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Tip jar for shaking our damn heads!

(edit: I just saw that we have a ratings widget again! Yay!!)


Well we did for a second but I’m going to have to wait until this afternoon to put it back up. Trying to get a wreck list of our own!


It’s bad when everything that comes out of the top of the Dem party reads like a bad Onion story!

I missed that one, Spring Texan, but I saw two other SMDH stories this morning.


Dems’ new pitch to voters: A ‘Better Deal’

Democratic leaders are zeroing in on a new mantra for their long-promised economic agenda: a “Better Deal.”

The rebranding attempt comes as Democrats acknowledge that simply running against President Donald Trump wasn’t a winning strategy in 2016 and probably won’t work in 2018 either. The slogan, which is still being polled in battleground House districts, aims to convince voters that Democrats have more to offer than the GOP and the self-proclaimed deal-maker in the White House.

Thrashing about pathetically!


2 tech billionaires are trying to start a third political party that’s ‘pro-business, pro-planet’ — here’s how it works

“We’re not just trying to be an arm of the Democratic Party. We’re trying to say that the Democratic Party needs to change if it wants our votes and our money and our time.”

But WTF (Win The Future) has its work cut out.

Pincus has publicly expressed skepticism about the leftward tug of many of the vocal activists in the Democratic Party. He applauded the DNC on hiring Uber’s engineering lead, Raffi Krikorian, a hiring decision that frustrated vocal progressive activists. And he told Business Insider that although he believed Sen. Elizabeth Warren was smart, he felt her recent book highlighted the economic problems in America while not suggesting any solutions.

WTF indeed!


I think it’s bizarre that they chose WTF as their acronym.


2 LOLs in a row. That’s hysterical. WTF! Vote Dem!


“…everything that comes out of the top of the Dem party reads like a bad Onion story!” LOL!


Robert Reich weighs in “Back to the Center Dems”


Almost everything in the oped below is dead wrong. For the last 40 years, Republicans have been moving to the right and Democrats have been moving to the so-called “center,” with the result that the center keeps shifting rightward and the Democrats have lost their way.

Nor can Democrats expect to win simply by being against Trump.

Democrats have to take a bold stand to make America work for the many — reversing the unprecedented concentration of income, wealth, and political power in the hands of a few.

This requires, at the least:

1. Public investments in world-class schools and infrastructure;

2. Free public universities, and first-class technical training for those who choose not to attend;

3. Single-payer Medicare for all;

4. Higher taxes on the wealthy to pay for these;

5. Vigorous enforcement of antitrust laws to break up monopolies that are draining your wallets and amassing political power (Wall Street, big agriculture, big pharma, big telecom, and big tech);

6. An end to big money in our politics.

Don’t listen to the ranters of “move-to-the-center” rubbish. I’ve fought with them for decades. They’re the people who got us into the mess we’re in right now.


What exactly is the difference between WTF and Turd Way? Very little, and screw ’em both. T and R, Spring Texan!! 🙂


Hi LD!! Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a good one.

My main post just disappeared, I think I may have edited it too many times? Can you please see if you can spot it somewhere when you have time?


Thanks magsview! I think I found the post in question, should be good now!


Thank you so much LD! 🙂


Here’s a visual for those who may not have time to go to Spring Texan’s link:


Thanks, SpringTexan!

Yes, the Dems are just hoping that Trump is bad enough to drive us back into their waiting neolibcon arms. They can’t change the message without truly lying, but my guess is they’ll do what they did so well with Obama–put someone in the race who will sound really, really good and then do the old “about face” once in.

We’ll have someone better, of course, who will win despite the actual and the party machines! (In my dreams.)


I saw this yesterday. After a quick glance I thought that it was some sort of parody. (it wasn’t) so I just carried on with other things. So sad that this is what so called leadership has to offer.


Vote Democrat in 2018 because We Suck Less!


I just saw this:

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