• I think the Montana campaign is going to get ugly. Quist has had some financial troubles in the past, and I think Gianforte is going to hit him on that. He likely won’t succeed, but it will get ugly.

  • Thanks for posting this. I texted to encourage people to watch the livestream at local events, but haven’t been able to watch it myself yet! The livestream is also available on the FB page for Our Revolution: https://www.facebook.com/PoliticalRevolution/ if anyone’s looking for it…

  • Yeah, I get what you’re saying, and I think it is actually pretty close to what Allen/Parnes are saying. I think it goes beyond the primary, entitlement or positioning her candidacy appropriately. I believe the eventual outcome has to do with how much anti-establishment sentiment there was across the country, and that then comes back to the…[Read more]

  • Yeah, my broader point is that though there are many things that we can point to as errors/faults by HRC or her campaign, there were far bigger issues (structurally with the Democratic party and where the electorate was), that made a difference.
    Not bojo’ed yet, I think it would be tough for them to do that given the way I write. I’ve written…[Read more]

  • I’ve been busy all day, so haven’t responded to any of the comments, will try to get in some thoughts today/tomorrow.

  • Jonathan Allen covered the White House and the 2016 campaign for Bloomberg News. Amie Parnes is the White House correspondent for The Hill. In 2015, they published a book titled HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth […]

    • I fully concur with the last paragraph but I differ with much of your previous thoughts. From the start the “Ready for Hillary” meme pissed off many of us that were not there. The whole primary devolved into a grossly establishment influenced CORONATION. Hillary and her campaign screwed up big time by not articulating the reason for her candidacy other than she was not Trump and that in their estimation it was her turn. I could continue but I hope you get my point.

      • Agree, the ‘her turn’ attitude was irritating to say the least. The Dem Convention fixed it for me and for the first time in my life of over 50 yrs of voting I did not vote for a Dem for president and I also re-enrolled and now I am an Independent.

      • I look at Clinton and tRump as equal evils, or 2 sides of the same coin. Clinton’s stupidity as shown in 2008 and 2016 really upset me the most. Here’s a woman born into a comfortable middle class family in IL. She attends good public schools then college (did she do school loans?). She ends up getting a law degree from Harvard. She’s always been a RW sympathizer– a Goldwater Girl–for starters. She never gave up her Christian Fundie beliefs–very cozy with a slimy bunch known as The Family. She ends up down in AK hooking up with Slick Willie. Whoopie. He is still a fancy version of a redneck known as a Rhodes Scholar cracker. What’s the difference between these 2 and tRump? Very little. Note the cozy pictures of the Clintons attending tRump’s wedding to his trophy babe, Melania. The big losers were we the Americans who care about our country and never bought into the FRightwingnut take over of the media. We never bought into the organized religious scams–the demogogues who have always hid behind the flag and the cross!! I just got back from marching for Science. Why? How did it get the point that wanting to learn about life and thinking for yourself became such a vice and sin in this nation ?! Yeah, I’m talking the same country who plopped dudes on the moon in 1969. I hear the word ‘exceptionalism’ once more and I will commit mortal injury by hitting the speaker over the head with a baseball bat!! That’s how outraged I am, and I have plenty of company!!

      • Yeah, I get what you’re saying, and I think it is actually pretty close to what Allen/Parnes are saying. I think it goes beyond the primary, entitlement or positioning her candidacy appropriately. I believe the eventual outcome has to do with how much anti-establishment sentiment there was across the country, and that then comes back to the policies the wing of the party which HRC belongs to has championed for decades. I don’t think this is the book to assess that, it’s a pretty traditional campaign tell-all.

    • Also too

      I Hope that you don’t consider me an ass for including this image from the primary but it reflects my sentiment then and today. I would be acting against my principles if I didn’t include it.


