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Good post, However I do not think that it is wise to turn the other cheek when the establishment is not about to relinquish their control of the party no matter what the voters say. Both Biden and Clinton have newly formed super-pacs that are not about to favor the 99%.


Nope they wont it usually done by force.


The fact that PACs also have an outsized influence on primaries means that they can control the process right from the outset using all of their money.

We’re in a huge battle for the soul and direction of the party right now.


Here is a prime example. (right on cue)


Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper says Ralph Northam’s victory in Virginia’s gubernatorial race is a win for pragmatism — and a model for Democrats moving forward.

Hickenlooper, a former Denver mayor who has seen his political stock rise as Colorado has shifted into a purple state, believes Democrats can build a winning streak by focusing on multiple issues that will help middle class families.

In an interview with The Hill, he talked of his preference for more incremental policy changes on education and health care that can improve people’s lives over more sweeping promises to deliver Medicare for all or free tuition. Within a four-minute span, Hickenlooper mentioned a permutation of the word “pragmatic” a half dozen times.

“I look at what we’re going to see in Colorado as a result of the victory of Ralph Northam,” Hickenlooper said, “that it opens up the whole Democratic party to different ideas and more pragmatic ideas, I think, rather than just trying to have one issue that you’re going — or maybe two or three issues — that you’re going to raise up and hold as holy standards.


This was not a pro-Northam/Clinton win. It was anti-Trump and to a certain extent, anti-Clinton. But it will not be the same ball game necessarily in 2018. The tax bill, if it goes through, will be a referendum on the GOP congress (as well as some centrist Dems — good luck with trying to rebrand that group as “pragmatist”).

As the diary I posted on Brazile last week indicated, we have to be vigilant in keeping our progressive narrative, and ensuring the Clintons don’t interfere with it.


The winning candidates profiled in this article should be the model for going forward not “pragmatic” Northam


Last Tuesday, voters seemed to reject much of the anger and polarisation that Donald Trump has brought in to US politics. Instead, voters elected a diverse range of candidates from progressive backgrounds. The elections, a year after Trump’s victory, saw Montana elect its first black mayor, New Jersey elected its first Sikh mayor and Charlotte elected its first black female mayor.

Here are some of the faces of America’s new political coalition.


“right on cue”


I’d like to know which corrupt corporate interests vetted the candidates that the Clinton machine accepted to be worthy of sharing campaign funds.

Unfortunately – and I voted for him twice – Barack Obama was too willing (as he himself put it during the White House Press Corp Dinner last year) to “trudge up the hill with HIL”.
At the same dinner, he then disparaged Bernie calling him a socialist or communist (can’t remember which). As gifted a politician as he was, Obama was unable to see the distrust that Clinton bred in voters as they saw through what she herself shared in one of her secret Wall Street speeches as being “out of touch”.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have proven that they are captives of the powerful corporate interests that have brought us endless regime change wars and irresponsible, destabilizing bank deregulation, unleashing highly leveraged risk taking covered by tax payer funds.

They are owned lock stock and barrel. Biden (‘the idiot” – e.g. his solution to the crisis in Iraq was to divide it into 3 parts, Shia, Sunni and Kurd. Wes Clark thoughtfully asked – along exactly which streets do you plan to draw the lines?) as much as he professes to understand the majority of people in this country he’s on board, apparently with the neoliberal policies. Or he’s just an ambitious guy with poor critical thinking on key issues, IMO.

So, yes, I agree with Subir if he’s saying that Our Revolution is on the right track to find candidates – whether they be Dems or Repubs or Indy’s whose values are rooted in trying to make the lives of average working people better and understanding that neoliberal policies make things worse and dealing with climate change, ending the regime change wars that are making this country less safe while destroying lives at home and abroad and making a few, very very rich.

I too am not sure why Donna Brazile has written her book aside, from the usual motivations. She did say that the book was a secondary outcome and followed her promise to Bernie to investigate the truth of what was going on at the DNC during the primary. Maybe she could not longer face herself and also saw more promise in jumping ship given how very discredited Hillary has finally become at her own hands.

This is bigger, IMO, than just the Democratic Party and its political hacks who serve the most powerful families and multinational corporations. It is also about our major institutions, such as our Ivy League Schools who for the most part seem like enablers of the whole mess.

Just recently, the Kennedy School at Harvard uninvited Chelsea Manning to be an honorary Fellow because it was pressured by CIA Director Pompeo and a retired intelligence hack, Michael Morrell.

Harvard Called “Disgraceful” Following CIA Pressure on Manning Fellowship

Ms Manning suffered 7 years for telling us the truth about torture and wrongdoing.
Harvard, however thought it WAS fit to give Cory Lewandowski and other such leading lights the honorary fellowship.

