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Question Mike, daily time. Is that mins. or hrs.




I’m pretty sure it’s minutes.


Good morning! Glad to read that @liepardestin and @jdestin had a special day yesterday.

I’ve posted today’s BNR over at DK: http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/7/11/1547185/-BNR-Sanders-victory-How-Bernie-ended-the-Cold-War-in-2016


I missed the special day! (Trying to stay offline for the majority of these too-short-summer weekends in Vermont. Convention weekend will be an exception). 🙂

Hope you both had an excellent one, @liepardestin and @jdestin — whatever it was! 🙂


Will be heading over to TOP shortly. 🙂 I will not vote for what’s-her-face under any circumstances. She has no common sense nor does she come off as smart. She’s a hot-head who should not be allowed near the nuclear arsenal. Where’s her credibility regarding security clearance and keeping certain info away from our enemies (and we have plenty of them)?


Tipped & recc’d.

Raggedy Ann

Good morning, my friends!
Let me just say that I’m so happy that this site is not here to elect mire and better democrats. This site is here to encourage us to be the progressives we are, to discuss progressive issues, to promote progressive issues, and ultimately to bite, as individuals, for the person whose platform that best meets our own morals, ethics, social mores, and ideals, no matter the party. This is why I love being here with you, my friends.

So, have a beautiful Monday! xo


Love the Freudian slip!

“[Quag?]mire and better Democrats”

Raggedy Ann

Where’s my edit button?!?!?!?


I love it, too. It was so appropriate! 🙂

Don midwest

Maybe Bernie should wait to endorse – won CA?

Confirmation: Bernie won California by at least 100,000 votes

Confirmation: Bernie won California by at least 100,000 votes

On another front, last Sat night, I asked atty Bob Arnebeck if his suite was still on. He says it is on.

He says that Bernie won the primary. Still no major announcement. He said that when it is announced, it will be in all the press. Here he is in CA for meetings back in May/June time frame. The attys live in Columbus OH – Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis

Here is a 7 min collage of Cliff and Bob

Election Protection Lawsuit (in just under 7 minutes)

Don midwest

Link to 7 min video that I left out of previous comment


wow. i hope they come out with this when the final count is done. the world needs to know this. And the MSM needs to be bombarded with this until they report it.


I hope Bernie holds out while we’re still going through the process here in CA!


Hi all, this is a question regarding the e-mail list that Bernie has. I suspect after the convention, many of us on that list will be getting e-mails from the “her” campaign. While Bernie is doing what he said he would, which was to support the eventual Dem nominee, I’m wondering if there is a way to block the #IWH campaign from sending me e-mails?

I have said over and over, and I repeat it here, that campaign will not get one dime from me, no canvassing, no phone calls to persuade the 30% who are undecided (I’m guessing that based on polling), as what’s her name is on her own. She has plenty of dirty money to fight Drumpf, and I don’t want to be on any list of “her”. I’d like to tell Bernie’s digital outreach folks that I don’t want my name on any of her lists.

joe from Lowell

You can always just unsubscribe. Look closely, the email probably contains an unsubscribe link somewhere.


It’s generally a “no reply” e-mail address that sends them through my free accounts. I don’t have any e-mails sent to my work accounts, which I could block more easily. But I make it a point not to have any political e-mails sent to work.

I’ll see what DFA and PDA do. Surely they understand that many of us prefer to be helping down tickets instead of what’s her name.

As far as the rally tomorrow, I’m not certain I can bear watching what’s her name nodding the entire time whenever someone is speaking about her. Despite the article I read by Ezra Klein this morning on Vox about “her strength of listening”, I don’t think she’s doing that at a rally. To me, it’s “I am here and happy to take your endorsement and $$.”

I try not to get too feisty about what’s her name, but I just find her rhetoric very insincere, especially as she did nothing to call her delegates last weekend about TPP to allow specific language that the Dem Party is against it in every shape and form as it is. . Robert Reich was spot on about it.


Mark it as spam.

This is what I intend to do if it happens. And the more of us who do, the better the chance of the domain being blacklisted.


Great idea!


As far as the rally tomorrow, I’m not certain I can bear watching what’s her name nodding the entire time whenever someone is speaking about her. Despite the article I read by Ezra Klein this morning on Vox about “her strength of listening”, I don’t think she’s doing that at a rally.

Oh, I have a hard time with that, too. It doesn’t seem as if she’s listening at all, and she gets that smug smile on her face. And yes, I’m glad Robert Reich called her out on the TPP, too.


I got something from HRC’s campaign last week, and unsubscribed. Who knows which email list they got it from?

joe from Lowell
Don midwest

Hillary emails issue not over yet

Sat night a woman who got Karl Rove fired from W Bush White House staff, said that Comey has many previous jobs which lead to a conflict of interest. She said that this will come out in the next few days.

She said that Judaical Watch will depose Hillary on July 17. That is the conservative legal outfit that has been deposing Hillary’s supporters.

She also said that she learned about Gufficer about 2 years ago on the “dark web” of TOR. He is the hacker who got Blumenthal emails. He was trying to sell the hacked emails to anyone who wanted them. Not heard for sure if Hillary’s private server was hacked. Was waiting for wikileaks to give proof that it was, or to learn for sure did Gufficer, number 1 or number 2, got to her server with all the stuff on it.

