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Thanks Humphrey, been taking care of a bit of business so my open threads are lacking. Should return to normal quite shortly.

On a separate note JD and I are officially getting married on Friday after being engaged for ever 😀




Congratulations to you Both!!!!

But, be honest, you’re just trying to upstage Harry and Meghan, right? 😉

(I must confess that I thought you already were married.)

May you have many happy decades together!!

p.s. married over twenty years over here, time goes so fast, may you always be sweet to each other. XOXO

Happy wedding.jpg

Gotta admit I thought the same as Mags but congrats none the less. Hey Mrs 59 has kept me around for 30 later this month.


Congratulations in advance wi59!!

I’m reading that the 30th is the pearl anniversary. I used to have the cutest little pair of pearl earrings. They were small enough to be able to wear every day.

But, pretty pearls aside, I do like the symbolism of a pearl anniversary.

May you have many more anniversaries wi59!!


Thx all, going out for a nice dinner to celebrate


Many thanks for the kind words above and below!


Here’s a hopeful wish for a great future for you both (and the rest of us). LOL 🙂


Congrats! May your day be full of peonies, poses, and yellow roses!


Not sure if anyone ever posted about this:

‘They don’t belong’: police called on Native American teens on college tour

A mother on a Colorado college tour called the police on two Native American students in the group because they looked like “they don’t belong”, in the latest episode to ignite outrage over racial profiling and needless calls to law enforcement in the US.

Two teenage brothers had traveled from New Mexico for the tour at Colorado State University (CSU) on Monday when a parent called the authorities on them, saying they were quiet and “creepy” and “really stand out”. The call prompted university police to question them, causing the young men to miss the rest of the tour, campus officials said.

“They were shocked. They were trying to figure out what they did wrong,” said Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray, whose sons Kanewakeron Thomas Gray, 19, and Skanahwati Lloyd Gray, 17, were on the tour. Video released by police showed the officers pulling them aside and asking them what was in their pockets while commanding them to keep their “hands out”.

“It could have ended so much more tragically. When he reached into his pocket, what if the cop thinks he has a gun and shoots him?” the mother told the Guardian by phone.

The incident, which prompted an apology from the university, comes amid a steady stream of similar accounts across the US, including police responding to calls targeting African American patrons in Starbucks, a golf course, a gym and a Waffle House. A black former White House staffer said he was moving into an apartment building in New York last week when a resident called police on him, reporting an “active burglary”.


This incident really pissed me off. I couldn’t believe the part where the neurotic and possibly racist, but definitely at least judgmental, mother said that the adorable young men made her feel “sick”. (WTH!)

described the brothers as “creepy” and told a dispatcher that her encounter with the brothers made her feel sick

And when did being quiet become a bad thing? In the police cam footage one brother said that his brother is “shy”.

Their mom said that it may have at least been partly because of the heavy metal t-shirts they were wearing.

Their mother has received lots of comments about how composed her sons appear in the video.

The young men handled it very well. Very calmly. The police body cam footage reveals no drama whatsoever.

“As a Native mother I’ve been training my boys … about those things. It’s sad in this day and age that you have to teach your young sons to be afraid of law enforcement,” said Gray.

“I never believed it would come to the time when they would be tested on it, and they passed with flying colours, and the world has seen it.… I am very proud.”

At one point during the 911 call the operator asks the concerned mother if the boys are white males.

She responds, “I think they’re Hispanic? One of them for sure. He said he’s from Mexico.”

“There’s the proof that she definitely was racially profiling them. She knew they were not white and that made her nervous,” said Gray. “But she judged them on so many other levels besides race. By the way they were dressed, they were wearing [heavy metal] band shirts, so she was basically judging them on the music they enjoy.”

Colorado State University Tour Incident Is Nothing New for Native Students


Cripes, death metal is still around? LOL


Oh yes.

Some of my friends are hardcore. It’s not usually my thing, I like some of it, but the genre is still going strong.

The girl who posted that tweet, Kim Kelly, is all in. Her profile reminds me of one of my female friends:

Black metal, black tea, black flags / @NoiseyMusic metal editor / Words on books & politics elsewhere / @WGAEast Council / @viceunion organizer /@macc_nyc

NYC, mostly

Joined August 2008

And this is her pinned tweet:

At least we still have heavy metal.

She’s a gem. She retweeted this today:



She’s very pro-labor.


From Zephyr Teachout:

I am seriously considering running for Attorney General. It is a major decision & will take real thought. For today, I’m grateful for the women who dared speak up against one of the most powerful men in the US & for Barbara Underwood, the brilliant woman who will be acting NY AG.


Rice and Maloney (my rep) are New Dems, so no to them, especially Maloney, though it would get rid of him from the House.

The list of possible contenders to succeed Mr. Schneiderman is long and growing. Almost immediately after the allegations were first published, political observers began floating names.

They included Kathleen Rice, a United States representative from Long Island who unsuccessfully challenged Mr. Schneiderman in the 2010 Democratic primary; Preet Bharara, the former United States attorney from Manhattan; Alphonso David, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s chief counsel; Michael Gianaris, a state senator from Queens and chief political strategist for the Democratic conference; Zephyr Teachout, a Fordham Law School professor who ran for governor in 2014; Letitia James, the New York City public advocate; Carrie H. Cohen, a former federal prosecutor who handled the trial of the former Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver; Representative Sean Patrick Maloney; and Benjamin Lawsky, formerly the state’s top financial regulator.

None except Ms. Teachout has publicly expressed interest, and it is unclear whether they would also seek to run in the general election in November. Ms. Teachout said on Tuesday that she was “seriously considering running.”

