• Thanks for this piece, Subir. You ask why Hillary Clinton and John Kerry would be willing to help Pompeo….It’s discouraging but not that surprising.
    It’s a mind set that’s hard to comprehend.
    Clinton of the two was the only one who Politico confirmed was offering advice.
    It reminds me that Clinton says she admires Henry Kissinger and the C…[Read more]

  • Great news, polarbear4!
    I’m thinking – I’d like to think – that all this energy from our young people spreading around the globe was inspired in part by dear Bernie Sanders who encouraged us all to stand up and speak out.

  • Best of luck to our courageous woman of conscience, Chelsea Manning! She risked everything for all of us – to inform us of the ugly truth of what was going on with our tax dollars.
    She’s a national hero and is much needed in the Senate!

  • Thanks, LD!!!!! Lowkey is remarkable!!!
    Brilliant, clear, understands what “the hell” is going’ on….

    I, too, had not heard of him but really enjoyed listening to his interview. And his activist music.
    My mind is too slow to follow/keep up with very fast rap. But his words are excellent and express a comprehensive view of how we got where…[Read more]

  • I think that Trump and Bannon for that matter are really the sordid end point of what the Republican Party has been ever since I started paying attention to politics.

    e.g. George H W Bush used the Willie Horton scam on Dukakis.

    e.g. George W Bush used the illegitimate black baby scam against John McCain during the 2000 primary

    Trump’s j…[Read more]

  • I’ve lived there too magsview and have family there and so thanks for sharing all that….it seems like they did stand up to the Dotard! And good for them!!!

  • Hurrah for the countries at the U.N. which stood up to Trump’s bullying (threatening to cut off funding to countries which dared to cross him on his Jerusalem/embassy provocation).
    Here’s the link to an art […]

    • Thanks Eve!

      I also was disappointed in Canada but, having lived there, I know how beholden The Powers That Be are to Israel there, just like here, so I wasn’t surprised.

      David Cape, the president of the Toronto-based Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, said he appreciated that Canada acknowledged the connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem, “and correctly described the resolution as one-sided and unhelpful.”

      “That said,” he added, “we would have preferred for Canada to have voted no in order to send a clear message that it rejects continued efforts to use the UN as a platform to attack, de-legitimize, vilify and isolate Israel.”

      And then there’s the reality of trade deals, sanctions, tariffs, etc.

      From what I read Canada was considering voting ‘No’ initially with the U.S. That’s actually what I’d expected them to do. But I read that when they heard about Trump’s and Nikki Haley’s bullying they decided to abstain. But I did like this part of Canada’s official statement:

      “We also take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of the city of Jerusalem to the three monotheistic religions. Denying the connection between Jerusalem and the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths undermines the integrity of the site for all,” Blanchard said.

      And Canada’s progressive party, the NDP, didn’t disappoint:

      The NDP said they’re disappointed by Canada’s decision to abstain.
      “At a time when Canada should be standing up for international law and promoting human rights, Canada is isolating itself,” said Foreign Affairs Critic Hélène Laverdière.

      We urge the Trudeau government to uphold their own stated values, condemn illegal settlements, and finally stand up for the rights of the Palestinian people as well as the rights of Israelis. Canada has been silent on these issues for far too long.”

      • I sort of hate to quote Joe Scarborough, but:

        “I saw Nikki Haley yesterday actually threatening like a mob boss,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe” Friday. “Threatening member states of the United Nations. ‘You either be with us on this non-binding resolution, or else we will always remember. And we may yank humanitarian aid out of the mouths of the most truly disadvantaged on the planet.’”

        “Donald Trump and Nikki Haley engaged in something between school yard taunt and a mob boss’ threat, and they did it as our representatives,” Scarborough said. 

        • Nikki Haley is an obnoxious dumb bimbo. That’s why she’s one of the maggots in Maggot Brain’s cabal. People like her make me sick! Isn’t Trudeau a Canadian version of the Turd Way? He sure sounds like it! T and R, eve!! Thanks!! 🙂

      • And good for the NDP!!!!

    • 6 protesters acquitted of rioting, related charges stemming from Inauguration Day

      WASHINGTON — Six protesters cleared of all charges related to riots that broke out on Inauguration Day were jubilant and declared a victory for lawful dissent after a jury found them not guilty Thursday following a monthlong trial.

      “People won’t be afraid to show up and go protest and get in the streets and not be worried that they’ll get mass arrested like we did,” said Michelle Macchio, one of the six acquitted defendants. “This sets a really strong precedent that that’s not OK and you can’t criminalize dissent.”

      Defendants described their reaction in the courtroom as relief, followed by hugging and sobbing.

      “This isn’t just about the six of us. This is about the other 188 people that are left to go. … All we can do is hope that these acquittals really set the stage for them to also get acquittals,” Macchio said.

      Next year, the remaining 188 protesters will go on trial in groups of five or six.

      Earlier, Superior Court Judge Lynn Leibovitz threw out each defendant’s inciting a riot charge — a felony that carried a maximum 10-year sentence.