There is something seriously wrong when the corrupt DNC and RNC and many established institutions in this country jump on board policies that cannot be sustained and that serve a very small group of people. So many “respected” institutions aren’t able to see the forest from the trees and seem to ignore the wrongdoing……..


well said, eve. I hear you on the “respected.” So many say, well, I didn’t vote for him, but he’s a decent man.” I wonder what number of children you have to allow to be killed, how many you let die b/c they don’t have insurance, how many arms you must sell to others who also drop bombs, before you don’t get have a right to be called “decent.”


thanks, polarbear4 – yes, I suppose the gig has been to frighten us over “terrorism” and persuade us that things are too complicated for us to understand so we should just accept the horror of what’s being done in our name.

Meanwhile those we’ve entrusted to do what’s right seem to just make a mess on both domestic and foreign policy.
Although they’re pretty good at tax avoidance and theft of natural resources from weak countries.

It seems that some of our most thoughtful, courageous, honest thinkers are at state universities, while many of our leading lights at the Ivy Leagues seem to be in cahoots with policies that are good for big multinationals and uber wealthy people while ignoring that these policies are unsustainable.
One easy example is Larry Summers at Harvard, who along with Robert Rubin and Bill Clinton dismantled the protections of Glass Steagall. Although the work was started under Reagan who allowed the looting of the Savings and Loans, bailed out by taxpayers.

And here’s the latest, astonishing,looting initiative by Trump’s controller of the currency:

Trump is the Looter in Chief


Im not sure she would of won anyway, there were questions right out of the gate in iowa which was a squeaker to begin with and could have gone Bernies way, with even a small win in Iowa and a blow out in NH the cards might of of begun falling the other way. Add to this the super dels being counted race by race (A thing ive never seen before) and I dont think Hillary could of won without cheating.

But if she had she would have also won the GE as well since there would be little hard feelings, but we all know the estab dems rather lose to a estab repub than have a prog dem win.


yeah, her Victory Fund bought the bankrupt DNC, as I understand it, in return for controlling which candidates got campaign funds, thereby controlling the allegiance of the delegates.
Her 400 locked in delegates was the ultimate corruption of the Democratic Primary. LBJ would have been very proud of the patronage system that controlled the process and was supposed to walk away with the election.

(These people play a helluva power game and the interests of the voters are far down the line of importance.)

If there’s a shift “to the left” in this country it’s because everybody now knows that domestic and foreign policies of both parties have failed the vast majority of Americans. It’s no secret. We’ve been had. And I hate that it’s called “leftist” policies because unfortunately that’s tinged with Cold War fear mongering. It’s really a level playing field that people want. Transparency. Ending policies that give powerful banks and organizations the opportunity to trick and steal and skim profits through black box derivatives that don;t contribute to economic well being of those who work hard every day and get shafted by those who have an inside seat at the decision making tables of power.

Bernie has given us a platform from which to say – what’s going on is unsustainable and if average people are given a chance we can all contribute to the economy without some powerful people ripping us off. This has resonated with people on the left, center and right.

A rural Illinois lifelong Republican surprised his son (who I know) during the primary saying that he voted for Bernie – not because he agrees with all his policy positions but because he is honest and he trusts him to tell the truth.
And a conservative Republican couple from Massachusetts who I met at an airport agreed that they were sick at heart over the endless regime change wars and further that they could have voted for Bernie. They were desperate for anyone but Hillary and at a primary campaign event one of them asked Trump “can you beat Hillary?”




The injury was more than just painful and demoralizing: After Virginia rejected Carter’s application for workers’ compensation benefits, and his employer cut down his hours after he recovered, the situation inspired Carter to get involved in politics.

“Coming from that position of working a blue-collar job and being wronged by an employer, it was a very natural transition to say that an economic strategy that puts working people first, ahead of corporate interests, is the way to go to make life better for people,” Carter said.

He became a dues-paying member of the Democratic Socialists of America and ran for a seat in Virginia’s state House of Delegates ― and on Tuesday, with help from fellow DSA members but virtually none from the state’s Democratic Party, Carter won his race by nearly 9 percentage points.


woooo hooooo! I don’t seem to fit in this mold at this time, but i will celebrate, root for, support and work for these kinds of candidates when I can. KUDOS CARTER!


Wow, 9 percentage points? That’s a statement right there. 🙂 T and R, Subir!!



Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has some advice for the Democratic Party as it begins to face the 2018 midterm elections: “open up its doors” to party outsiders.

“The truth is that neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party today are held in very high esteem by the American people. That’s just a fact,” Sanders said on CBS News’ “Face the Nation.”

“There are more people now who are Independents than Democrats or Republicans,” he said. “So to say to Independents, say to young people who are overwhelmingly Independent, say to working people, ‘We don’t want you to come into the Democratic Party,’ is totally absurd. And it’s a recipe for failure.”


At this point, I’m starting to be glad that aren’t, cuz they’d be lying.


Idiots like this is what we are up against!


Best to completely ignore this one. Bad for blood pressure.


Nothing that he has to say impacts me in the least. I was just using him as an example of the diehard Hilbots that we are up against. Anyway thanks for the concern.


Well hes obviously being paid. old Armando wasnt so establishment but I think he made the deal with the devil so to speak.

Calling us the frauds is the great irony….

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