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oh, I didn’t see this, Benny! It didn’t show up on the right side–guess i have to reload to get updates over there! Thanks. Deleted mine.


Benny, thank you!!! for this diary! And the links.

I would love someone to start a petition – maybe even on MoveOn – a petition to Bernie Sanders NOT to turn over our list to the Democratic Party.
If Keith Ellison was now the CHM of the DNC I might feel differently.

But I don’t want to be turned over to the Party as it now stands.


Not exactly what you asked for but I came across this.


The die ha=rd Clinton supporters need to get a clue!


Oy Vey! But coming from a reality TV star it is no surprise.


President Trump has no plans to fire press secretary Sean Spicer, comparing Spicer’s daily press briefings to a daytime soap opera.

“I’m not firing Sean Spicer,” Trump said, according to the Washington Post. “That guy gets great ratings. Everyone tunes in.”

Spicer’s job security has come into question after a series of gaffes, most recently when he said during a press briefing that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler did not use chemical weapons during World War II, and then referred to concentration camps as “Holocaust centers” when he tried to clarify his remarks.
Spicer’s comments set off a firestorm of criticism and both Republicans and Democrats demanded he lose his job.


LOL! Caitlin Johnstone takes a jab at her favorite TV person.


If the liberal talking heads told their audience that all kittens are demonically possessed by Russian oligarchs and the only way to stop them is to chew them up and pass them through your intestinal tract, the next morning there’d be millions of dim-witted Democrats picking fur out of their teeth and wondering why it hurts to live. The way they’ve been able to string these morons along using nothing but rote repetition and the illusion of unanimous consensus on extremely porous stories and get them to swallow the most transparently ridiculous conspiracy theories you could possibly imagine has been positively staggering these last few months. These increasingly irrelevant #TrumpRussia imbeciles I see on Twitter with their little charts and connecting lines make flat-earthers look like Stephen Hawking, but they have no idea how appallingly stupid they look because they’ve locked themselves into these tiny little echo chambers where everyone else validates their idiocy and tells them how smart and sane they are.

The only reason these gibbering bedlamites don’t believe that Elvis is running a pedophile sex trafficking ring out of a UFO is because Rachel Maddow hasn’t told them so yet. That is literally the only reason. Their critical thinking skills are so dead and their willingness to swallow every drop of every load of establishment bull spunk right down their throats and lick their lips clean means that they could be made to believe literally any story those horrible manipulators choose to inflict upon them, without a single solitary exception. It is only by sheer dumb coincidence that the people who actually run America happen to benefit from maintaining an illusion of relative normalcy and these lunatics aren’t duct-taping babies to ceiling fans or sacrificing poodles to Cthulhu at the frantic urging of Chris Cuomo.

She certainly does have a way with words!


Tim Black”s latest video sticking up for Bernie.


If I wanted to get bojoed I would throw in this.

His name was always enough to get their dander up.


What is lacking on this site is “Actual Conversation” and I am enjoying the back and forth.

Subir Grewal

Thanks for posting this. I texted to encourage people to watch the livestream at local events, but haven’t been able to watch it myself yet! The livestream is also available on the FB page for Our Revolution: https://www.facebook.com/PoliticalRevolution/ if anyone’s looking for it…


Subir sorry I didn’t get a chance to give you a call/gmail message. I’ll contact you after work to try and reschedule!

Subir Grewal

No worries. I’ll shoot you an e-mail.

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