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OMG I’m gonna need a flame-retardant suit tomorrow.


I think people should read the article: Bernie Sanders says he has no immediate plans to endorse Hillary Clinton

No IMMEDIATE PLANS does not mean he wont endorse. I just don’t people to get their hopes up and then be disappointed.


damn nomandates–I choked on my pecadillo y arroz!


pecadillo? a little sin with your rice, tonight?


Lol. It’s probably an auto-spellcheck issue and it’s actually picadillo.


LMAO! damn you spell check!! BSG is correct–picadillo (ground meat dish). Though perhaps the sinfully funny ‘flame retardant quip got my language wires crossed!


was funny :O)

Raggedy Ann

LOL!! I’ll go there just for you, nomandates. 🙂


I’ll go there too – just to laugh a little 🙂
Bernie or Bust!


oh my! Get the popcorn and go lurk at DK! It will hysteria and fireworks of hate.


You’ll need this 🙂

defuse porn.png

I’ll pass : Bernie put me in a great mood tonight don’t want to spoil it — even though it might be entertaining over there . tread carefully fellow Berners they will be twitchy


I am really relieved. It would have been hard to hear him endorse her when she stands for everything that he/we are against!


Fleur de Lisa

I feel the same way. You know the hillbots heads will explode, and it makes me wonder how the platform negotiations are going!

belle de jour

With a belt and a few choice accessories, we can rock the hazmat suit.


Accessories make the revolutionary!


or not going?


That popping sound you hear is DK/Clintonista heads exploding. 😛


Oh lordy it’ll be a shit show over at TOP.


He said he has no “immediate plans to endorse”

I highly doubt Bernie will not endorse her, at some point.

joe from Lowell

Going after Trump while endorsing other Democrats further down on the ballot would probably be a better messaging strategy for Sanders than some unconvincing endorsement of Clinton – and let’s face it, it would be completely unconvincing for the Sanders supporters who aren’t inclined to vote for the Democrat in the general election if he were to suddenly put on a happy face and start talking up Hillary Clinton.


Reminds me of when the Dixie Chicks got in trouble for criticizing W. In 2009, they came out with a response that I think many could agree with, “Not Ready to Make Nice.” Link is to the video. I don’t see Bernie as angry, but the words of the song say,

…and I can’t bring myself to do what it is you think I should.”

Funny how many at DK and the DU thought it was a great song. If Natalie Maines got up and said this was for Bernie, they probably burn the Dixie Chick records (as the C & W crowd did in 2003) and continue their attacks on Bernie delegates who stand up for democracy at state conventions . (Yep, I’m really PO’d about the NYP and other outlets not bringing that up when the delegates were unhappy with Cuomo, Caucus99 has a good read about it).

I’m standing with Bernie on this one. He’s a process guy and it makes no sense for him to endorse at present. It would make him appear hypocritical, and he’s too principled to do that. Good for him! #StillSanders


‘Not Ready to Make Nice’ is still one of my favorite songs and very appropriate here.


Tool has a liveblog of tonight’s event up at top. He’s is at the event.


Yea, some toad had to crap on Bernie and called him a name. I threw a donut. I’ve been at DK for 11 years, and I don’t think I’ve thrown many donuts, but I’m like one of those who stand up to the WBC when they protest any military funeral.


Sorest winners I have ever seen. Rageful, miserable people who say some disgusting, shameful things. I think some of them are conservatives who are such narrow thinkers they just cannot deal with a true progressive.


This is excellent news. He should never endorse her.


As far as graphics go, this calls for a double feature

DKOS Explosion 1

DKOS Explosion 2

Although I won’t be commenting over there, I’ll be over tomorrow to tip and rec the diary and as many comments as I can.

BTW, if anyone ever wants to use any of my graphics over there, feel free (and you don’t have to give me credit.)

Ned to go buy popcorn now.


LSM I just really, literally LOLed!!


Go Bernie. She is doing nothing substantive to draw us over.

