HomePolicyMatt Taibbi on Libor, Cartel-Style Finance & How Failure to Fix Wall St. Has Propelled Trump’s Rise
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Love Matt. Too bad he can’t say, “It’s why Bernie won.”


Too bad indeed.

belle de jour

It says nothing good about his continued relevancy that he can’t easily recognize and cite Bernie’s movement as the opposite response he ‘was expecting’ all along.


DN YT with Matt Taibbi has gone bad. Here’s a RS article that I saw (I think on the thread earlier today):


belle de jour

Could you translate DN and YT for me, please?


For me as well.

Raggedy Ann

I could be wrong – alas, I have been many times in the past – but I am believing more and more that Herr Drumpf was pushed to the forefront in order to ensure her heinous would be elected. Just remember, my friends, we are no longer living in a democracy. If you want democracy, you better be prepared to rise up. We are the only ones who can save us from the oligarchy. If we fail to act, we better be prepared to accept the consequences of our inaction.


My sweet, smart, wise senior Dutch friend said to me long ago in so many words, “You Americans are not paying attention. The very same leaders you are voting for, the very same propaganda you listen to and believe, is the very same we in Holland were listening to in the 30s before WWII, and by the time we fully understood what was going on, it was too late.” She was one orphaned to the U.S. during the war as a young teen.

You are right, RA, we need to realize what is going on and insist people listen to the evidence pointing to what I call fascism taking over America. The indicators are in our face daily.

Raggedy Ann

It frightens me that people are not paying attention. I have to believe that Bernie was threatened or his family was threatened because he just dropped off the face of the earth, so to speak. He was leading us down the path of action. Once he stopped – people turned around and went on to play Pokemon-Go.

Where will be be a year from now?


I don’t believe you are alone wondering about whether Bernie has been silenced. I have said often that now that he is back in the Senate, he will be confronting all the Senators who endorsed Hillary, and that cannot be an easy task coming off a campaign against her. Another thing — maybe he’s waiting for another shoe to drop concerning Hillary and/or is biding his time, letting everyone cool off, before he becomes more vocal, post-campaign. Everything I say is pure speculation about any of this. I do believe many Bernie supporters are just BERNED out, tapped out, and will need to get their energy back after the general election.

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