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A Slow River Flows Through the Campaigns

The Rev. Billy from the Stop Shopping Church

…Then I remembered a piece by Czeslaw Milosz, the world poet. I dredged it out and re-read it. He instructs us to get through the succession of liars to a great moment of truth, which he describes as a spring day’s return by the Earth. The name of the poem is “Slow River” and it ends with these words:

Three times will the liars have conquered
before the great truth appears alive
and in the splendor of one moment
stand spring and the sky, the seas, the lands.

…The Ehrlichs bold move reminds me of Dr. Cornel West’s stop-everything sermons at the last months’ Democrat platform hearings. He froze the Clinton professionals with dread. Dr. West spoke openly of the soul, prophecy, the agony of Gaza, and what it means to hesitate with your morals, as if to warn the Clinton professionals that they would be depressed by their hack work.

The video footage of that panel is fascinating. I felt like the Earth was to about crush the room in the triangle between the preacher and Deborah “water is sacred to my people” Parker and Bill “we need bicycles in the suburbs” McKibben. Debbie Wasserman retired to a back room behind her staring eyes as Gaia’s wind and waves and wildfires seemed to sing to her from multiple faces. And then she voted for fracking, Monsanto, and TPP. …


The colors in that photo are gorgeous @polarbear4, and the article is written in a lovely, lyrical, way. Thought-provoking.


Thanks! Thought of you when I saw the colors, and yes, that Rev. Billy, he’s just full of surprises! I love his comic/performances routines. Want to check out Czeslaw Milosz, now.

One of his rants about commercialism, he was preachin’ it: Don’t fall for Coca-Cola! Don’t give in to Gucci! Don’t give in to Sssssimba!

Or something like that. Totally funny. Especially since I totally gave in to the Lion King and Ssssssimba! :O)

This got me, too:

Dr. Cornel West’s stop-everything sermons at the last months’ Democrat platform hearings. He froze the Clinton professionals with dread. Dr. West spoke openly of the soul, prophecy, the agony of Gaza, and what it means to hesitate with your morals, as if to warn the Clinton professionals that they would be depressed by their hack work.


Climate change will mean the end of the national parks as we know them.

comment image

…“Yosemite’s famous glacier, once a mile wide, is almost gone,” fretted Barack Obama during a visit to the vast park in June.

“Rising temperatures could mean no more glaciers in Glacier national park, no more Joshua trees in Joshua Tree national park.

“Rising seas can destroy vital ecosystems in the Everglades and at some point could even threaten icons like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. That’s not the America I want to pass on to the next generation.”…

Beautiful photos.


Truthout has a article that paints a bleak future if we don’t change course real quick http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/37310-in-arctic-ancient-diseases-reanimate-and-highways-melt-as-temperatures-hit-frenzy-of-records I’m hoping LD is taking a well deserved break and/or JD and LD are on there honeymoon.


Thanks! Dahr Jamail is so steadfast and yet his tales are so hearbreaking. Beautiful photo, too.

I have friends in NoCal who say the “toxic green algae” mentioned is all over there, too. Dogs dying.

Cora Regina

Obomber supposedly frets, as he tries to push through a trade deal that will be environmentally devastating on top of everything else it has going for it, including the fact that the people Do Not Want It.

He’ll forgive me, I’m sure, if I don’t buy the crocodile tears.


Very true.


White Hat Hackers

…He saves a lot of what he earns, and spends philanthropically; he runs a charity which links young hackers with mentors. Last year, he bankrolled a trip for six people to a conference in New Zealand, using his earnings from just 48 hours of work. “If you are able to get money doing something like that and it comes easily, I think you’ve got an obligation to help people around you,” he said.

Wakelam is one of a new generation of so-called “white hat” hackers. Unlike “black hat” hackers – who hack for criminal, nefarious, or destructive purposes – white-hat hackers make their living hunting for chinks in the digital armor of large companies in order to report them and collect an often generous reward.

There is no shortage of money to be made. This month, Apple joined the ranks of Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe, Tesla, Yahoo, and Google when it became the latest big tech firm to instigate a bug bounty program, offering prizes of up to $200,000 to bounty hunters who discover security vulnerabilities. …


For a second there, I thought White Hat Business Security Corp. had been hacked.


sorry. 😉


Jill Stein Should Be Part of a Four-Way Presidential Debate

comment image?1469040136″ alt=”Jill Stein” />

…The CPD can and will set baseline standards for debate participation. But those standards should err on the side of more debate, not less. The good basic approach would be to include candidates who have qualified for enough state ballots to win 270 electoral votes — the threshold for winning the presidency. Getting on that many ballot lines requires seriousness and a measurable level of support nationally, and those candidates who achieve that should be included, at the very least, in the first debate.

