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I like the feature on C99 that lets you know if you have already uprated a comment,
“39 users have rated, including you” ….
(I did like the feature on TOP that let you know who rated your comments, so you could see who your friend are as well…fwiw)

Thanks for doing this !




Thank you for all your hard work! It is much appreciated.
I was pretty new as a commenter on DK, longer there as a lurker, but the animosity there has deteriorated so badly in that time…. I still want to be informed, but no one needs to be enfolded by toxicity. This feels like a refuge.


testing a pic of my back yard

**testing boldface**
*testing italics*

Ok, I know one thing I would wish for: a “preview” function before pressing post

thea lake

What happened to the test pic of your back yard? I saw it a few minutes ago . . . .


I took it down. (Tried to take the whole comment down, but couldn’t.)

Linda Thieman

Just to share a good laugh–I was trolled on Twitter today by a woman who added a troll pic, the word Troll, and a flame pic and then accused Bernie of “white man privilege.” I had to laugh so hard before I blocked her. ROTFLM*O–Oh, and thanks for the black font color. It really helps.

thea lake

So if we can click the “Post” button (WordPress bar, top left side), then we have author status? If I do that, then I get the full array of formatting buttons. But that would be for a new . what ARE you calling your “FP” things here, LD?

But here in the *comments*, it’s just basic–am I getting this right?

In any case, I’m supposed to be getting ready to head to Madison for my husband’s Sierra Leone Peace Corps volunteers reunion, but that doesn’t mean I won’t check back here before I leave town. Lap top is the last thing to get packed : )


How did you get line spaces in between your paragraphs?

Maybe mine disappeared b/c post was long?


Hi everyone!

thea lake

Hey TomP : )

Gallifreyan Jedi

This is gonna be the best comment ever. Wait till you see it, it’s gonna be fantastic!

Gallifreyan Jedi

Looks like the Wit Enhancement App is down. This is gonna be trouble.

Sybil Liberty

I hate when that happens…


Why must we do a math test before getting logged in? Twice? haha. Anyhow, I wish that the “remember me” when logging in would stick.

Also, is there any way that there can be a place on every page to click to get back to the Front Page to scan/read the diaries?

Must I get some kind of RSS feed or have WordPress to get to comments? When I click on comments under LOGIN on the front page, it requires RSS or WordPress, and I have no idea what either are.

What is this about? Boxes already checked off on my profile page:
At a Glance, Activity, GoDaddy, Garage, Site Stats, Quick Draft, WordPress News

Lastly (she said blushing), where are the rules to explain how to do photos, etc. etc. I can’t see how to strike a word, quote, bold, etc. etc.

LOVE the blue. Not too much! Perfect!

Apologies for so many questions. 🙁

Nova Land

I’m weird, but I kind of like the math question! It proves that, unlike some prominent Clinton supporters at Daily Kos, TPW folks really can “do the math”.


Looking forward to some great discussions over here. That orange color has gotten nauseating.



I think the model was always flawed. Kos exaggerates and condemns his enemies as evil, whether it was Hillary in 2008 or Bernie now. It set the standard. For the decade I have been there, more often than not, it was a bunch of people insulting each other on the internet. Yes, I used it to raise funds for candidates or awareness of issues, but so much was just hate. The community was an illusion.

I think a positive blog with a different purposes like TPW could prosper. Just as BNR has done so well.

The less I visit the old place, the better I feel.


Apparently, the wikipedia article on sanpaku eyes lists both HRC and DWS as having them. According to the article (there is no link button in the open thread format LD!), if you have sanpaku eyes, either the whites of your eyes are showing below, or the whites of your eyes are showing above.

If they are showing below, this means, in Japanese culture, that you will be attacked from the outside (you are in grave danger). If they are showing above, in Japanese culture, this means that there is something wrong going on inside you (the example given in the article is you are full of rage).

I have cherry picked two pictures of HRC and DWS for your analysis and viewing pleasure.

Other notables with sanpaku eyes include JFK (whites below) and Charles Manson (whites above).

Expect the sanpaku wiki article to be trolled in approximately 35 minutes.

Thank you LD for a place where the first amendment is “not quaint”.

image dws.jpg

That is quite a list in the Wikipedia article. One can draw quite a few conclusions from it. Most would be highly suspect.


Hi, everybody!
Back to work, but wanted to pop over to test! I love the site. Can’t wait to get more involved.

Fleur de Lisa

Hi, after lurking at TOP and c99 for a long time, I have finally been moved to register – here and at c99! And KayCeSF very nicely just invited me to be a friend! Very happy to be here among kindred spirits.


Testing, testing…. hmm, photos not happening.


So for anyone reading this who knows how to do images here….

if I want to put an image here, as in my profile picture, I must post the image like this?

[img src=image 541682_257262661031812_1099178275_n.jpg]

If I post everything as I have it above, it should post an image. If it does not, what am I doing incorrectly? Thank you.


CANNOT separate paragraphs unless you click on “read more.” eeek :O)

Why Jake Johnson won’t work for HRC, a response to Robert Reich:


“Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist,” Orwell argued in an essay that appeared in 1942. “This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help that of the other.”

As Corey Robin has observed, the Democratic establishment, in an effort to suppress dissent and silence legitimate criticism of their favored candidate, has adopted what is effectively a Leninist posture, one that prioritizes unity and conformity over basic principles that Democrats, in other contexts, are happy to champion—all under the guise of protecting the party and ensuring victory against the other side.” …

“But I will not endure lectures on how refusing to support Hillary Clinton—a candidate who embodies the right turn of the Democratic Party that has had such devastating effects on the same people Clinton now claims to be fighting for—is, in effect, the equivalent of supporting Trump. It clearly isn’t.

