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Makes you wonder why they didn’t fight harder? I have seen three presidential candidates refuse to fight for their right to the presidency based upon evidence of serious electronic fraud. I sat with with a small group of people together Al Gore one day in 2006 as a Climate Project trainee and asked him why he did not push for being president since he felt that the election was stolen. He said to us that he would have caused a revolution and just did not have the stamina to survive what would ensue.I was part of Audit the Vote in 2004. We watched Kerry be evasive and back out of fighting for what was rightfully his. Finally, we have watched Bernie Sanders this year give in in spite of excellent statistics and an army of supporters and make a choice to promote Clinton for president. I am hoping that we can change the system so that presidential candidates will one day be able to stand up for what appears to be very rightfully theirs. – Lori Grace

Don midwest

Yep. Political parties DO NOT WANT election integrity

They want to keep the lie going that elected officials are legitimate because…..”citizens” …..

Small group of dedicated officials keep the flame alive for valid elections


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Don midwest

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Report from Philadelphia and the Progressive Democratic Convention779234c0-7ce7-4ec0-98a2-25f3de17e662
A group of us, Bill Simpich, Bob Fitrakis, Steve Enzer (TrustVote.TV) and Naomi Anderson went to Philadelphia to present along with Andrea Miller of People Demanding Action on creating a more trustworthy, more democratic election system. We also filmed some of the demonstrations that were occurring around the Democratic convention.

Thanks Don

Don midwest

If, only if, Bernie had the time to take on the election process

If he had done a full court press on election integrity and exposed the fraud, and got systems to change, if he had done that, he could have won the nomination.

As Cliff Arnebeck said, Bernie had a campaign to run, not to change electoral system.

Exit polls are the gold standard, used by our State Dept on “others”, the gold standard to verify election integrity

But, like so much else in out culture that has been attacked and all but destroyed, our voting system is special, you know, because we are EXCEPTIONAL

And in many circles, like dailykos, just to bring up election integrity is to be attacked for conspiracy theory

And it is too complex of an issue for corporate media to tackle

The legacy of the Bernie movement continues as more people fight this battly

By the way, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman, the local to Columbus OH guys working on this (Bob has written 6 books on elections), they were banned from dailykos a long time ago. Maybe a decade ago.


Thanks for that last little tidbit Don, I didn’t know that. About all I need to hear about Kos at this point.


I didn’t know about that last bit, either, Don, and I appreciate knowing it.

I was attacked for being CT when I brought up the election fraud in San Diego at TOP, and what I wrote was flagged and hidden.

Don midwest

Check out Greg Palast and his new movie on this topic

Greg Palast’s “Best Democracy Money Can Buy”: Billionaires and ballot bandits

Greg is storming the country showing this movie.

I follow him on twitter as he gets interviews and reviews of his movie and is used as a way to engage people in the issue of election integrity.


Here’s the trailer/teaser for the movie..in theaters in September


Has anyone had a chance to see it yet? I just looked online and saw there was a premiere in Berkeley three weeks ago. I hope I can find a screening near me.


Lee Camp interviews Greg Palast


Excellent interview. Thank you for sharing, grapevines!

Here’s a link to Palast’s petition “to release the names of the voters on the ‘Interstate Crosscheck’ list”: http://thebestdemocracymoneycanbuy.com/petition/#pet-title


It pisses me off that Bernie didn’t challenge the theft of our election. I am so angry at the Dems for stealing it and Bernie for quitting, no way in hell I ever support any of them every again.

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