If the CPD insists on a more rigid standard (as is likely), then a 5 percent polling threshold — far higher than was required to gain a place on the main stage of this year’s Republican and Democratic debates — would be dramatically more reasonable than the current 15 percent threshold.

The Libertarians and the Greens will meet the ballot-line standard. And both parties can point to recent polls where they have cleared the 5 percent threshold. That should be sufficient to make room for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein on this fall’s debate stages.

Don midwest

The amazing BRN (Bernie News Roundup) by LieparDestin

Probably everyone reading this came to this site following the evolution of BNR which was posted on dailykos.com for over a year.

It was a positive celebration of the Bernie movement as it tackled issues and moved crowds around the country. Because of the Bernie movement, more people in the US now realize that there has been a coup d’etat not only in the US, but around the globe with the oligarchy pulling the strings.

The Bernie movement was a bigger threat to the oligarchy than Occupy Wall Street but that protest was deemed an act of terrorism before the first kick off event in NYC. Thus, the Bernie movement was also an act of terrorism (as Glenn Greenwald has pointed out for years, Terrorism is an undefined term used to justify anything that the powers that be want to do.) An act that challenged the coup d’etat and faced the push back from many, many areas.

Now that the campaign is over, we see that our institutions have been reduced to the rubble of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. I draw that example from Bruno Latour’s recent speech in Tokoyo

Latour: rethinking ecological crisis from the ground down

“I have a good friend who is studying Fukushima and the people who try to go back there,” Latour says. “How do you live in the ruins? In that sense, Fukushima, too — if I can say that … it seems horrible — is showing us the future. We will have to go back to live in the ruins of a technical system which is gone. And, unfortunately, that is a figurative and metaphorical situation for all of us, in some sense.”

In Latour’s metaphysics, human and non human actors appear and it seems that today it may be that the most important actors in politics are: carbon dioxide, zika virus, water, soil, etc. When dealing with these entanglements they spread out in all directions and ….

How can one visualize the end of the earth as we knew it? How can we visualize what the earth will become?

This morning I was reading from Latour’s 1991 book , (25 years ago) “We Have Never Been Modern” and he says on page three “For twenty years or so, my friends and I have been studying these strange situations that the intellectual culture in which we live does not know how to categorize”

the next paragraph has these 2 sentences “Yet our work remains incomprehensible, because it is segmented into three components corresponding to our critics habitual categories. They turn it (i. e. added by don, it is the entanglements) into nature, politics or discourse.”

Leaping back to Bruno’s presentation last week in Tokyo, the paragraph above about Fukushima is followed by this

It is this situation — this wrestling with the double bind of responsibility and powerlessness in the face of ecological catastrophe — that has proven almost impossible to visualize. Hollywood, with its myriad spectacles of world-ending disasters, would sooner show us complete species extinction. As Marxist critic Fredric Jameson has written, “It is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of capitalism.”

At the start I mentioned the collapse of our institutions. Here is Matt Taibi’s take on the collapse of journalism as it “covers” the 2016 presidential election.

The Summer of the Shill:
Campaign 2016 won’t just have lasting implications for American politics. It’s obliterated what was left of our news media

The he said/she said back and forth of the parties continues to be the story and more and more people see that they have missed the point, namely, the issues went away.

That is what I see on this site going forward.

Right now, we have to do a full court push to stop Obama and the bought out legislative branch in their drive to enact TPP.

And a couple of days ago we had this in commondreams.org

As Resistance Mounts, TPP Becoming 2016 Election’s Third Rail
‘Obama has to consider what his campaign to pass the TPP will do to the Democratic Party—or at least he should’


Thank you so much, Don. Yes, we are here and we are not going away and I will help whenever and wherever possible.

Counting on you, Don, to be a yuuuuge part of all this. I am just filling in until the heavyweights, such as yourself and many others, return. So please, have at it! :O)


This comment could stand alone as a topic for discussion.

Yes, I started following LD on the GOS and was thrilled when he started his own blog. That is why I am here.
Any word on LD?


