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Canvassing with a Berniecrat in a runoff v. a Hill person today. She’s running for City Council. Go Emily!!!! Canvassed for Avakian a few weeks ago. Go Brad!

Hoping all these others are getting some love. Times like this I know it’s important that I pay more attention to my income. Thanks, :O)


Thank you for your efforts! You’re an inspiration.


Because I lack self discipline to get important things done, like working for an income! :O) y’all are the inspiration and I’m glad there are those that can still donate.


Thanks CA Dem! I have been donating to Teachout, Jayapal, and Feingold but I have been meaning to make this group donation. Thanks for making it easy here.


Thank you for donating! Am so rooting for the three you specifically mentioned.


yes, thanks!


Hey, no one from CT! There’s a reason for that – there aren’t any real progressives running at the federal level. Slim pickings here. But I’ve been spreading the word on Ken Gucker here in CT for State Senate at least, yard signs for him now appearing, and yesterday I got my first flyer in the mail from him. I’m looking into ways to help, because I unfortunately cannot donate atm.


Thanks so much for sharing this!

Side note: do write-in candidates ever stand a chance? I noticed one of the candidates in AZ is a write-in, and I don’t think anyone has even heard of him. I kinda wish they would remove these guys from the list at some point.


Hi, thanks for doing this. As a person who has pretty much given up on the presidential race, I believe that downticket is where all of the action is now during this election season. So how does this work? Is it that one donation is spread amongst all of the candidates?


I clicked on the Act Blue donation link and it says that a donation is divided equally between all the listed candidates.

It does have a blue highlighted link that takes you too a donation page where you can select a different donation apportionment by candidate; unfortunately, only 2 of MN’s (my home state) progressives are listed on that page…not sure why that is…maybe they are the only 2 with an Act Blue account set up??

Keith Ellison and Rick Nolan (both running on the Congressional level) are on the individual page but the other 4 progressive candidates are all running in district races for MN State office.

Thanks for putting this list up @CADemocrat I wasn’t aware of who all was on the ballot at the State level with a Bernie endorsement here in MN before.


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