    • Thanks for this post. I too welcome the discussion but my opinion of the election and its lead up to it is a tad bit different than yours. However this is a welcoming site and different points of view are more than welcome.

      ps I am glad to see your contributions here but I must admit that I did sneak over to DK to see if you had been bojoed. LOL

      • Yeah, my broader point is that though there are many things that we can point to as errors/faults by HRC or her campaign, there were far bigger issues (structurally with the Democratic party and where the electorate was), that made a difference.
        Not bojo’ed yet, I think it would be tough for them to do that given the way I write. I’ve written harsher things than this. I was gentle here because if we’re assessing the entire campaign/election and this book, we have to admit that the assessment would have been very different if HRC has eked out an EC victory along with a popular vote victory.So it’s difficult to take this book seriously because it doesn’t really take the underlying issues (around income inequality that have led to strong anti-establishment sentiment) seriously and rather assesses the campaign/election on the same marketing strategy terms we’ve become accustomed to.
        Hope that makes sense…

    • Hillary has been running for president since 1996 and the republicants had that much time to get ready for her. She doomed herself. Her secret six and seven figure paid speeches to Wall Street insiders made her appear to be an insider (who knew?!). Her pay for play behavior at the Clinton Foundation made her appear to be corrupt. Her Bernie Bro routine made her appear exclusive. In the end, no one liked her or trusted her and she lost. Let’s hope she stays away. We don’t want a queen, we need a statesman (or stateswoman).

      • I think Bernie’s popularity took Hillary and her staff completely off guard. Bernie came out of nowhere and forced Hillary to deal with Bernie instead of cruising to the coronation that she expected. The DNC convention was far from a coronation. The rigging of the super delegates and the wall street speeches turned off a lot of the Dem/indy electorate. If she offered Bernie the VP slot and adopted a lot of Bernie’s ideas to run on it and meant it it might have been enough for some voters to overlook all her baggage to carry WI and MI. Considering the margins she lost by in some of those states the Berniecrat vote may have made a difference. I would imagine that the Dem establishment like now still doesn’t like Bernie but may yet realize how bad they need him to become relevant again. But then again as long as the $$$ rolls in the neolibs are content and don’t care about winning elections. Until changes happen in the Dem party we are a one party system with Neocon and Neolib which isn’t much of a choice and the PTB and the MIC love it that way-divide and conquer .

        • After being a voice in the wilderness for decades I feel that Sen. Sanders viewed last year’s election as the best chance to push-back against the Dems right-ward movement. But I’ll bet that he was a bit surprised when the same things he had been saying all of those years caught fire so massively.

          And he is pushing more than the Dem party to the left, he’s shifting the whole country to where they really always wanted to be.

          • Yes, indeed! Let’s help him keep this fire burning until 2020 and hope that Tulsi or Nina (or even Warren if she runs with a progressive) steps up–or someone I haven’t thought of. Who’s a good male candidate? Hard to pick someone. I guess Keith, but he’s been sort of wishy washy since the election.

    • Just to be sure Clinton staffers get a little of fair shake (I’m discussing merits if any), here is an opposing view from one of the campaign staffers, Christina Reynolds, Deputy Communications director, that was published in Medium:

      Yes, as the book notes, the campaign could feel like a slog. With every campaign, the pace and the volume of work seems to increase. As the frontrunner, the expectations were impossibly high much of the time. Fairly or not, the press was more negative than positive, which creates antsy volunteers and donors. There were Benghazi hearings and FBI investigations. Many people had left spouses and partners in other cities. Behind the scenes, we had at least two staffers fighting cancer during the campaign in my department alone, and more family tragedies than I’ve seen in one campaign. For the last several months, thanks to the Russians, we had our daily machinations and offhand private grousing aired publicly as tens of thousands of hacked emails were splashed all over the front page. But we stuck together. We didn’t waste time settling scores or fighting in the press. When we had bad nights, we tried to find a way forward, rather than publicly placing blame or stabbing each other in the back. And when we had good nights, we celebrated together, rather than worrying about who got the credit. Contrary to the “mercenary” description in the book, we knew that there was only one goal, and one night, that mattered.


      A reporter at the San Diego Tribune also tracked some tweets by campaign staffers, who denied how campaign on the inside was described. They posted happy pics of themselves to contrast what the book revealed.