I haven’t heard anything. I hope someone that knows him lets us know soon, if he is unable. Hopefully he is gaining weight and getting well.


@lee im alive.. just going through some change. ill have a post up tomorrow!


Yay!!!! We miss you!


Thanks for popping in @liepardestin!


sorry for the disappearance but thanks for carrying on without me!


With cousins visiting from Sweden and workshops to teach, I’ve been gone all week — and I was getting progressively (no pun intended) worried as I read the posts. I’m so glad you’re okay! And I look forward to reading your post tomorrow.

:: feeling relieved ::


This looks like a great book. Hope you will continue to share his work and your take on it.


Not surprised one bit by this news. If you couldn’t tell $Hillary was going to be just another neocon with her “golden handcuffs”, you were either willfully ignorant or just plain gullible. I’ve never been so disgusted at my choices for president. I’m voting for Jill, never HiL.


Me, too. Love your little doggie.


Thanks. He runs things here. It’s better that way.


LOL. Same here. Maybe I’ll adopt your zen attitude someday.

For now? Friend/trainer gets here soon. 2 years and going and not much difference. :OP


Good morning, everyone!! I just want to take a moment to recommend my favorite podcast:
Best of the Left
I guess it’s been around for years now, but I just discovered it last year.
Almost a year ago, I found myself spending absurd amounts of time reading DKos, and was just feeling frustrated, anxious and depressed all the time. I also needed to paint my house exterior, and stop spending so much time sitting in front of my computer. So I started listening to various progressive media shows/podcasts/audio books, and found that painting while educating myself was largely therapeutic.

So for anyone interested, a new podcast is released every Tuesday and Friday. Each episode focuses on a particular progressive issue, thoroughly explored through a compilation of related clips from various progressive media outlets – including The Young Turks, Democracy Now, Thom Hartmann, and so many others.
For example, here are some of the recent topics covered: raising the minimum wage, voting rights, climate denialism, foreign policy, police reform, etc. Then occasionally, there are super interesting, random topics – one of my favorites was on the origins of Mother’s Day and May Day.

You can browse for episodes on the website that are interesting to you, or subscribe on iTunes. I try to listen to all of them, and have sometimes been surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed even the topics that I didn’t think I was interested in.
Check it out here! http://www.bestoftheleft.com/

What are you watching or listening to?


Wow. Thanks, new2this! I’m in the same boat. Much to be done. You use a phone?

I listen to Derek Rydall a lot, but again, mostly on the computer, to keep my data usage down. He’s more of an inspirational/growth kind of guy and I’ve learned a lot from him.



Thanks! I’ll check him out!
Yes, I use my phone, charging by extension cord whenever possible, and running off of our house wi-fi. The podcasts are really nice because you can load them when you have internet access, and then listen when you don’t. I also listened to both of Bernie’s books – so fun!


Thank you @new2this! I also used to spend an “absurd” amount of time at DK and it was definitely having a negative effect on me and my home life.

I’ll be sure to share any good places to watch or listen to when I find them. I’m kind of old-fashioned and still prefer reading best, but I’m going to check your podcast site out! I love learning.

So, house does the house look? 😉


Ha! The house looks good, thanks for asking! I repainted it the same color as the previous owners, which is a nice shade of tan-olive. It was good to paint in the same color, since it took a few months to do it. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so lots of early mornings, late nights and nap times. We live in Phoenix, so it had to be done over the winter before it got too hot this spring. Being outside, away from the kids (haha), accomplishing something important and lasting, thermos of coffee, plus the feeling of self-improvement through my political education — very therapeutic. 😉


Thanks for the thread @polarbear4!

Interesting take on TPP from WSJ:

U.S. Faces Setback in Asia if TPP Trade Deal Doesn’t Pass

President Barack Obama’s troubled Pacific-region trade deal is threatening to become a foreign policy failure in Asia, where the U.S. loaded the accord with strategic significance as a counterweight to the rise of China.

U.S. officials have billed the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership for years as central to a shift of U.S. military and other resources to Asia. Now, with opposition toward the pact mounting on both the right and left in Washington, the likelihood of its ratification in Congress appears bleak.

Failure at this point, experts say, would dent U.S. credibility on everything from trade to its commitment to a region where U.S. might has underpinned security since World War II.

