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Here’s Bernie a few minutes ago on Chuck Todd:



Obviously I don’t post enough here to do this right. Here I believe is the link:

belle de jour

And Bernie totally dodges the question about his own abandoning of Canova.

It makes me ill to hear Bernie extolling the fictional virtues of Hillary Clinton.


So many see only those fictional aspects, while we see the horrors, the horrors ! The only chronicler able to really articulate this twisted freak show – Hillary and Donald both -was Dr. Hunter Thompson, I miss his drug soaked , yet laser like, reporting from the dark side.

belle de jour

Know exactly what you mean. Thompson brought such an untamed participation to journalism that made it even better than ok for him to be part of the story.

Unfortunately, we have trained, primped & pimped poodles in media now.

Different time… when poets and novelists and cartoonists and artists got closer to ‘creative journalism.’ For us, it’s left to a few television comedians… who, for the most part, retain their safe ironic distance – so not the same vitality or engagement at all.

I did enjoy and respect Matt Taibbi – until he dropped the ball so hard on understanding or covering Bernie, and the campaign’s very real connection to the Wall Street corruption he’d covered in depth before.


Yeah I noticed the dodge, too. Its when I hit the stop button.

belle de jour

On “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” Tim Kaine compares Donald Trump ‘encouraging the Russians to cyberhack the DNC during an election’ to the Watergate scandal – whilst excusing Hillary’s email security disaster, because she’s ‘been cleared by the FBI.’ He then defends Hillary hiding from the press by lying that she takes ‘questions from the press every day, everywhere she goes.’

Dance, little Tim Kaine monkey, dance.


I must say that the choice for President this November leaves much to be desired. One thing though it will not be boring.


Here is but a brief example.

Trump also commented on Clinton’s schedule for Labor Day, which include several stops at parades and events to mark the holiday that celebrates the labor movement.

“The polls are close so Crooked Hillary is getting out of bed and will campaign tomorrow,” he wrote.

Ellen North

Good! The more people see/hear/get to know of her, the more her numbers go down.

If all Independents and better-informed others (barring a Bernie miracle) voted Green, the votes would be there and the anticipated general election cheating could be proven – and I do hope that someone in better shape than I currently am will look into such mechanisms as that which will prevent a false ‘leader’ rejected by the people from being recognised by other countries, something to which I’ve read exactly one reference and am totally not up to trying to research.

As many have been pointing out, if you vote for evil, you’re asking for evil and evil will result – don’t do it! Vote against it, and vote non-corporate for democracy and the survival of life on the planet.


The only thing is, if you’re in a swing state, you help tilt it towards Trump. As much as I hate the lesser-of-two-evils argument, Chomsky had a good point. More evil is not better than less evil.

But oh, dear heavens, do I wish it were Bernie on the Democratic ticket!

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