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MO Blue

Interesting that her son is an African American police officer.

As always, she sends a powerful message.

joe from Lowell

It’s heartening to think of someone going into police work motivated by the same spirit of community responsibility that animates Nina Turner.


Nina Turner is wonderful. I look forward to seeing everything she turns her attention toward. Someone on another post commented that she would make a wonderful governor of Ohio. Amen to that!


Make it so!

Raggedy Ann

I think we’re going to be seeing lots more of Nina Turner in the coming years. She is absolutely awesome and deserves our support. Go Nina!


Love this lady! Good to see her spreading the liberal agenda. I think joining Bernie’s campaign gave her more skills to augment her already great speaking ability and social justice philosophy.


She is such a powerful speaker. I can see her running for all sorts of higher offices. Her authenticity shines and people respond to that kind of truth.


I’am thinking Gov or Senator of Ohio for starters


Yes and yes. Would love to have her in Congress. She would definitely have our backs. But she would make a great governor as well. Both could be a stepping stone for even bigger things, if you know what I mean. I certainly would vote for her.


She is in that millennial ago group that I have high hopes for as well, I think she’s in her late fourtys and the sky is the limit for her


Just like Bernie, Nina is the real deal. Methinks she has a bright future ahead of her. She’d be great paired with Stein though I realize that’s pie in the sky.

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