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I totally hear you Humphrey and Im more than willing to add mods, etc. This has been far harder to keep stable than i could have ever imagined and wordpress is a nightmare with both its constant update conflictd and its being overrun with bots and the inability to mass delete them… which ultimately has hampered the signups.

i do have a lot to say about topics but between everything else keep putting that off to fix something or to throw up a roundup of everything ive taken in (i read a lot!). ill certainly make more of an effort for other style posts and making it easier for others to post as well.

in the long run anyone with wordpress abilities could help a great deal! i have a slight budget for hiring out some help, but its not too much and i really dont like having the PayPal link up when im unable to dedocate quite as mich time to the place, but do absolutely expect to continue making progress and highlighting causes and candidates that us like minded folks can support together.

much appreciated, and i always welcome ANY input!


LD have you looked at other web sites designs?


Ive looked at some other options but have not done much testing of the ability to have multiple people able to sign up, post, etc. Im certainly Open to any suggestions! WordPress seems designed to keep up charging for new services, widgets, spam filters, etc… and when I do they either conflict with something else on the site… or said problem gets worse and wp support is crowdsourced so fixes take a lot of investigating/research. If i could get rid of all the spam/fake accounts easier without having to literally go one by one.. life would be simpler!


You might look into https://invisionpower.com/

I maintained a women’s gaming forum for quite a few years before handing it off to some other ladies. I used this software, and can say it was affordable, secure, and worked a whole lot better than this site. Migrating the content would possibly be doable, because IPS will interface with WordPress. We were with Aimoo until we moved to IPS for security reasons, and did a massive copy and paste, since there was no interface.

IPS has a terrific support team, and they will walk you through everything. They also have a peer-to-peer forum. The look of the forums is customizeable, you can designate levels of admins/mods and their access to tools, and it works great for filtering out spammers. Best of all, it was only $20 a month, and I think we had far more activity than TPW most of the time. We had several hundred members.

Plus, I’d be happy to help, too, since I’m pretty familiar with it, though not the most recent updates.

I haven’t really noticed any trolling here, and have gotten very little spam. Maybe others have had problems. We seem to be pretty good at moderating ourselves, which was mostly how we were at the Diving Bell. One thing we had was private rooms for allowed members, where we could post stuff not visible to the general public. We had some great discussions. There is also a live chat option.

We had a private “war room” sub-forum for admins and mods, where we could do planning for the site and hash out changes. You can have multiple sub-forums with either passwords or allowed member lists. It is really flexible.

This is much more a “forum” than a “blog”, IMHO. You don’t write much in the way of opinion, though some of us guest blog some. The same could be done with new threads on a discussion forum format.

I will also say that we tried a WP blog in conjunction with the forums, and it was a huge PITA, soon dropped. You really should consider a more user-friendly, stable, secure platform, I think.

Know what bugs me here? I can’t see the video on the YouTube posts. I can hear the audio, and watch if I go to YouTube itself. I updated FireFox and Flash, but still no video. Weird.


Thanks phatkat Ill check into that! much appreciated!


If you end up needing an alternative to WordPress, you could check out Squarespace (https://www.squarespace.com/feature-index). It might be easier if you want to get out of the “car mechanic” job.

To have comments that have links & images & youtube videos & blockquoting/HTML formatting, you’d need to use Disqus (https://disqus.com). Disqus works on both WordPress and Squarespace sites. Here’s how moderation works: https://help.disqus.com/customer/portal/articles/466238-moderating-your-community In order to comment, people would log in through a Disqus, Facebook, Google, or Twitter account, instead of registering through your site.

You can import your WordPress content into the Squarespace site (https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543957), but I wonder how well the old comments and people’s user logins would transfer (if that would be a concern).

Just an idea in case you get to the point of not wanting to work with WordPress anymore.


I am a member of a number of sites that use Disqus, but am not entirely comfortable with it. You can easily end up with stalkers that follow you from site to site. It’s easy, true, but used on rightwing, leftwing and in the middle sites, and you can get more than you bargained for. A lot of people won’t use Disqus sites for that reason.


LD and fellow TPWers. I’m glad LD took the first big step in creating this site. Ive been here pretty close to day one and have seen the growing pains that LD has went threw. Change is the universal constant even here so if you do get a new site design I fully understand and will still be here. I wish I was computer literate and had the skills to help out I would be more a hindrance than help. Thankfully the trolling, spam and so on has been minimal here. I lurk a few other places and its down right disgusting- so much hate. So all I can do is express my thanks and occasionally donate some $$$ to the site

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