      The authors, Allen and Parnes, will be appearing at the National Press Club on May 18th, according to a press release from yesterday. It’s likely to get aired on C-SPAN.

      My own gut reaction is that this tome was a snapshot, similar to Game Change by John Heilemann‎ and ‎Mark Halperin, except I think Game Change had a little more analysis in it and did some fact checking. This book from a first blush, based on the round-up, doesn’t appear to present much analysis. But maybe the authors’ interview at the Press Club will reveal more. I would imagine Vox will get its hands on this too. Hopefully Klein (who was a Clinton supporter all along) will be able to shed some other insights.

      I believe I heard that Heilemann and Halperin were planning to also write a book about the 2016 election season. My hunch is that it will slant more towards Trump and how he broke through the “blue wall” in MI, PA, and WI.

      Otherwise, I have a lot of thoughts about the primaries and GE campaign and the misery of it. And because of my strong feelings about it, I chose to be strategic in voting 3rd Party for Jill Stein. Not because I thought Stein was all that experienced (she’s not had a governmental leadership post outside of being a council woman in MA), but it was my big show of scorn (or bluntly, my FU) to the triad of narcissists in that abysmal election:

      *The Dem Party for putting their thumb scales and breaking their own rules on to help secure the nomination of Clinton (as revealed through the leaks of the DNC about DWS and Donna Brazile) for a neo-liberal who believed too much in the MIC and who espoused way too much identity politics, ignoring economic conditions of voters in places who were decimated by NAFTA and other trade policies, and whose principles were, to put it mildly, inconsistent

      *Trump, the worst candidate ever and proving now to show his gross incompetence, leaving decision making to Bannon, now Cohn, his son-in-law and daughter, and to the MIC because he had no experience in dealing with the MIC or with the plight of working people (Subir uses the term “fake populist” which is accurate), and does this gig to benefit his family’s financial interests

      * The cable news networks/mainstream media who didn’t cover Bernie until he said he didn’t care about Clinton e-mail server issue (personally, I wish in some respects he had, but he was smart enough to let her twist on her own) and he had out-raised Clinton with small donations and also brought us Trump, premium ad free.

      The winners of this election: Bernie Sanders, who is more popular now than Clinton will ever be and refused to be scripted by her campaign, and independent media , such as TYT network, Democracy Now, The Progressive Army, Tim Black, Jimmy Dore, THR (Secular Talk) and Free Speech TV in general.

      • Narcissist is probably a little strong, but it fits Trump. I would say arrogance is more befitting of the part of the DNC and Clinton, who is product of the DNC. Elitism and narcissism describe the media.

        I hope Bernie can win some hearts and minds to help bring more progressive issues to the forefront.

        • Note the insider blaming the damn Russians again! When they drop these excuses, and accept the blame of a mis-managed campaign and a flawed candidate, they will learn and help the Democratic party grow.

          • It may not be possible. Lots of Berniecrat bashing (and, to be fair, establishment Dem bashing) on the local party sites, even, and these are often people that know and like each other. If someone is fine with Hillary, you’re probably not going to change their mind. But they would love for you to donate and canvass for their candidates! LOL. As they say, nice people….

        • wi58 replied 1 week ago

          I don’t know about that as Walker in WI and Trump Inc. share a lot of the same traits. Not $$$$ of course but a lot of the traits of a Narcissist though. One other thing they both shared Walker was out of his league running for president and Trump Inc is out of his league as president

    • Meantime, Huma Abedin is helping the baroness throw a “thank you party” at some big Wall Street guy’s place in NY on April 27th.

      One political insider mused, “This could be interpreted as the launch of a New York mayoral campaign (unlikely), a prospecting for 2020 party (please, no), a commiseration party or (most likely) a postmortem party.”

      Page Six (the NYC gossip pages)

      How many thank you parties does she need to provide for her donors, particularly since the host is an Evercore Partners investment firm that had to fire someone who was caught with insider trading.


    • This is tangentially related to the book as far as the campaign is concerned.