“For the simple reason that the U.S. invested so much in it, the deal acquired a kind of totalistic value that goes way beyond its economic merits,” said Euan Graham, a former U.K. foreign officer who studies regional security at the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Sydney. “To leave Asian partners hanging now would be disastrous for U.S. leadership in the region.”

The administration continues to hold out hope for the TPP’s passage. “We’re a vote away from either cementing our leadership in the region or handing the keys of the castle to China,” said U.S. Trade Representative Mike Froman.

So, out comes the fear-mongering! If TPP doesn’t pass, China gets “the castle” instead of us. It’s not our fault that Obama “loaded the accord with strategic significance”.

We aren’t going to support TPP so that Obama saves face and we’re all getting pretty tired of the constant fear-mongering.

Time for him and his administration to go back to the drawing board to come up with ways to counter China that DO NOT include handing over so much power to corporations.

no one has more at stake than Shinzō Abe, the prime minister of Japan, the closest U.S. ally in the region. Mr. Abe made the pact central to his domestic and foreign strategies—and faced significant opposition from Japan’s powerful farm lobby and other local interests to do it.


So, out comes the fear-mongering! If TPP doesn’t pass, China gets “the castle” instead of us. It’s not our fault that Obama “loaded the accord with strategic significance”.

We aren’t going to support TPP so that Obama saves face and we’re all getting pretty tired of the constant fear-mongering.

Amen. magsview! Amen.

Let’s give our sovereignty to save face! Well that makes sense.


China is pushing to dominate the east, with or without the TPP. They also play the fear card by refusing to take any action to reign in North Korea, imo. The monsters our foreign policies have created over the decades.

Don midwest

Hillary campaign head says that the Russians are running Trump’s campaign

Since the strategy of “less bad” has worked for decades in US politics, and couple that with fear, especially fear of the big bad Russians, I could not have imagined that the campaign would become this crazy

Clinton campaign manager calls Trump a Kremlin puppet

Earlier on the show, he said there were “real questions being raised about whether Donald Trump himself is just a puppet for the Kremlin in this race.

This is also a way to make sure that the country will continue to support the military, you know, the part of the government that cannot account of trillions of dollars.

“I would also point out that Paul Manafort has been pushed out, but that doesn’t mean that the Russians have been pushed out of this campaign,” Mook added, pointing to Trump’s criticisms of NATO. “We now need Donald Trump to explain to us the extent to which the hand of the Kremlin is at the core of his own campaign.”

Manafort resigned from his position as campaign chairman, Trump announced Friday.

John Podesta is Hillary’s campaign chairman. His brother Tony Podesta is tied up with the same Russian / Ukranian issues. From another article on Politico

Podesta Group retains outside counsel over Manafort-related scandal

A prominent D.C. lobbying firm has hired outside counsel over revelations that it may have been improperly involved in lobbying on behalf of pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians who also employed former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

As first reported by BuzzFeed, the Podesta Group announced Friday that it has retained law firm Caplin & Drysdale to investigate whether or not the lobbying firm unwittingly did work for the pro-Russian political party in Europe that also hired Manafort.

Although the Podesta Group was founded by Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, he has not been involved with the lobbying firm that bears his name for years. His brother, Tony Podesta, is currently chairman of the firm.

Tune in tomorrow for more fun and games on the campaign trail.

Both those articles above are from Politico. I well recall just as that publication was getting started, Glenn Greenwald pointed out that it was but another inside the beltway rag. I never go to their site.

Is it significant that even Politico is printing some stories that could make Hillary look bad?

Or is it just that the Hillary campaign can’t help itself – it is on a crazy, unsustainable path (from the perspective of the Bernie movement) and is going all out with fear to change the subject.

The first Political article above came out in an interview of Robby Monk and he was dodging the question of foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and skated over to the Russia issue.


I posted this tweet kind of late last night on yesterday’s open thread (thank you pb!).

If they think that anyone other than the weakest of the weak is buying this red-scare, ‘crying wolf’, crap they are indeed delusional (on top of being dangerous, because we all know what could happen when you cry wolf too often, and it isn’t good). It seems quite desperate to resort to such win despite all costs tactics.

belle de jour

It seems Mr. Mook is aptly named.


LOL. Must be a New Yorker. 😉 Good to see you, belle!


Some are so delusional on her team. They do not even realize that no one, even rethugs, consider this ticket progressive. Someone suggested it is time to organize to create “The Progressive Party”. I will be wired in to Sanders’ Wednesday conference call.


