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Glad Obama is doing this.


Russ Feingold endorses Hillary Clinton

That ends my thinking Feingold was a good guy of some sort.

Obama never had my favor in the first place after the June ’07 article that said he did not favor impeaching Dumbya & Dickie, nor did he sound all that enthusiastic about even investigating their lies that got us into the illegal and unconstitutional wars (the other “frontrunner” candidates had already made the same statements by then). When I voted against McFartbrain & the Tundra Tramp and rMoney, Obama only got my vote by default. I realize now I should have left the prez section of the ballot blank.


I donated to Feingold’s campaign and now I’m sorry I did.


Notice how Bernie and O are doing everything for down ballot candidates and we hear very little from HRC?! Methinks something is foul in DC.

One Bite

I live in WI and have my entire life.
I wouldn’t assume Russ is a shoe in here as I think there’s is still a crazy imbalance in the force in WI.
I would like to see him return to his seat in the senate but I am honest about one thing….everything is relative. What was progressive for me 10 years ago isn’t cutting the mustard today. I think Russ would be a strong leader but buyer beware…he’s cut from the cloth of the 90’s and early part of this century. He ain’t no Bernie and didn’t endorse him as I wished he had.

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