      Leibovitz concluded that “no reasonable juror” could find that the prosecution proved the six defendants encouraged others to riot.

      Thank you Judge Leibovitz! 🙂

      • I’ve lived there too magsview and have family there and so thanks for sharing all that….it seems like they did stand up to the Dotard! And good for them!!!

        • 🙂

          A step in the right direction at least. It was a political minefield for Trudeau. In a way I’m glad Trump did his bullying. It stiffened Trudeau’s spine I think.

      • Four (of the 6) very relieved protesters.

        The woman with the white-blond hair is Brittne Lawson. She is one of the medics.

        The government has also claimed that two medics ― Michelle Macchio, 26, of Naples, and Brittne Lawson, 27, of Pittsburgh ― had aided and abetted the rioters because they intended to “provide a service” to the people the government has labeled as their co-conspirators.
        What do you need a medic with gauze for? What do you need a medic with all the items that Ms. Kropf [one of the defendant’s lawyers] laid out for?” Qureshi asked the jurors. “I thought this was a protest!” 

        Qureshi added that there’s nothing wrong with being a medic, but questioned why Lawson stuck with the group when there was destruction happening around her.

        “She was aware that there was a riot going on, based on her conduct and, yet, she continued with the group. Why?” Qureshi asked. “Because she was going to be there to help members who are in black, who get pepper-sprayed, who get hurt because they’re provoking the police, to mend them and then get them up on their way so they can continue their destruction. She was aiding and abetting this riot. That was her role. And the evidence supports that.”

        As a provider of medical services, she was a co-conspirator. She aided and abetted this group,” Qureshi said. “She wasn’t prepared for a march or a protest. She was prepared for war.”

        Nice try Qureshi. Hey, I know you’re just ‘doing your job’, but may I ask you a question? How do you sleep at night? Trying to use nurses armed with “gauze” to suppress dissent in a so-called democracy? And trying to send innocent people to jail for years to do so?

      • Thank the dieties we still have some honest judges.

    • I imagine Caitlin is disappointed that Australia also abstained. Cluck, cluck.

      • Australia Is Washington’s Basement Gimp

        Cowed by the threats of the Trump administration, 35 nations cast a blank vote of abstention, and 21 nations didn’t vote at all. Among those abstaining were neoliberalism poster boy Justin Trudeau’s Canada, and Washington’s snivelling globalist basement gimp Australia.

        Don’t hold back Caitlin!

        128 to 9, with 56 cowardly vassals watching from beneath whatever rocks they could manage to slither under (it’s easy to hide in small spaces without a spine).

        Yes polarbear! I think it’s fair to say that Caitlin was “disappointed”!

        And yet my beloved country, Australia, voted to abstain from saying anything about it while Zed drummed his fingers on the top of our leather mask. Even New Zealand had the balls to stand up to the White House. New Zealand! You have no idea how humiliating that is.

        • LOL Go Caity!

        • Remember that new Prime Minister of New Zealand?

          NZ won’t be bullied on Israel vote – Ardern

          “Some of the things that we saw by international actors like the United States recently, those are decisions that should only be made in the context of a resolution around a two-state solution. It took us backwards, not forwards.”

          Ms Ardern said New Zealand had always had a proudly independent foreign policy.

          On a very side note, a woman in New Zealand received a ‘secret santa’ gift from Ms. Ardern with some body lotion for her called Dream Cream and a book called ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’ for her two daughters. 🙂

    • Naomi Klein and Opal Tometi weigh in on the West-Coates dispute (sort of ;)):

      We see it differently. We see this debate as a political opportunity, one that has far less to do with either of these brilliant men and everything to do with how, at a time of unfathomably high stakes, we are going to build a multiracial human rights movement capable of beating back surging white supremacy and rapidly concentrating corporate power. As women, both Black and white, both American and Canadian, we see the question like this: What are the duties of radicals and progressives inside relatively wealthy countries to the world beyond our national borders? A warming world wracked by expanding and unending wars that our governments wage, finance, and arm — a world scarred by unbearable poverty and forced migration?

      Though West directed his criticisms at Coates, these are by no means questions for Coates alone. They are urgent challenges for all of us who see ourselves as part of social movements and intellectual traditions that yearn for a world where justice and dignity abound. …

      Such as: Is it even possible to be a voice for transformational change without a clear position on the brutal wars and occupations waged with U.S. weapons? Is it possible to have a credible critique of Wall Street’s impact on Black and other vulnerable communities in the U.S. without reckoning with the predatory and neocolonial impacts of the global financial system (including Washington-based institutions like the International Monetary Fund) on the debt-laden economies of African countries?

      Is it even possible to be a voice for transformational change without a clear position on the brutal wars and occupations waged with U.S. weapons?

      As always, much more at the link.

      • Wow, heavy stuff.

        For me it’s one of those things that once seen, cannot be unseen. I can’t go forward as though I don’t understand more now how the system works. And how it oppresses. And how it needs to change.

        Anyone who claims to have been paying attention during the last ten years and who also doesn’t see, or at least acknowledge seeing, how there was a certain amount of bait & switch that went on under Obama has questionable credibility.

