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Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

I’ve signed up to host a Watch Party too. Let’s get it on!


There’s one less than a mile from my house. I’ll be there!


I got that email. Will be interested to hear the live stream too

Jo Crain

I’ll have to host one but I want my grandson for his technical expertise and his size in case we get hassled LOL


I chipped in a small amount and hope to watch.


I didn’t get the email, which is odd since I sent $27 a few days ago to Our Revolution. Can you post the website where we look for watch parties to attend? Sure I can Google it but I’d like the official link 😉


This is encouraging. Thanks for this post, was wondering when things would kick off.

Looks like Raffi may be on board:


I wish I could go to your party, Galtisalie.

But I found one just 5 miles away and rsvp’d. So exciting. I can’t wait to spend time with Bernie people again in the flesh! Best news all day (by a long shot).

Thanks again Galtisalie!

p.s. There were a surprising number of events within a 50 mile radius of me, 32 of them.

Link to check your area here.


Thanks! The missing piece. :O)


I had to search all over my personal accounts, and the e-mail to support Tim C was there, but not the Our Revolution kickoff. I hope a donation is not requisite.


No donation required. See my link if you want to host and magsview’s link if you want to attend.


I’ve already signed up 2X but no response from Claire (the Digital Coordinator). Guess their rollout isn’t going as smooth as they want as it appears Bernie has a new home at Lake Champlain, and probably trying to get that set up too.

Perhaps we can liveblog here. No one in my area has signed up to host and I don’t have the space to do it.


i can’t stream it on my tv–only netflix–and now i’m attending a screening.

be sure and use magsview’s link to sign up to attend. sorry you are not getting results! maybe in the days to come. It just came out, so you may not have anyone yet, but will.


Ill liveblog with you!

Linda Thieman

Live blogging would be another great option. I’m there!


I’m sure we’ll think of something! I’ll certainly be sharing my experience with you as best I can. Eleven people have signed up in my location so far.


I didn’t get this Our Revolution kickoff email either, and I did donate to Our Revolution through an email from Bernie last week, so maybe it was just an email sending problem.


No donation required. See my link if you want to host and magsview’s link if you want to attend.


Can’t host – probably in my town no one would come, LOL. And I’m too far in the boonies. Anyway, I looked, and there is a watch party about 35 miles from me! The crew in Mountain View is doing a party, too, but it is a two hour drive of only about 60 miles – and the first 30 or so are 60 mph. I went once, but just can’t do that one again! Only 2 signups so far at the closer one so far, but there are two weeks left.


thank you. I have been a bit sick and out of the loop. I didn’t even realize I have relegated Bernie’s mail to Junk.
I can’t believe that happened, but it’s fixed. I will be looking for an place to watch from.

Thanks again.

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