

someone pointed out on Naked Capitalism that in 2008 after Obama was elected and democrats had 60 seats in the Senate, they did not undo W Bush’s tax cuts. And they were unable to get through single payer.

But the Republicans with slightly more than 50 senators passed the tax bill for the oligarchs and the corporations

it took OWS, Bernie an authentic politician to put issues on the table, and the backdrop of the most important political actor, The New Climate Regime, to highlight how far from the real issues the political parties have moved

will Trumpism force the necessary counter revolution against modernity that is trashing the Earth? Or, rather than a revolution, do we need a Reset, like a network or a computer?

Modernity has had so many meanings and tries to combine so many contradictory sets of attitudes and values that it has become impossible to use it to define the future. It has ended up crashing like an overloaded computer. Hence the idea is that modernity might need a sort of reset. Not a clean break, not a “tabula rasa,” not another iconoclastic gesture, but rather a restart of the complicated programs that have been accumulated, over the course of history, in what is often called the “modernist project.” This operation has become all the more urgent now that the ecological mutation is forcing us to reorient ourselves toward an experience of the material world for which we don’t seem to have good recording devices.

Reset Modernity! is organized around six procedures that might induce the readers to reset some of those instruments. Once this reset has been completed, readers might be better prepared for a series of new encounters with other cultures. After having been thrown into the modernist maelstrom, those cultures have difficulties that are just as grave as ours in orienting themselves within the notion of modernity. It is not impossible that the course of those encounters might be altered after modernizers have reset their own way of recording their experience or the world

people who follow my comments can guess where that quotation came from


2 factions is correct!!! Most employed by the fascist corporate oligarchy. We do have some that are fighting back but their in the minority for now.

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