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Shhhh. You’ve said the unsayable, the elephant in the living room, the sacred cow.

Bombing people all over the world instills a visceral hatred of us in them.

NOT an excuse for this horrible deed, but a truth that needs to be looked in the face.
Instead, we use it as an excuse to bomb even more. But hey, it’s our main industry….

Alex Ocana

The Orlando massacre and the 2016 US election

Sorry so much cut and paste but it couldn’t clearer to me that this tragic massacre is being used as a political football for more war, more draconian “security” measures. Even Bernie went along with the we have to wipe out Daesh.

From the article:

Both candidates called for “ramping up” US military interventions and bombings in the Middle East, as if the war-ravaged people of the region are responsible for the attack on an Orlando nightclub. The transparent aim is to exploit the tragedy in Orlando in an attempt to erode the antiwar sentiments of the American people so as to further not only escalation in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, but also war threats against Russia and China.

Clinton spoke of acting to “harden our own defenses” within the US itself, by which she means an intensification of attacks on democratic rights and the utilization of police-state methods.

Clinton, however, who delivered the most telling—and chilling—line, invoking the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and declaring in conclusion that it was “time to get back to the spirit of those days, spirit of 9/12.”

It was in the “spirit of 9/12” that Washington launched, based on lies, the illegal war of aggression against Iraq. It was in this same “spirit” that it passed the Patriot Act, opened the prison camp at Guantanamo, set up a network of “black site” torture centers around the world, and arrogated to the president the right to indefinitely detain anyone, including US citizens, without charges or trials. Clinton supported all of these measures and now wants to cash in on the 49 deaths in Orlando to retroactively justify her own political crimes that led to the killing, wounding and displacement of millions.

Another interesting article: The social roots of the mass shooting in Orlando


Clinton, however, who delivered the most telling—and chilling—line, invoking the September 11, 2001 terror attacks and declaring in conclusion that it was “time to get back to the spirit of those days, spirit of 9/12.”

Chilling, indeed… and horrifying.

Ellen North

Thanks so much for the links! I hope people don’t miss that one at the bottom of your post.

Ellen North

I would like to point out that daily life in attacked/invaded countries involves a lot of innocent civilians merely going about their lives being bombed/droned literally out of the blue. Citizens there have to live – and die – with this continual hazard hanging over them every moment of every day of their lives. (Although I’ve read that cloudy days are safer, where drone attacks on elderly women and children trying to garden are concerned.)

This would be why those of the terrorized becoming terrorists so often seem to ‘return the favour’ in the same manner, so far as they can, even though they also – and pointlessly – kill innocents.

They fail to understand that the people of what are still termed democracies typically have little to no power over their ‘representative’ governments or policy and that these citizens are routinely sacrificed for increased corporate profit, with their health and lives apparently of little moment against such increased profiteering, even if their violent loss is sometimes useful to achieve goals, such as gainfully bombing other innocents in various of other people’s countries more.

Up until now, many of the people of what have still been termed democracies have also failed to understand this.

The blatant propagandizing of this tragedy into further MIC, etc., investment returns on mass killings by apparently (according to what I’ve just read from a posted link) both the current and to-be-coronated new President ought to encourage a great enlightenment among the American people. One can, at any rate, hope for this.


But then who are we going hate?
In all seriousness, I just wrote a long rant on the filibuster post about how that doesn’t change the fundamentals one iota. So, yeah, I’m with you.


Tears, not only for those souls taken away and their loved ones, but for what could have been a changing country, a country not so eager to send those drones, not so eager to tear people up and foment chaos.

Thank you for reminding us of the true, physical pain and carnage.


The guy was angry and alienated with a history of spousal abuse, fluidity in sexuality, and a long history of paranoia viz the profiteers (he was in a 2012 film on the bp oilspill). He was a complex so making him out to be some simple punchline for anything serves our own individual and collective needs. The rush to use this ‘crisis’ is an excuse. I can’t wait to see what kind of crap gets stuffed in the loophole bill that doesn’t get talked about…


True, we can’t pigeonhole him as the poster boy for either side in this debate. I didn’t know his history, so thanks.

So what is the result of the filibuster? Are assault weapons banned?


Former Senior FBI Profiler Mary Ellen O’Toole’s take on Omar Mateen..its’ an interesting interview



OMFG from O’Toole in the interview:

We look for patterns of behavior and some of the things that we look for are lifetime pattern of basically being somewhat of a loser, not having accomplishments in life. The other thing we look for is a pattern of violent ideation.

See my rant on the gun discussion viz alienation and ‘loserdom’. Why are we not addressing this f*cking issue.

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