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Yeah, I believe the Pentagon has also singled it out as a threat, perhaps greater than terrorism. Especially the lack of water.

Jo Crain

Huh. Doesn’t surprise me. Even though one of their own reports says water scarcity will cause yyuuuuge upheaval. Years ago.

Jo Crain

Sorry I couldn’t get the links to work and subsequent edits didn’t work and now it won’t let me edit at all.
The links are both at truthdig. Under the article about why it is so hard for military folks to speak out are links to two more articles about how the pentagon is viewing protesters on climate change.


As someone who,lives in a ZONE ONE evacuation area on the NE coastline… DONT BUY SHOREFRONT PROPERTY.

On the day Sandy came ashore my apt building was suddenly surrounded by 5 feet of salt water… Which destroyed every single thing it touched. We are still rebuilding out here…. and it’s damn neigh on impossible to get affordable insurance… Even for cars… Over 10,000 cars drowned out here during sandy.

If you want to have a shorefront home.. Buy something inland and wait a few years.


I don’t think the sea will get to Arkansas anytime soon. Though I can always hope. 😉 I want to live near the sea. At my age, I seriously doubt it will rise significantly before I croak, LOL.


I have lived within walking distance to the Atlantic Ocean my entire life…tomorrow I turn 65 and it’s ONLY in the last few years that I have become very worried about remaining here… One can see how rising rides have changed our landscape out here… And people have had to make expensive alterations in order to remain safe from The encroaching ocean…

For instance… That great Old summer song UNDER THE BOARDWALK… There is no longer an under the boardwalk out here… Where there once were small beach businesses renting chairs and umbrellas and families setting up blankets to stay out of the sun and lovers ummmm…. Anyway, NOW there is a solid wall of sand ….right up to the boardwalk in an attempt to keep the ocean from Continuing to flood the area when it rains.

And what is NUTS is developers … Seeing $$$ continue to build ON the shoreline… It’s crazy.


Repubs deny the global warming but yet the military is spending millions refurbishing their ports for the anticipated rise in sea level

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