• Just went there look at the diary, and can’t get it to load, even after I logged on.
    The entire site is very strange, at least on my iPad, nothing will load, and I’m not sure of the term, but it seems the content is vertical, not horizontal, don’t think it’s my iPad setting, as TPW loads fine.

  • I was sent this by an English friend.

    I encourage everyone to read it.


    • Bernie Sanders the Amendment King senator and Bernie Sanders the icon of the progressive movement have two different jobs to do. It’s a tough position he’s in.

      Having to cooperate with racist assholes is an occupational hazard for a progressive elected to the U.S. Senate. That doesn’t mean we, the “You” in “You are the Revolution,” have to.

    • We are at this point because of Obama. His only real legacy is a Democratic Party in smouldering ruins, at its lowest level since Reconstruction.

      If the GOP gains control of one more state, Republicans will call a Constitutional convention. Then Obama’s legacy will be the destruction of the Constitution of 1789, an end to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, an end to civil liberties and the imposition of a fascist theocracy.

      If that happens, he would be, without a doubt, the worst president in history.

      All of this, ALL of it, is on him. His insistence on blaming “Congress,” which Democrats controlled with huge majorities in the first two years of his presidency, his obsequious fellating of Wall Street while shunning Wall Street’s victims, and his refusal to fight for the change he promised in his campaign caused the defeat in 2010. And ever since, one of the most charismatic leaders the Democratic Party has ever had has tried to stay above partisan politics and just let Republicans win.

      What. An. Asshole. Thanks for nothing, Barack, you corporate whore.

  • Good reporting from Politico, and I think Keith has this in the bag. Hope so, I think he will do a good job of it, and there is the added benefit of hearing the righties heads blowing because we’ve put a Muslim in charge of the DNC.
    I’m still suffering from depression for the loss, even tho she-who-will-not-be-named got my vote strictly because…[Read more]

  • If anything comes of this, it will be thru privatising public roads, as in turn highways into for profit toll roads, owned by corps. That is the only way repubs would it pass congress. That’s my my prediction, anyway.

  • But Bernie can’t work with anyone! Or so I was told by the haters awhile back.

  • Do it. Promise to read.

  • Burned out I suppose, still disappointed to learn that there isn’t more like minded poplin this country.
    Guess I’ve always thought that what Progressive-Liberal politics was lacking, was an FDR type to come a long, and disappointed that when one did appear, more voters didn’t get aboard.
    Depressed that Bernie is likely to be the last chance…[Read more]

  • I like Grayson. Warts and all.
    Sometimes somewhat over the top, but his heart is in the right place.
    I’m reserving judgement on the domestic stuff, lets see how it shakes out.

  • Great discussion , and although I haven’t read the book yet, just too many other things taking my time lately, I have gotten the gist of it from the thoughtful comments here, and the book is on my short list.
    This election has really opened my eyes to how we have been played all these years.
    Politicians that I have always assumed Progressive,…[Read more]

  • And Stine got my vote in the primary .
    Didn’t think he had a chance of unseating Wyden, but was glad I had a chance to vote my displeasure with Wyden.

  • Not a diary, but has anyone seen anything of OPOl lately?

    I do a drive by at top occasionally, but don’t see anything he’s posted there.

    I do know he’s not too popular with the 12 year olds over there, so he […]

    • He has been posting on Facebook.

    • Hi Devon,

      I read elsewhere (it might have been here, though I think it was on C99) that two other posters at TOP had recently met him for lunch. All was well, according to them. I don’t think (again, if memory serves) OPOL was banned, but my guess is he won’t be posting over there anytime soon. Hopefully he’ll eventually find a new home so we can all benefit from his writing again.


    • Glad to hear OPOL is OK. Wish he’d post over here. :O)

      • I second the emotion, especially regarding the health issue(s)! Hopefully he will post here, soon – this wonderful site was made for such as OPOL (and every other sane person on the planet).

  • I have been meaning to read more on Paine, for the past 50 years or so, and watched the entire video, which for me , as someone who has trouble watching an entire film at one setting is quite an accomplishment.
    This was one of the most interesting discussions I have ever heard. No talking over each other, no yelling, and most of all, each one…[Read more]

  • Devon Bond commented on the post, New Site Issues 12 months ago

    Should be “uprate” posts.

  • Devon Bond commented on the post, New Site Issues 12 months ago

    I cannot update posts, but can up rate comments. Normally here on my gen. 4 iPad, iOS 9. Haven’t been on TPW on any of my macs lately, where I use Safari, so may not be a problem there. Will check tho.

  • From all accounts, Bill is very intelligent, and also a very aware politician, and as such, does or should know better than this.
    Which leads me to believe there has to be a reason for doing something so stupid.
    He had to know the ramifications from this meeting, so if he knew how republicans and others would react, he either wanted to…[Read more]

  • Education remains a threat to oligarchs control of us, not only here, but as this story shows, everywhere.
    An Ignorant populace is much better for our overlords, and if any doubt that, just look at the average repub voter.

  • I like idea of chats, not sure of the venue for them though.
    We need a place that would bring in more people than us, one that every interested person or blog could tap into by hosting live streams of his speeches.
    Probably a scheduled weekly chat, with special chats responding to breaking news and events, with social media notifications to…[Read more]

  • Sunday afternoon, in my large, but still cluttered workshop, trying to find reason for daughters Volvo V70t’s misfiring problem.

    OB2 reader sayz plug 4 misfire, so trying to determine if it’s coil-on-plug coil, […]

    • Hi Devon, just stopping by to say a quick ‘Hello’ and ‘Good to meet you’. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your ‘ramblings’. It felt like I was reading the first chapter in a new book. I’ve been a little down lately too with my hopes for a Bernie Sanders Presidency dashed, and waking up this morning to horrific news of a senseless tragedy in Florida ……

      On the bright side, there is much to be thankful for such as The Progressive Wing… because I certainly don’t miss the DailyKos. Sadly, tragedies always remind me to be thankful that I’m surrounded by those that I love most in this world….my family. Last but not least, I Thank You, Devon, for reminding me that it’s been a very long time since I went out to dinner to eat Korean food, which I absolutely LOVE.

      I Hope you have a Great week! ~ Maria

    • I hope you do a lot of rambling here – I very much appreciated your post! And whatever efforts you may invest your time in, toward progressive goals.

    • Thank you!

    • Thanks for sharing your ramblings,I enjoyed reading them. I think we are all feeling sad that Bernie didn’t win, or rather wasn’t allowed to win. Hopefully , as a group we can still be a force for good governance.

    • I can on occasion get to empty mind lying flat on the ground looking at sky through the leaves on my property. That gives me a sense of place and comfort. So, yes.

      A new puppy can occupy mind, and requires some zen, I think. welcome.

    • the dark forces of the Status Quo

      Yes, that is what they are!
      Re your ramblings or, better said, musings, sounds like you are ideally placed to do a lot of different things and offer your wisdom and experience. You might miss physical travel and yet there are many ways to travel beyond Oregon. Hope you continue to write here so you reach me here in NYC 🙂

    • Very sweet image for your intro diary here, Devon. Thanks.

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