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Wonderful to see Sanders’ influence on the process. Who says he hasn’t won? Would they be doing this if he didn’t make it okay to challenge power? I think not.


Protestors outside are chanting at legislators as they leave, “DO YOUR JOB!”


Yes, and where is Hillary, who made such a deal out of backing gun control, and accusing Bernie of being under the NRA’s thumb. Did she even bother to send a tweet?


oh @phatkhat Her Royal Con needs to arrange some lobbyist and/or donor gatherings to make such a venture worthwhile!


IIRC, the NRA gave her money, too. At least one of their lobbyists did. I remember there was a fundraiser, but not all the details.


Good question!



Bernie Sanders gets a standing ovation as he joins House Democrats in Sit-In #NoBillNoBreak #DisarmHatehttps://t.co/rk36R7jgRO

— Eduardo Samaniego (@EduarSamani) June 22, 2016

Wish I could embed the video. He got a standing O!


Thanks! I added it to the post!


that’s the second time, right? So proud of him!


Wow — if he can even inspire members of Congress, we know the Revolution is underway!


Makes my heart happy. Gives folks something to rally around.
Is it enough? No.
But it’s a start.

One Bite

After all these years, Dems are doing something noteworthy like this. Why, it sounds almost revolutionary. Wonder where they got that idea?
Forever grateful to Senator Sanders picking up the torch of the people’s movement and lighting a fire under the ass of the party.
Let’s hope to see much more of this.


Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner here folks! That was my first thought as well.


I tried calling my Rep but of course her voicemail is full. She is a hardcore Republican. 🙁 MSBNC said Congress has received a million calls today!

Betty Pinson

And that’s how you get things done in DC. Flood their offices with phone calls and faxes. Bring everything to a halt until they do the right thing.

Star Strider

I will always maintain that we absolutely must replace a constitutional right to ‘keep and bear arms’, with anyone wanting one having to justify a need for one. For rural residents wanting a long gun for hunting and protection, this would be easy. For hunters not living in rural areas, slightly more difficult. For handguns, next to impossible, and for assault firearms, absolutely impossible.

The Second Amendment is obsolete, and has been for more than a century. (The Census Department declared the frontier closed in 1880.) Repealing it is the only way out of this quagmire.


Rural people are quite heavily armed, as a rule. Yet, we have little intentional gun violence. Unintentional, like hunting “accidents”, are usually caused by carelessness. I think it is because people know their neighbors, people generally look out for each other, and we all have s-p-a-c-e, which is lacking in cities.

I have no problem with handguns – they have their place. But I have a problem with the ease with which people get CC permits. Too many yahoos packing heat carelessly.

Rather than saying “assault weapons”, just say military weapons. Too many differing opinions on what constitutes an “assault” weapon. Is my semi-automatic .22 an assault weapon? Some folks say ANY semi-automatic firearm is. Definitions are tricky things.


One of my senators, John Boozman (up for re-election), wrote me back that the bill was going to infringe on the rights of law-abiding Americans who got wrongfully put on watch lists. Therefore, we can’t tighten up the gun laws!

I’d say it might be easier and better to tighten up the procedures that put people on watch lists, and make sure innocent people don’t get on them. And the gun databases need to be available nationally, and THOSE need fixed, too.

And take military weapons out of the hands of civilians. And cops.


And cops



To drive and own a car, you have to pass a test, get a license, be registered, and have insurance. And, of course, drive responsibly, which includes not driving under the influence.
Seems to me minimal considerations for owning a gun.
Except, of course, military weapons, which have absolutely no place anywhere except in the military.


You’re right. And MOST gun owners are in favor of stiffer requirements. Like I am. But there are the fringe ones, of course, who carry guns to be macho. (Women, too.) Then there are, as we watch, the bought and paid for congresscritters.


Are you buying this? Elections are right around the corner. Where were they when they had a chance to support a wave candidate and change a whole bunch of stuff? Supporting Wall Street’s establishment candidate. The whole thing is a propaganda stunt right out of Trump’s play book. They even put John Lewis in the starring role to remind all those young black folks and white liberals to fall in line. Where was Lewis when he could have taken a stand against the drug war? Lying his ass off about Bernie.

I think this is just a part of the play. Meanwhile Hillary is still not testifying. The TPP is coming back to life, and the headlines are about a bunch of phony Democrats suffering from influenza.




heh. ,)


lol – you know. I knew there was something wrong with it when I typed it and before I posted it. Apparently my brain was awol, and I just couldn’t figure out what. Thanks.


Yep. To me this is political back-patting, a photo op ruse to get the attention of their constituents, business as usual. That standing ovation was wonderful for Bernie, but I’ll bet he was wondering where these the very people standing for him now were, while so aggressively against him during his candidacy for President. Standing in ovation for Bernie now for the cameras, well, that bothers the hell out of me.
You are right,


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