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“a police crackdown on teachers” The very words sound unreal. Unraveling, indeed.

Why am I always disappointed to see that the USA armed the police in Mexico, in so many countries. It is truly how this country makes money nowadays, isn’t it? We arm, we surveil, we provide mercenaries, we eat up your land.

But hey, because jobs.


I wanted to know what kind of “reforms” were being imposed by the government. Here’s what I found:

In early September Mexico’s Senate passed a series of sweeping reforms of the country’s education system, introducing standardized testing for the hiring and promotion of teachers and undermining the power of the teachers’ unions. […] The striking teachers claim that the reforms discriminate against teachers from poorer, more indigenous regions, and are designed to start the gradual privatization of the Mexican education system.

Without doubt, the teachers and their supporters have a point. The proposed reforms are ill thought out, disconcertingly vague, and have clearly been rushed through without proper consultation with either experts or broader society. The regulations fail to differentiate between professionalization and teaching evaluation. There is no national system for imposing a minimum level of teaching standards throughout the country. And as local governments remain in charge of interpreting and implementing the new rules, the control of teachers’ placements might simply pass to other, equally undemocratic powers. The reform of Article 67 of the General Education Law, which encourages parents’ organizations to help pay for local schools, clearly opens the door to the kind of cheap privatization schemes that have served to ruin the U.S. education system.


dang, I did it again. All I wanted to do was post a link, but then part of the article posted. Please bear with me, folks.


nah, that was a good summary


I edited the extra stuff out in time…

Devon Bond

Education remains a threat to oligarchs control of us, not only here, but as this story shows, everywhere.
An Ignorant populace is much better for our overlords, and if any doubt that, just look at the average repub voter.


Ay virgen. This is the kind of stuff that really points to a world wide pushback against the neoliberal globalizing regime. Basta!


Two somewhat related articles about Hillary’s impact on the region. Both are quite informative.

Hillary Clinton’s Dark Drug War Legacy in Mexico

A Voter’s Guide to Hillary Clinton’s Policies in Latin America


This just frightens me more…


Did folks see this
Obviously not the same, yet it certainly shows that teachers are at the frontlines of this revolution.

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