Yes. That is my deepest desire, that somehow, some way, a viable third party emerges that can get elected “all over this land.”
Am also attending a watch party–can’t wait. :O)


I’ll be at a watch party, too, here in my little town. Our numbers may be small, but it will definitely be good company.


Breaking news from the Washington Post

FBI uncovers 14,900 more documents in Clinton email probe

The FBI’s year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server uncovered 14,900 emails and documents from her time as secretary of state that had not been disclosed by her attorneys, and a federal judge on Monday pressed the State Department to begin releasing emails sooner than mid-October as it planned.

Justice Department lawyers said last week that the State Department would review and turn over Clinton’s work-related emails to a conservative legal group. The records are among “tens of thousands” of documents found by the FBI in its probe and turned over to the State Department, Justice Department attorney Lisa Ann Olson said Monday in court.

The 14,900 Clinton documents are nearly 50 percent more than the roughly 30,000 emails that Clinton’s lawyers deemed work-related and returned to the department in December 2014.

More at the link.

Note: The Washington Post article may be behind a paywall for some of you, but here is the Google search results page for the title of the article. You should be able to click on the link from there to get around the paywall if you need to.

On a side note, I went to Dallas for 4 days August 12-15 and was offline and had a GREAT time doing other things. I discovered how much more fun life can be when you’re not immersed in politics 24/7, so ever since I came back I’ve only briefly been to the political websites for no more than 15 minutes a day and have been doing other things. I think the Trump and Clinton fatigue finally got to me.

I’ll (hopefully) get more active again the closer we get to the debates or if/when a major Clinton scandal erupts.


Thanks Mike, this all over the corporate political blogs and the msm today.


Thanks, LSM! Love to see you here again, but I know that life w/o blogs is calling…. Glad you had a GREAT time! :O)


Great to see you LSM! I’m glad to hear that you were having fun, I must confess that I was starting to worry about you a bit.

New Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors

The Abedin emails reveal that the longtime Clinton aide apparently served as a conduit between Clinton Foundation donors and Hillary Clinton while Clinton served as secretary of state. In more than a dozen email exchanges, Abedin provided expedited, direct access to Clinton for donors who had contributed from $25,000 to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. In many instances, Clinton Foundation top executive Doug Band, who worked with the Foundation throughout Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State, coordinated closely with Abedin. In Abedin’s June deposition to Judicial Watch, she conceded that part of her job at the State Department was taking care of “Clinton family matters.”

Now I’m no fan of Judicial Watch per se, but this is only the tip of the iceberg of what Democrats have signed on to with electing HC as the candidate, and I’m very unhappy about it. We don’t need this crap! We have plenty of real challenges to face and this is not helpful, at all.

And anyone who asserts that $$$$$$$ doesn’t buy access is lying.


Diary up at TOP and the following comment was made by someone I didn’t recognize and was meant to defend the emails I posted above:

Been reading some. The ones released are Huma’s not Hillary’s. Pretty normal x wants a meeting/wants to talk to someone about y/ is giving advice. Most spectacular thing is one asking about who to talk to at NASA because Bono wants to do a live uplink to the space station during every show on U2’s tour. Huma has no clue(guess she’s no super woman).

All of it appears to be the modern form of people lining up to talk to the king about whatever their problem is

How depressing that someone would actually write such a thing un-ironically.


I wonder if Robby Mook is auditioning for the vacancy created by Larry Wilmore’s cancellation at Comedy Central. He certainly can tell a joke with the best of them.

Clinton’s Mook on Foundation: “no quid pro quo…

Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook addresses a new batch of released emails which suggests the Clinton Foundation may have offered favors to donors


Oh, that kidder. 😉


Maybe Bernie should have been concerned about those “damned emails”. The Republicans sure seem to be.

Trump Calls for Special Prosecutor to Investigate Clinton


Donald Trump called Monday for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton’s “e-mail crimes” stemming from her tenure as secretary of state.

“After the FBI and Department of Justice whitewash of the Clinton e-mail crimes, they certainly cannot be trusted to quickly or impartially investigate Hillary Clinton’s crimes,” Trump said at a campaign rally in Akron, Ohio.
Trump’s speech focussed on Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server and address, as well as what he called the “pay-to-play” actions of the Clinton Foundation, both of which, Trump said, “disgraced one of the most important departments of government.”