Ellen North
Bernie cannot endorse Hillary on any grounds – she’s proven herself to be rotten with corruption/ineptitude in every area we have information on. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conscription_in_the_United_States Conscription in the United States, commonly known as the draft, has been employed by the federal government in four “conflicts”: US Civil War; World War I; World War II; and the Cold War (including the Korean and Vietnam Wars). The third incarnation of the draft came into being in 1940 through the Selective Training and Service Act. It was the country’s first peacetime draft.[1] From 1940 until 1973, during both peacetime and periods of conflict, men were drafted to fill vacancies in the armed forces which could not be filled through voluntary means. The draft was ended when the United States military moved to an all-volunteer military force. However, the Selective Service System remains in place as a contingency plan; men between the ages of 18 and 25 are required to register so that a draft can be readily resumed if needed.[2] … Followed a link (given below) to this, something I’d already seen posted – although I’d personally thought the US military draft was long dead: Senate: Women must register for the draft ‘IN THE MILITARY ‘Senate: Women must register for the draft ‘Cruz rips lawmakers for ‘sending them off to war and forcing them into combat’ ‘Published: 4 days ago’ Noticed while reading the comments (read only part-way through, though) that nearly all of the discussion revolved around whether women should be drafted – not questioning: Why is the detested and detestable American military draft being revived/expanded to more than double the number of prospective draftees just as war-monger Hillary Clinton is to be coronated? (Seriously, can it be claimed ‘more fair’ that that everyone has an equal opportunity to be potentially forced into engaging in violent war crimes – too-often against/damaging to the defenseless citizens of other countries – to serve and protect their corporate overlords ever-increasing and too-frequently leached/stolen power and profits until no life on the planet survives?) Why does the world’s largest military need to be drastically expanded just as war-monger Hillary Clinton is to be coronated? Why is the draft age being expanded to 18 – 26 for women, when it was 18 – 25 for men, and will doubtless also be expanded for them, just as war-monger Hillary Clinton is to be coronated? Is this not only an ‘any warm body as cannon-fodder’ strategy but also a means of controlling much of the age group most likely to be active in the fight for democracy against global corporate control and most aware and concerned about salvaging the remains of the ecology which forms our life support system just as the people’s movement/political revolution begins to organize – just as war-monger corporate-funded Hillary Clinton is to be coronated? A military draft is acceptable in the event of a global threat such as Hitler’s Nazi’s or a likely invasion of the home country – but who other than the corporate US is likely to attempt anything in the nature of that first example – and who/what is going to actually physically invade the US, home of the world’s largest military? Hard to muster and transport a massive invasion force from another continent quietly, these days, so perhaps its neighbours, Canada or Mexico? (Doubt I need a snark mark there – or do I, after some DKos commenters we’ve seen?) These drafted people are, typically, to be sent to other people’s countries, essentially, it appears, to kill/subjugate the people there and take/destroy their country, freedom, natural resources, homes and possessions, etc. for ‘American business interest’ profiteering. Same old, same old, only more so – except that now many other people in other countries currently being picked off one by one either by major financial interest’s economic manipulations/corporate coup ‘trade deal’ Trojan Horses or by military attacks/invasions are becoming better aware that they have nothing to lose by fighting for their freedom and lives against the corporate overlords running (among others) the US government and military. But of course it is always the civilians and military grunts who are dispossessed and/or who are maimed or die… Did Secretary of State Clinton assist in the sale of 20% of America’s strategic national resources of uranium to Russia not only to gratify some of their big donors but as part of a plan to make excuses for future attacks on Russia as a ‘they have WMDs!!!!!’ for a claimed ‘first strike’, and to willingly sacrifice however many Americans and American cities would be nuked in their self-defense – or is this something ‘managed’ to bring back the ‘Cold War’ of Oceana always being at war with Eastasia, or??? The following a must-read, if not previously read – you can try adding up the various (10s of) millions mentioned in the article as having been donated to the Clinton’s Foundation (or paid in speech money) by multiple beneficiaries of assisted transactions. ‘Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal ‘By JO BECKER and MIKE McINTIREAPRIL 23, 2015’ Not to mention what’s been promised Big Billionaire Donor ‘one issue guy = Israel – together with Hillary becoming US President’ Haim Saban, along with the Likud/Bibi by Hillary Clinton… (The following really shows what service big donors get from Republican and too many Democratic politicians, especially since since CU drastically hiked the price to play politics out of range for so many lacking multiple big donors for the billions of dollars required – much of this pretty much going to propagandize voters.) ‘Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel’ — Saban warns the Republicans ‘Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel’ — Saban warns the Republicans US Politics Philip Weiss on April 18, 2015 – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/04/everything-clinton-republicans/#sthash.NlWbT3PH.dpuf ‘Everything Hillary Clinton will do will always be for Israel’ — Saban warns the Republicans US Politics Philip Weiss on April 18, 2015′ http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/hillary-clinton-tells-israeli-billionaire-and-mega-donor-she-will-support-israel Hillary Clinton Tells Israeli Billionaire and Mega-Donor… Read more »
Ellen North

Blast, and it adds things which didn’t show in the draft?


I’ll take Bernie at his word when he says “no”.

USAToday’s article is playing word games. Even when they had Sanders’ actual words in there instead of their paraphrase the title read something to the effect of “Sanders not ready to endorse Clinton” (although directly contradicted by the article’s contents).


Seen that used a lot during this campaign. They know most people only read the headline.



Editing, cuz just realized I can say this here:

Demeter Rising

The article has been updated again and the quote about the endorsement has been entirely removed!?! The title has also been changed to, “‘Never lose your sense of outrage,’ Bernie Sanders tells New York crowd”, although my browser tab shows “Bernie Sanders says he’s not ready to endorse Hillary Clinton”.
USAToday is pathetic!


I bet USAToday’s-Gannett owners just got an ear full from Team Hill..who in turn used the big megaphone on the poor sucker that was responsible for writing the title. LOL

Ellen North

Can’t you just imagine the state of the news and internet information we’ll be allowed to see/say under a Clinton Admin? Reality is malleable, to those with no respect for it.


The shrieking harpies at the other place are complaining that Bernie hasn’t endorsed. After all, the fact that Obama was under criminal investigation by the FBI didn’t stop Hillary from endorsing him in 2008.

Oh, wait.

Linda Thieman

Actually, Colbert asked him if Bernie were going to endorse Hillary “tonight” at his big speech in NY (like he has no other reason to speak) and Bernie said “no.” And that was all that was said about it.

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