HomeIssuesClimate ChangePolice from 5 States Escalate Violence, Shoot Horses to Clear 1851 Treaty Camp 10/28
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My God. Are people writing the MSM, demanding that this be shown? Like Vietnam, I’d bet they’d be a lot less willing to hurt people and kill horses if it was on TV every night at dinner and every morning getting ready for work.

Now we can see what militarizing our police has done. Rather than human beings who can see that poisoning water is a terrible thing for us all, that treating humans like animals to be herded and hurt for protecting water is plainly wrong, they perform like soldiers who have an enemy—us.

I know not all police believe this way, but as jobs become more scarce, who will be willing to stand for what is right and put his paycheck, his ability to provide for his family, in the light that what is really good for his family is what is at least not harmful to the human race? (or her.)


A lot of the police are former military combat soldiers, and they were trained that anyone not them IS the enemy. Now it’s not Iraqis or Afghanis, it’s us.


There are no words. 🙁

Interesting that the cop sharing was started by Bill Clinton. Appropriate that the MN police were wearing brown shirts.

My question is, from WHOM did DAPL buy or lease the land? How did that entity come to “own” it when it was still under the treaty of 1851 and should be under the control of the tribe? Did the tribe sell it long ago, or did some one take ownership by squatting? Or did the US Govt break the treaty, like so many others, and give the land away in the land grants?


Disgusting. This is America? Where the flying frack is Obama?


Yep, Obama and the Dems have sure stepped up for BLM and the water protectors. The thugs wearing badges will soon be equipped with killer drones to go with their killer robots. Vote for Hillary and in another 35 years, you’ll be worse off than you are this 35 years ago.

c99 is under a coordinated invasion from orange state. They take turns posting essays to “educate” us stupid mouth breathers on why we should vote for Hillary. If she’s got such a huge lead, why do they need our vote? This election can’t be over soon enough. When it is, hopefully Hillary and her trolls can climb back under their rocks.


Yep the Borg is out to try to assimilate those of us who aren’t in the Clintonista bubble.


President Obama has stated in the past that “we are a nation of laws”.

And in short order, the Bundy gang walks, while peaceful protestors are attacked by militarized goons.

Mr. President, I don’t think that “nation of laws” means what you think it does.


Could someone give me the link that I know I saw somewhere, but didn’t save, for how to contribute to the legal fund for those arrested? Thanks!

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