As for Reich’s concerns about the future of the Democratic Party, well, I’m with Michelle Alexander: “I hold little hope that a political revolution will occur within the Democratic Party without a sustained outside movement forcing truly transformational change. I am inclined to believe that it would be easier to build a new party than to save the Democratic Party from itself.”

Thanks, LD, for allowing me to post this here.

couldn’t get the line spaces in between the paragraphs. :O)

Nova Land

Quick update about the Alan Grayson diary posted over at Daily Kos.

For those who didn’t read about it in last night’s open thread, Grayson put up a diary strongly critical of establishment Democrats. In response a lot of folks flagged the tip jar and posted comments attacking and insulting Grayson.

One comment in particular struck me as not simply obnoxious, as many of the comments were, but clearly over the lineas far as site rules. (Here’s a link for anyone curious about the comment and the reaction to it: http://www.dailykos.com/comments/1534880/61977742 .)

This morning when I checked a large number of people had recommended the diary and recommended the tip jar, so the tip jar was no longer hidden. Thanks to everyone who did so!

Unfortunately there are over 500 comments on the thread so I can’t open the comments to read them all without my browser complaining and taking long times to respond when I ask to to see something farther up or down the page, so I can’t check the comments any more.

But I can report that the poster who made the comment is now banned, and I hope the folks who uprated the comment (now up to 44 people!) will be notified that uprating this kind of comment is not appropriate.


I see that the poster of that comment has been bojoed. It would be nice if all those who rec’d it would also be given the boot. ( fat chance of that happening!)

Nova Land

Unfortunately it now appears it may be a hidden comment (telling another poster to choke on their bile the day Clinton is sworn in) which got the poster banned rather than the comment in the Grayson diary.

(Hidden comment located here: http://www.dailykos.com/comments/1534862/61979066#comment_61979066).

I hope the help desk does determine that telling Grayson to “kiss my fat hairy ass” was inappropriate and NRs or time-outs the upraters, but it’s starting to look less and less like that’s going to happen.

As long as people keep on uprating divisive comments, people are going to keep posting them. Why they think that’s going to promote unity or help win elections baffles me.


ok, last time. Can I do italics? Can i do bold? Can I do strikethrough?


Wow, this site is _already_ plagued by anonymous downvoters? Are the BrockBros getting tired circle-jerking at The Daily Hillary?


This site is nicely designed — colors are good, easy on the eyes. And the best part: No fear-mongering front page stories about Donald Dump, no orange, no stories about the GOP Idiot-du-Jour, and no Hilly rah-rah. Think I’ll be happy lurking here.


Hi Liepar,
Will you be live-blogging the primaries here tomorrow night? I have been avoiding GOS but will go there in the morning to rec your 365th and again in the evening if that is where you will liveblog. You and this new site are a treasure and I want to support you even if it means returning to the big orange ugly twice in one day!


Would have loved to have been a part of that dance party!


LD, how do you add a side image to a post? I gather you put it at the top as a full width image, or something, but I am not yet getting it.

I know that WordPress has certain media imaging protocols, but maybe a FAQ on the side image would help those who would like to post.


My disillusionment with TOP began with the absolute blood lust that occurred when we began bombing Libya. Then, the drones, the record deportations, and the Snowden ordeal were tough. The coronation was just unbearable. I just can’t take part in a place that has no moral compass, whose only goal is to win elections.

Mr Robert

It would be nice if we could highlight some text before hitting the “reply” button.

When I do this at some sites it will automatically quote the highlighted text.

Unknown Quantity

Grateful for your new blog, LP, and also to KW for helping me get registered correctly. Yay! So glad to be here.


Testing an image post…


I don’t know how to share this as a post (I put it up as an update), so I’ll share it here…

Breaking news… AP just called the nomination for Hillary, before the remaining primaries, including California’s tomorrow! I just got this in my in-box….


An excerpt:

“Hillary Clinton has become the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president, according to an Associated Press delegate count.

The AP made its projection Monday night based on the number of pledged delegates Clinton has won in primaries and caucuses and a survey of superdelegates, who can technically still change their preference. ”

My first post, so I’m not quite sure how this will go out — and I’m oh so sorry that this is the news I’m sharing. Perhaps you’re seeing it now, too….

belle de jour

Good evening, everyone. Lovely to meet up again in an agent orange-free zone.

Picture test (or, I heart being here):

hairy back man.jpg

Hi Belle! Welcome…you made me spit up my morning coffee! You win the coffee splat award! Danke


After several attempts earlier today, I was unable to get a comment to post using my Android device (same setup I’ve used to post everywhere else). I had similar problems uploading my avatar the other day, too — I had to go on to my computer to get it to work.

I’m on my computer again right now, so we’ll see if this comment goes through.


Okay. it obviously worked.

I have no idea why it’s not working on my phone — I posted a comment on it when the site first went up — when the “awaiting moderation” thing was still enabled (though I don’t know if it ever actually went through), and I’ve been able to rate posts and accept friend requests.

Anyone else using an Android device successfully?



When I try to edit this, I get a pink box saying, “Sorry, you have not updated this.” Why?


Testing again:

bah! 🙁


I must assume the image with a jpg link won’t work here? I have no urls for most of my photos.


VISUALIZE: President Sanders.

View post on imgur.com

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