Geesh. Yup. Lining up to see the king.

But the guy who got on to the nuclear group seems like one of the worst, and that’s died on. Hill may have more teflon than Reagan. In fact, she surely does, just by being a Dem.


Education Reformers’ Core Beliefs Are Objectionable

…Unutterable belief #1: Though we cannot destroy teachers’ and students’ rights through democracy, we can destroy them through charter school proliferation. …

Unutterable belief #2: Uncertified graduates of elite colleges perform better in the classroom than experienced and certified teachers. …

Unutterable belief #3: Experience and training in business and management trumps experience in education and the arts and sciences. …

Much discussion in between the “unutterable beliefs.”


As a former HS teacher (I still teach, though to adults and not in the public school sector now), I find what’s been done to destroy public education in this country is abominable.

It began with Reagan, but George H.W. Bush referred to the NEA (National Education Association) in every speech he made as president, in no small part because it was the largest union in the country.


Here is a op-ed from The Hill which summarizes what many Bernie supporters actually feel.

I’m a Bernie backer and I refuse to support Hillary


I used to think that the Democrats were the good guys and the Republicans were the bad guys. That’s why I’ve only ever been registered and identified as a Democrat. The Democratic Party is the party of social justice that looks out for the less fortunate, right? The party of the middle class, advocating for equality and progress, while the Republican Party, is … well … stuck in the distant past.

I was correct about the Republican Party. But I was incredibly wrong about the Democratic Party. Yes, I’m a Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) supporter — specifically, I was a California delegate to the national convention. Yes, I’m also a millennial. No, I will not be supporting Hillary Clinton this November.
And also, let me clarify, no, I’m not a man. So don’t call me sexist.


Yes, I think so many of us are feeling this.

She does say, go ahead and support the Berniecrats…


That link didn’t work — I’m just seeing a Page Not Found / 404. I did a search there, and found a current link: http://thehill.com/blogs/pundits-blog/presidential-campaign/292140-im-a-bernie-backer-and-i-refuse-to-support-hillary


Clinton’ Magical Mystery Tour

What she’s saying to attract those donations is not for the public’s ears


“She brunched with wealthy backers at a seaside estate in Nantucket, snacking on shrimp dumplings and crabcakes. A few hours later, she and her husband dined with an intimate party of thirty at a secluded Martha’s Vineyard estate. And on Sunday afternoon, she joined the singer Cher at a “LGBT summer celebration” on the far reaches of Cape Cod.

By Sunday evening, Clinton had spoken to more than 2,200 campaign donors. But what she told the crowds remains a mystery.

Clinton has refused to open her fundraisers to journalists, reversing nearly a decade of greater transparency in presidential campaigns and leaving the public guessing at what she’s saying to some of her most powerful supporters.

It’s an approach that differs from the Democratic president she hopes to succeed. Since his 2008 campaign, President Barack Obama has allowed reporters traveling with him into the backyards and homes of wealthy donors to witness his some of his remarks.

While reporters are escorted out of Obama’s events before the start of the juicier Q&A, the president’s approach offers at least a limited measure of accountability that some fear may disappear when Clinton or Republican nominee Donald Trump moves into the White House.

“Unfortunately these things have a tendency to ratchet down,” said Larry Noble, the general counsel of the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center. “As the bar gets lower, it’s hard to raise it again.”

Clinton’s campaign does release limited details about her events, naming the hosts, how many people attended and how much they gave. That’s more than Trump, whose far fewer fundraisers are held entirely away from the media, with no details provided.

Even some Democrats privately acknowledge that Clinton’s penchant for secrecy is a liability given voters’ continued doubts about her honesty.”


This image sorta sums things up.

comment image


humphrey’s cartoon sez it all.


Here’s a name a lot of us know:

Considering the water crisis going on in Gaza, and the fact that the shell that was lobbed into Sderot was fired by a breakaway group not even allied with Hamas, this seems like an over-reaction.

Hamas Denies Role in Gaza Rocket Attack, Blasting Local ISIS Group

“Hamas is committed to calm as long as Israel refrains from aggressions toward Gaza,” (Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar) said.


What a mess.


Where is LD? Is he sick?


I’m going to edit the diary. He left a note. He’ll be back tomorrow.


Celtic fans defy threat by hugging Palestine tighter

Glasgow Celtic fans have launched a fundraiser to match any fine that Europe’s ruling football body, UEFA, will give the Scottish club for an expression of Palestine solidarity at a recent game against the Israeli team Hapoel Beer Sheva.