Ms. James declined to comment when reached by phone. A spokesman for Mr. Maloney also declined to comment. But a source familiar with his thinking said Mr. Maloney was “very seriously exploring” a run in November.


Personally, I’d be totally down with Zephyr in that role. Would certainly get her wider exposure, and hopefully can be a stepping stone?


I like Teachout but still have questions about this Schneiderman deal? Did he actually rape these women? The timing and target are suspect cos he has been after the NY FRightwing like the Orange Swampy Thing for quite some time.



The rates of health insurance premium costs on the Obamacare exchanges are starting to trickle in from a few states, and early signs don’t bode well for “affordable” insurance. Democrats want to ensure Trump gets the blame.

Insurers in Virginia and Maryland recently announced they are seeking steep rate hikes on some of their Obamacare exchange plans. One company called Carefirst, which covers 15,000 people in Maryland, is proposing to raise rates by 91 percent, with premiums as high as $1,334 a month for a 40-year-old.

Senate Democrats have seized on this, and on Tuesday, they made it clear they are going to hammer the point home from now until the fall.

This is all happening right before November 2018, which should have Republicans very afraid. Democrats believe they can win based on health care; there is a very clear picture of Republicans try to repeal the Affordable Care Act in 2017, plus the Trump administration’s actions to destabilize the exchanges.

Now that they are out of power, Democrats are hammering home points about all of the unpopular Republican policies and unveiling their own economic agenda before 2018. As Vox’s Matt Yglesias noted, it’s been hard for them to get airtime, as the country is consumed with endless Trump scandals.

Health care has already shown itself to be a powerful motivator in turning out Democrats in key special elections in Pennsylvania and Arizona. (Democrats won the former, and closed margins in a Republican state in the latter.)


Well, I certainly hope the Dem party uses the situation to push for some kind of universal healthcare.

1. It’s time

2. It’s way past time

3. Kaiser Health’s last poll has the favorable on ACA dropping and down to 50% as of last March, while the unfavorable is rising a bit.

4. Health care tops voters concerns right now.

A majority of Americans say issues surrounding health care is a top concern for them, according to a new Gallup poll.

Fifty-five percent of those polled said they worry “a great deal” about the cost and availability of health care in the U.S., while 23 percent said they worry about the issue “a fair amount.”

Twenty-three percent of Americans polled said they worry about the cost and availability of health care “only a little” or “not at all.”

I wonder how many of those lucky (as in not being stressed about health care) 23% are young and healthy.

Kaiser poll march 2018.jpg

I’m not sure how long it will take me to forgive Warren for this one. Grrrr.

The victory by Mr. Cordray, who was endorsed by Senator Elizabeth Warren

Did she REALLY have to endorse Cordray?

I knew it would be a long shot for Kucinich, but am still disappointed about how this one played out. I really like Tara Samples.


Liz Warren is an Ex-Repuke. She’s not “lily white and pure.” Cordray is a DLCraper, correct?


re: Cordray, yes, that is my understanding.

So weird to see Dems get behind Cordray considering his ‘A’ NRA rating.

I mean, c’mon! Warren went with THIS guy?

“He’s unassuming,” Ms. Warren said in an interview, recalling Mr. Cordray’s habit of wandering his office without shoes when pressed for a humanizing detail. “But he’s a fighter.”

That’s the best you could come up with Liz?? That Cordray is unassuming because he walks around the office without his shoes on? (facepalm)

I guess we’ll see who Cordray is going to say he’s a “fighter” for.

In interviews on Bloomberg Radio on Monday, Richard Cordray, the former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, said he’s campaigning on pragmatic solutions such as boosting Obamacare, while former congressman Dennis Kucinich said he’s focused on issues such as providing universal health care and banning assault weapons.

I think Dennis is right, Cordray is as uninspiring as it gets.

“I’m concerned about motivating people to go to the polling places, because when our vote comes out, we win,” Kucinich said.


Cordray definitely is not that inspiring but given his performance tonight Kucinich does not appear great at motivating people to get to the polls.


I found this twitter thread interesting:


And yes, I do realize that Warren worked with Cordray on the CFPB, but I still don’t like her working so hard for him.

Cordray threw his name in the ring early on and has enjoyed steadfast support from Massachusetts’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who helped form the CFPB and hand-picked Cordray for the job. Warren campaigned for Cordray in Ohio this spring and talked about him as a valued colleague.

“In Ohio, Rich isn’t going to be on the ballot alone,” Warren wrote in a fundraising email for Cordray last fall. “The consumer agency will be there right along with him. There will be a lot of people who take shots at the agency to undermine Rich. I want to make sure he has the resources he needs to fight back and defend the agency.”

Cordray is bland and I do not see him driving turnout and I don’t trust him.


Well he was selected by Warren to be the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau so they are close. In any case, her endorsement certainly wasn’t that important. The race was a blowout.


Yes, I know his CFPB connection.

I believe that her endorsement carried a lot of weight.

Too bad she couldn’t muster even a tiny percentage of such enthusiasm for Bernie.


This tweet pretty much sums up my mood right now:


I don’t know how much weight people like this tweeter will play this year, and in 2020, but lots of people who are paying attention are pissed.


Btw, Jay may be a ‘plain’ talker, but here’s his profile:

Astrophysicist turned Financial Engineer. Progressive AF. Science Lover. Environmentalist. Animal Lover #medicareforall #climatechange #freecollege

Dems do NOT have the youth on their side right now. They may not care now, but..

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