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I understand Humphrey. I appreciate all comments and opinions, and especially new posts!

This past year has been extremely hectic/busy/etc for me so I have not had near the time to dedicate to growing the site as intended (have actually been struggling to just keep it running as is) but overall knew it would be slow going at first but the current goal is to be promoting our fav. candidates etc for the 2018 races w/ full site functionality. I’m currently working on being able to provide coverage from The Peoples Summit, so hoping that works out!

I do the news roundups in the morning as I’m already reading the news, etc so its not too much more work and hope that something interesting sparks some conversation or makes its way to someone who can spread it elsewhere. I would prefer to split things out into their own posts, but… time :(. As soon as I’m finally out from under the real world job and focusing on politics full time I will pretty much be here 24/7. (Its been a transition in progress since about halfway through the BNR and I’ll be able to write about it more down the road)

On the wordpress/godaddy front… I now know both are awful and have gotten a lot of different feedback of different options and have been looking into them… will also let you all know more on that in the near future!

Don midwest

Overload from all the things happening, bad things mostly, and trying to spend less time on the computer.

I follow 22 people or orgs on twitter. That fills me with many places to look.


I tell people that if they look at only one site on the web, go to commondreams.org

But I almost never take the time to post there and in last few months don’t spend that much time actually reading in depth their articles. And they have the benefit of only posting a few articles per day — way less than a dozen, and they are writing more of their own articles.

I jointed Young Turks last year during the Bernie primary run, but most of the time that I take the time to follow what they do is from the links and videos posted here. They are an alternative source.

Kos main skill is marketing. He launched dailykos and attracted some really important people right from the start – Glenn, emptywheel, Jesselyn Raddak, Tom Drake and many others. Remember when Shaun King wrote several articles per week. But the close tie to the dem party has highlighted their narrow position and ties to the dem establishment who probably is responsible for funding them.

Bernie provided an authentic politician who brought up issues. “No Issues, No Politics” Is it even possible to speak in the mode of politics these days? (Bruno Latour)

Bernie continues his political action by repeating what he has said for 30 years and building a collective. He is the inspiration for this BNR and for many other political developments.

Medea Benjamin from Code Pink said recently that many groups are converging around the Peace issue which has been her/their issue for years.

It has been obvious to many that if the various groups came together they could make a difference and it is happening and the common thread, in my view is the environment. Bruno says that The New Climate Regime has been the dominant political actor for the last 30 years but has not had the response that a possible risk, e.g., nuclear war, which led to a massive response and huge amount of money spent, but not the existential risk to Gaia from human activity. Gaia is fighting back and she/he will “win” and now we face the same situation as the primitives whose culture was destroyed and resources stolen by the colonialists. We are them. (Bruno Latour spent decades on this)

Science no longer has the ultimate privilege and their “facts” are not enough

Neo liberal econ has destroyed governments and resource extraction harm Gaia

We have had a coup d’etat (will link to a paper written by a friend along with Thom Hartmann which is in draft form now) and can we recover?

Institutions have collapsed. That is serious. Maybe we expect too much from institutions.

I am painting a house and that has taken time away from things

Respected people like Glenn Greenwald, Scahill and others at The Intercept have provided an essential service. Main stream news is part of the corporations and fails in its job to educate and engage citizens.

American Exceptionalism keeps rolling along as we murder people with “smart” bombs

I find most of my insights in the philosophy of Bruno Latour and Graham Harman. Their work spans science, arts, sociology, political theory, religion, etc., etc., and I agree with Graham Harman that Bruno is the most important thinker alive today.

I am overly intellectual with a practical, hands on side, which has kept me from going nuts. My tie to the material world to see what is going on.

Naked Capitalism is an excellent site. I open their “links” links that happen once of twice per say, I open them on a new window because they have such excellent links

The world is falling apart, the empire is collapsing, things could get much, much worse and Trumpism could take us there.

In the 2006 book (now part of a trilogy) the author states than when an empire is going down they choose leaders who accelerate the decline. We saw that with W, Obama and now Trump…

Some thoughts

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