This is a heads up. I trust this person, but this is such a possible bombshell that anything can happen. The establishment is trying to hold onto what they have with all their might.

Things in last couple of days

When Hillary turned over “all” the emails, she left out one that Gufficer found

The Strange Gaps in Hillary Clinton’s Email Traffic
An analysis of the released emails raises questions about whether Clinton deleted a number of work-related emails—and if she did, why.


WA Post – many upset that Hillary not indicted

This new poll shows that even a lot of Dems worry about Hillary’s emails


A new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that a majority of Americans disapprove of FBI director James Comey’s recommendation that Clinton not be charged with a crime over her email arrangement, by 56-35. Americans say by 57-39 that her handling of it makes them worry about how she’ll handle the presidency.

What’s striking, though, is the degree to which this is driven by differences between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are nearly unanimous in their disapproval of Comey’s decision, by 88 to seven. But according to the crosstabs, Democrats are substantially more split: 31 percent of Dems also disapprove, versus 63 percent who approve. Similarly, Dems say by 31-68 makes them worried about her presidency. Among independents, those numbers are 59-31 and 63-34.

In other words, nearly a third of Democrats disapprove of Comey’s recommendation against charges and say it makes them worried about her presidency, and a whole lot of Dem-leaning independents say the same.

What’s more, the crosstabs show that this is particularly pronounced among young voters and liberals: A majority of voters under 40 disapprove, by 55-32. And nearly half of liberals (43 percent) disapprove, while 49 percent approve. Similar percentages of those groups say this worries them about her presidency. Given those demographic breakdowns, it is possible — though the polling doesn’t say one way or the other — that there is substantial overlap between those Democrats and Dem-leaning independents who disapprove of Comey’s decision and those who support Sanders.

And from a right wing publication

EXCLUSIVE: State Dept Can’t Find Evidence Hillary Was Trained To Handle Classified Documents

EXCLUSIVE: State Dept Can’t Find Evidence Hillary Was Trained To Handle Classified Documents

I’ll let you know if I find out more.

Reminder: If i published speculation like this on TOP/DK/orange turd, it would get me kicked off the site forever. All I can say is to listen to the woman mentioned at the start, a former employee of Rove and a noted player in opposition research, about all the ins and outs of power that she has been through, there is even more bad stuff than I realized.

This last year more stuff has come out than I ever remember. The neo liberal economic model has failed. That was the God of the Clinton’s (as noted by Thomas Frank) and the funny stuff to maintain their connection to the oligarchs and pretend that they are for the constitution is a site to behold.

I continue to hope that Hillary can be knocked out before the Dem convention.


I share your hope that Hillary can still be knocked out before the Dem convention. But I don’t have much hope for any Judicial Watch deposition. I recently watched their Bryan Pagliano interview, and he didn’t answer a single damn question.
I really hope that the superdelegates will realize what a mistake it would be to nominate Hillary. I wonder if they realize that a Hillary presidency would result in years of nonstop impeachment proceedings – they need look no further than the number of efforts to repeal Obamacare.
And if Trump is not the nominee (which I think is entirely possible), the Dem party is in serious trouble.


I am now getting emails from democrats.org, asking for money for Hillary. They are using the email I signed up with at TOP. Any other refugees from TOP just start getting Hillary emails?


Oh, that’s probably where they got my email address, too!


Yes, I’ve been getting money solicitations for Hillary on my TOP sign up email address as well. Its’ been happening for some time now. My question is, was my email address sold to Hillary list people? I can only assume that was the case and it makes me angry.

I finally sent back an unsubscribe me response and NEVER HILLARY in caps to their robot. I still get them occasionally, so will now use the spam filter.

Star Strider

I got one from ‘democrats.org’ this afternoon and immediately unsubscribed. I don’t know how I got on that list.

Don midwest

This is incredible! TYT leaves TOP/DK in the dust

This is the future of the news. The corporate media and establishment outlets like DK/TOP are of the past

Cenk Uygur ‏@cenkuygur 22h22 hours ago

Our flagship station, @TheYoungTurks just passed 3 million subscribers on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/theyoungturks/about … On all platforms TYT has 12M subs


I’m proud to say I support them.


Good morning, everyone. Here’s Michelle Alexander’s latest. It’s excellent.



Excellent. thx.


Why aren’t more Democrats upset that Clinton has lied to us throughout the entire primary season? Is this not just like John Edwards who thought he could get away with a secret affair while his wife was dying of cancer?

Both HRC and Edwards were willing to gamble the Democratic Party’s November election chances on delusional assumptions that their lies would not be caught until it was too late for use to do anything about it.

Convention delegates need to replace her.


Hi @liepardestin I see from your reply comments that I had not figured out how to use the link tool properly.
Looks like the traders in London are pushing up silver this morning.


Ok so I will write down how I think this works. If I am correct you can cut and paste this into the faq section.
1. click link button and paste web address into window that pops up. (leave the text already in the box alone)
2. click the OK button.
3. You will see the web address with some html commands show up in your comment. You then add text immediately behind it to customize your link message i.e. “incredible news story at this web page”
4. After adding the custom name go back and click the “/link” button.

caucus99 front page

alternatively you can just paste the web address into your comment and it shows up as a clickable link without a custom name.


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