    • Sound familiar?

      LENDERS TO PUERTO Rican homeowners have kicked foreclosures into high gear in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, skirting local and federal borrower protections. According to attorneys and experts, lenders have ignored federal moratoria on foreclosures; placed notices of default in newspapers where they’re unlikely to be seen; sent files to homeowners in English rather than Spanish; and required residents to complete tasks that are borderline impossible without electrical power yet fully restored, among other abuses.

      The foreclosure horrors add to Puerto Rico’s Dickensian experience of late. Close to 35 percent of the island remains without power after Hurricane Maria, with full restoration not expected until May. At least 100,000 people have left the island. Abandoned pets are everywhere. Government services have been slashed or hobbled. Even one major proposed solution, wiping out Puerto Rico’s debt, will take a personal cost: The bonds represent the life savings of many residents to whom the financial products were aggressively marketed without explanation of the downsides.

      Ultimately, the expected wave of foreclosures could prove worse than what happened in the most hard-hit areas in the U.S. mainland during the Great Recession. According to the New York Times, roughly one-third of 425,000 Puerto Rican homeowners have fallen behind on mortgage payments, and with jobs scarce after the hurricane, that number will likely grow. In fact, the economy of the island could collapse, as the Republican tax bill imposes a 20 percent tax on offshore exports — a category that includes Puerto Rican manufacturing. …

      Many of the loans Roosevelt acted on were purchased in a fire sale from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation after the 2015 failure of Doral Bank, a lender with a large portfolio of Puerto Rican mortgages. These loans were severely delinquent, some over two years. Federally insured distressed mortgages in Puerto Rico have become an appetizing target for Wall Street land speculators seeking to make a quick buck and turn Puerto Rico into a playground for the rich.

      My bold.

      • No! How awful all around. 🙁

        And I hadn’t heard that about the tax bill imposing 20% tax on Puerto Rican goods. That shouldn’t be legal!

        • No, it shouldn’t be legal! After all, Puerto Ricans are US citizens! How can they do this???? Oh, wait. The last sentence in the quote says it all.

    • UN Condemns U.S. for Jerusalem Embassy Move, but Nikki Haley Invites America’s ‘Friends’ to Party

      Are we back in 1st grade again. Another low point for the US


    • I think there are a few techies on here.

      Edward Snowden and his friends have a solution. The NSA whistleblower and a team of collaborators have been working on a new open source Android app called Haven that you install on a spare smartphone, turning the device into a sort of sentry to watch over your laptop. Haven uses the smartphone’s many sensors — microphone, motion detector, light detector, and cameras — to monitor the room for changes, and it logs everything it notices. The first public beta version of Haven has officially been released; it’s available in the Play Store and on F-Droid, an open source app store for Android.

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  • Wow, what an amazing campaign video. Letterman seems like an amazing guy!

  • Great news that Anthony is running!!!!
    Thanks, LD.
    Anthony is extremely intelligent and knowledgable.
    We couldn’t have a better candidate to represent sustainability and fairness for working people.

  • Thanks, wi59 for sharing Carlin’s “down to the brass tax” truth.
    Back when Carlin was saying these things, I laughed nervously but didn’t yet fully accept how very crass, sociopathic, greedy, and aloof (or as Hillary Rodham Clinton described herself during a private Goldman speech – OUT OF TOUCH ) our “owners” are – although she’s not an “owner…[Read more]

  • Thanks for all you continue to do, LD!!!!!
    Interesting that Bernie has been invited to campaign for de Blasio in NYC
    Good for the mayor of San Juan to continue speaking out – she’s a helluva courageous and responsible woman!!!!
    That Whitefish/ Zinke connection is disgusting….

    Hope your demanding cubicle work day goes as easily and s…[Read more]

  • And I’ll add what I believe to be a very sad but unavoidable corollary to this shameful DNC putsch.
    Barack Obama is on board with it on behalf of the Democratic National Committee’s/Hillary Clinton power structure.
    And if so, it implies that the principal financiers of Obama’s and Clinton’s power want to keep things the way they are – the ban…[Read more]

  • https://www.utoronto.ca/news/bernie-sanders-event-u-t-sells-out-talk-will-be-livestreamed
    Thanks, magsview!!!
    For this cheery news about Bernie

    It is sickening that the DNC is reneging on sharing leadership with progressives by firing pro Bernie people like James Zogby from DNC…[Read more]

  • Well, I think, that Joy Reid is a dyed in the wool Hillary Clinton supporter as is Rachel Maddow.
    These women IMO have been programmed to look at everything through the lens of how it might impact Hillary Clinton.

    They have never shown Bernie Sanders the respect he is due for his work on behalf of middle class/ working Americans.

    It’s r…[Read more]

  • about 10 or fifteen years ago, the WSJ environmental reporter was posting warnings by BP engineers who were working in Alaska. These engineers were warning about poorly maintained pipelines that had evidence of corrosion that was being ignored.
    I contacted the consumer relations person at the Texas Gulf Coast regional BP office and he assured me…[Read more]

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