HomeIssuesBlack Lives MatterNina Turner, from Family of Police Officers, Responds to Baton Rouge Attack
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Flourishing Of Years

It’s good to have people like Nina who can see both sides of the issue.


I’m an enthusiastic fan!


I had a relative in the police force in the small town I live in. He’s been retired for quite some time now but back when he was on the force he fully admitted to what he called “The code”, where what happened inside the force stays inside the force if you did talk you would be strongly encouraged to retire if you were close enough or simply transfer out. Between that and the police union generally nothing happened except for maybe an low level disaplinary action from within. Drunk drivings or speeding tickets were never enforced if it was an off duty cop doing it. Granted this is nothing compared to what is going on today but “the code” is alive and well today with far deadlier consenquences. Wish I could remember where I saw it but any law enforcement person going to trial is found not guilty 97% of the time. The bad cops have to be brought to justice and found guilty for this problem to simmer down, I have a few friends on the force today and fully respect the job that they do and in todays world its harder than ever, Anything can happen on a routine stop nowadays even if an officer does everything by the book.

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