      U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders was a driving force in last year’s presidential election cycle, giving eventual Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton all she could handle in a hard-fought Nevada primary.

      On Saturday, the Vermont senator returned to Las Vegas, urging his supporters to fight back against the policies of President Donald Trump through grassroots campaigning, phone calls and knocking on doors.

      Here is the kicker!

      Before Sanders, Perez, who became the DNC Chair on Feb. 25, spoke emphatically to the crowd, pledging the committee’s dedication to constituents after reports of corruption and preferential treatment toward Clinton during the 2016 election cycle resulted in the resignation of former chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and firing of acting chair Donna Brazile from CNN.

    • I’ve been busy all day, so haven’t responded to any of the comments, will try to get in some thoughts today/tomorrow.

  • The Harvard Harris poll sampled over 2000 voters across the country last week (April 14-17).
    Sanders is viewed favorably by 57 percent of registered voters, according to data from a Harvard-Harris s […]

    • Yeah, I get so sick of the “Bernie bro” crap.

    • Yes, and yesterday’s sudden withdrawal of endorsing a centrist didn’t seem organic to me.

    • Kos would have to admit he was wrong about “Bernie Bro’s” to change his tune so, like any self centered egomaniac, he’ll continue telling lies as long as he possibly can. Why the wide spectrum of support for Bernie? Simple; he tells the truth.

      • If anyone has been following Bernie he has one set of issues and he does not change them no matter who is the audience.

        • Bernie is a unique politician in todays environment. Bernie could have an D,R,I or any other letter behind his name and he would have my vote because of the issues he stands firm on.

    • It must be unnerving to establishment Democrats that Trump is more popular than Pelosi, Schumer and Hillary.

      But for me it just makes me smile.


    • Shared this link with a friend. Thanks Subir! Appreciate it because I had shared too quickly a poll that compared him only with Republicans. Much better.

    • Great to see you here Subir!!!!

      Have followed you at DK/TOP over the years.

      And the corporate democrats heads are so far up their ass that they might have trouble breathing

    • wi58 replied 1 week ago

      Here’s a poll result by PPP. The people surveyed had a higher opinion United than Trump Inc. 42% United,40% Trump. Yes the poll was after the incident on the jet.

  • H.R. 676 now has 100 co-sponsors, the most it has ever seen. Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) was the 100th co-sponsor, he signed on yesterday:

    John Conyers (D-MI) has sponsored the […]

    • This is encouraging news. I hope Bernie will submit the Medicare for All in the Senate shortly after he returns to DC. It may not pass, but if you don’t propose, nothing gets done either.

    • The bill seems to be getting publicity that was lacking in previous congresses. That coupled with the Republicans failed attempts to destroy Obamacare is a step in the right direction.

    • I just emailed Rep Matsui, my representative here in Sacramento CA. Many CA reps have co-sponsored but sadly she will only do what Pelosi tells her to do. I think all Dems who do not co-sponsor should be primaried.

    • The composition of the Democratic US House Reps has been subtly changing over the past several years. Look at the numbers. There are less actual Democrats in the House. But look at the issues they support. You can see the gradual loss of the Blue Dog/DLCers, and more true Progressives. Hopefully, 2018 will accelerate this shift. Thanks for the postings, subir! Rec’d! 🙂

    • Great news! Thanks for posting diaries here, too. :O)

    • An idea whose time has come

      And whose time was actually years ago

      Now that we realize so much more about Clintons and their connection to the 1%, Hillary was not for single payer when she tried to reform health care. Even when running for president she said that it was unrealistic.

      Yes her banker supporters didn’t want it.

      Need to be able to shave money from the people anyway they can.

    • Subir!!! So great to see you!

      You all may have noticed that NOT ONE Dem in CT has co-sponsored it. Pathetic. I get so disappointed in politics living here. Establishment $$$$ rules the day.

      Time for some phone calls… 😉

  • The next special election is for Montana’s At-Large district, on May 25. The seat was most recently held by Ryan Zinke, who is now serving as Trump’s Secretary of the Interior.

    Rob Quist is running on the […]

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