UEFA has announced that it has opened disciplinary proceedings against Celtic for display of an “illicit banner.” The “illicit banner” is a reference to Palestinian flags waved by Celtic supporters last week.

The fundraising campaign has been set up by the Green Brigade, a Celtic fan group, which has pledged to put part of the money towards setting up and sustaining a youth soccer team in the occupied West Bank.

Another part of the proceeds will go to the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians, MAP.

Celtic has strong connections to the Irish community in Glasgow. The repeated displays of solidarity reflect the affinity between Irish people and Palestinians as both have experienced colonization and occupation.

“There is a strong sense of history among that community, even though it’s now third, fourth and fifth generation Irish,” Scottish historian Tom Devine told Al Jazeera. “The situation in Palestine is a classic example of land that is being taken from people who lived there for generations. It chimes in with the course of Irish history.”

In a statement following last week’s game, the Green Brigade explained that its action sought to challenge the normalization of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

“From our work with grassroots Palestinian groups in the West Bank and the refugee camps of Bethlehem, we know the positive impact international solidarity has on those living in the open prisons of the occupied territories,” the Green Brigade stated.

“We also know that their suffering cannot be ignored by the international community and last night’s actions also sought to raise awareness of the boycott, divest, sanctions (BDS) campaign which seeks to challenge the normalization of the Israeli occupation.”


Too sweet! LD is OK. Will update diary.



Happened in Bernie’s campaign too. Hmmm.

belle de jour

Hello, chipmunks!

Interesting site that offers all kinds of stories related to FOIA Freedom of Information Act requests & findings – as well as links to other lefty sites and sources of related government overreach, privatization topics:



Thanks, belle, er, Alvin, is that you?


Recap of The People’s Revolution phone call from yesterday (from my email).

[If this looks interesting, please join us! I don’t always make the calls, but it’s another one of the growing “arms” created from the Bernie revolution, and I like to hop in and out of them and hopefully someday they will all be holding each other in a big circle! FB might be a better place to get involved. When i clicked the link at the bottom, I got an older page. I let them know.]

Together We Can
Yesterday’s call was focused on you.

Check out the text pad from the call generated from our call participants and the call recording for those who couldn’t make it.

We got to hear from folks around the country about what they were doing in their local communities to support our political revolution.

We heard from folks like Sandy who is taking an omnipartisan approach to supporting progressive candidates in down ballot races.

Regina is taking the People’s Platform process to the local level by building power with grassroots issue-based organizations as well as trying to take over her local Democrat party.

Bruce thought it was important to support Jill Stein and the Green party and also let us know about work to bring Fight for 15 together with the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign and Moral Mondays.

Juntos Podemos
Creating a political alternative is not impossible. It is being done in Spain right now where activist candidates have been elected to two of the largest cities in the country. There is a national party that rose out of the Spanish Occupy movement (Podemos) and is on the verge of completely changing Spanish politics with their people-centered agenda.

We thought it would be good have Pablo Benson – Co-Director of Programs at NYC Network Of Worker Cooperatives – on the call to talk about the electoral insurgency that has been happening in Spain since 2014. It is important for us to know that it is possible to bring radical change to our system if we work together in smart and strategic ways.

Check out these links to learn more about Podemos and the radical democracy happening in Spain.
Podemos 101
Understanding Transversality: Spain’s Podemos
Ada Colau – Barcelona’s radical mayor

Let us know on our next call in a couple weeks how you think we can take the lessons of Spain and make them work here in the US.

People’s Platform Re-Opened
We’ve begun the process of producing our next People’s Platform and we need your input. Please let us know what the issues are that are most important to you and your communities by filling out this preliminary poll. There will be more opportunities to participate in the platform creation process once we have our issues set.

Democracy shouldn’t need independent funding. But with our country in a crisis, it is up to the people to work together to help each other get the good work done. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of whatever you can afford.

Thank you for taking leadership in your communities and taking the steps towards saving our country in crisis.

In Solidarity,
The People’s Revolution team


Kudos PB4 well done ,just been real busy between work and personal as well ,Glad to see some familiar name posting again and of course my thanks as all the great commentsi as ive been able to do is skim over the TPW, I have a break from everything tomorrow and hope to check in in the am for a change to see whats up.

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