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thanks, humphrey! :O)


The Worst View In the World: Banksy Builds The Walled-Off Hotel Smack Dab At the Apartheid Wall, Because Banksy

The project, which was kept under wraps during 14 months of construction, was revealed to a few journalists Friday; it will open for business next week, with rates starting at $30 a night for dorm-style, bunk-bed rooms re-purposed from Israeli Army barracks. Its opening was designed to coincide with the centenary of the 1917 Balfour Declaration that helped lead to the creation of Israel – when, Banksy notes, a hapless Britain “started re-arranging the furniture – with chaotic results.”

The largest new Banksy work in years, the hotel is packed with his droll, dazzling art. Designed to resemble a colonial-era English gentleman’s club – complete with traditional afternoon tea – it features a small museum documenting the history of the Apartheid Wall, a gallery showcasing Palestinian art, and new Banksy creations everywhere: pillow-fighting Israelis and Palestinians, gas-mask-wearing cherubs, tear-gas-choked busts, Presidential suite hot tubs fed by fountains that replicate shot-up Palestinian water tanks, floral paintings encased in wire, a sniper-targeted Jesus overseen by a flight of drones, and a live-action Balfour signing away the rights of a people in unthinking circles, again and again.


First I’d heard of it! Thank you for sharing!


T and R, @humphrey for assisting LD!! 🙂

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