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Raggedy Ann

I love Bernie. If he wants to vote for hrc, IF she is the nominee, it’s okay with me. I certainly won’t vote for her, but he’s free to use his vote however he chooses!


I agree, RA, Bernie is a good and honorable man who will vote his own conscience, as will we. Love that he is still so feisty and fighting to be heard!

Jo Crain

I agree. I watched Cenk interview Van Jones and it was quite fascinating. I could see both of them and their principles very clearly. Van Jones feels like Bernie about Trump. He feels that movements need to gear up and get into the streets to push Hillary. He said that Obama DID react to the pressure in his later years (the first years he had none.) But when they DID gear up it was after the repubs had had their own “street actions” (tea party) and the REPUBS have responded to that astro turf base.

I like Bernie’s idea of pushing people into the political world and making a difference in the future.

Regardless it looks like the street will be the place to be for the next decade at least and maybe by then we will all understand that politics is about forever not just elections.


Here’s the BNR over at DK: http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/6/24/1542002/-BNR-Bernie-Talks-With-Colbert-amp-Sanders-Denounces-Trump-s-Bigotry

I saved the I’ll vote for Hillary breaking news for a comment.


Thank you, nomandates. Heading over now for a bit.


Read it already this AM…

Brace yourself.

Raggedy Ann

Tipped, rec’d, commented, and skedaddled!


And can you believe that fact that there are many on the “Special K” site still spewing hate rhetoric against the guy?

Those folks have some serious anger issues in their personal lives… May they get some professional help (and a clue) in their lifetime.

One can only hope.


Yes, they sure do (have serious anger issues).. I imagine them as the type screaming “get off my lawn”, fist shaking, spittle in the corner of their mouths.

joe from Lowell

Their screaming is a function of his effectiveness.


Best to ignore the haters at DK–they really aren’t that relevant to anything. Well maybe to raise our blood pressure.


I should have taken my DK blood pressure advice!

After Bernie said on CBS this morning that he hadn’t endorsed Clinton because she hadn’t yet said the things that need to be said:

Greg Dworkin @DemFromCT

Bernie can fuck himself. twitter.com/…


Still love the Bern. He might have promised to support the nominee when he joined the Dems to run.

I hope he continues to speak to and mobilize us for a long time. 💜


It is unnerving watching the way his statement about voting for her is being contorted into something that has cosmic significance…the sheer desperation in the media and within the ranks of her disillusioned supporters is palpable…

As it stands now the choice is between Hillary or the crazy guy…what exactly was Bernie supposed to say exactly? Any of us who still only have that choice in November may be forced to vote for her even though we detest her policies. Is that an endorsement?

Star Strider

The choice is also Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Party. I’m with her!

I will absolutely not vote for either Clinton or Trump.

belle de jour

Agree. Wholeheartedly.

And I will be honest: I most fervently wish Bernie had not said he will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

He did not really have to say it; and it took more wind out of my sails from previously supporting everything about a candidate in a way no Hillarybot has ever been able to do.

I’m neither naive, nor a purist. But I will never compromise my principles or conscience by voting for someone like Hillary Clinton, and I admit that I am very disappointed Bernie felt any need to say – especially right now – that he is going to vote for her.


Thanks for the clip, LD. I stayed up late watching Brexit news (and checking my retirement plans), so I forgot to watch Morning Joe.

I would imagine TOP heads exploding because Bernie hasn’t followed standard procedures. It’s clear to us he’s not running for POTUS actively as much as he’s not employing much staff, not taking reporters everywhere with him, et, but instead trying to get colleagues in Congress and other places to stand up, take a risk, and get real stuff done.


They said, “much more from Bernie Sanders,” but then Trump came up.

joe from Lowell

Please don’t let this be a metaphor!



joe from Lowell

I’m also voting for Hillary Clinton.

When there are fascists about, it’s the job of everyone on the left to join together into a Popular Front to defeat them. As a good socialist, Bernie understands this.
Just ask the communists and anarchists in Spain, or the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, members of which did not, in fact, spend the years before the Spanish Civil War lauding the Spanish monarchy.

joe from Lowell

Something else to remember: the chances of the Democrats taking the Senate is deeply tied to Hillary Clinton’s performance at the top of the ticket in November.

And if the Democrats take the Senate, one Bernie Sanders (I-VT) becomes the Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee. The level of influence he would have over federal policy from that seat would be vastly greater than anything he has been able to do so far.

Bernie Sanders is a real pro as a legislator, and it’s what he’s dedicated his adult life to doing. Does Bernie Sanders want to be the Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee? Oh hell yeah he does!


Agree totally Joe I’m a vote for Hillary, but I will be spending my time and $ to support Bernie progressives.
By the way, I originally was Brian from Fall River–another illustrious Mass. mill town.

joe from Lowell

Faw Reeve, eh?

I grew up in SE Mass myself, but the other, northern end of Bristol County. Interesting place – culturally, linguistically, and geographically closer to Rhode Island than to Boston. Ever see this American English Dialect Map? You can see how Bristol County is in with Providence/the North instead of Boston/Northern New England.


Most of my growing up was in Somerset, across the river from Fall River. Yes we spoke Providencese rather then Bostonish. No final Rs but also none of those broad As. Our “Parking Cars in Harvard Yard” sounds quite different

joe from Lowell

The reason for that is pretty clear, if you think about it: Bristol County faces the Narragansett Bay. The first settlement was on the Taunton River, which drains into the Bay. Transport was much more by ship than overland in that era, so communities that shard a water body were much more connected. And since the area was part of Plymouth Colony rather than Mass Bay Colony, there wasn’t a strong political connection to Boston.


Sorry to say I’m not getting why Trump is necessarily a “Greater Evil” than Hillary Clinton, or why embracing yet again the demonstrably failed voting strategy of lesser-evilism is something I should support. Peter Gaffney’s outstanding essay, posted this morning on Salon, provides a compelling argument as to why progressive voters should resist Bernie’s call to rally round the Demo flag.


belle de jour

Thank you for the sentiments and for the link.

I would never vote for a sad, corrupt to the bone, barely non-Trumpian Demo compromise like Hillary Clinton – especially not when that vote would only help perpetuate the fiction of difference, vs. protest voting the reality of real revolution.


Yup, unless there are wild changes in the landscape, this New Yorker will for the first time in her 30 years of voting cast a ballot for the Green Party for President.


I love that he does not let them frame the question or answer to fit their own pro corporate, pro-HRC narrative. GO BERNIE!

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