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Hey, good to see Paula Jean, Jimmy Dore, and the diarist!


Thank God and thank you, Paula Jean!


hope she kicks his ass right out of WV


If the Bernster can win the WVa Primary, no reason why she can’t do the same. Hey LD!! 🙂 T and R to the usual suspects!!

Don midwest

speech decline of Trump could indicate cognitive decline
Trump wasn’t always so linguistically challenged. What could explain the change?


He sure stumbles around, now…
If it’s not cognitive impairment, perhaps he’s just self censoring, as he worries about sounding too
“elite” and “educated” for his core base. I wonder if his speech is this garbled in his private discussions. Have we seen Russia’s tape – that they claim they have of his private meeting with Lavrov and Kislyak?


Good news. Trump won this district 60-37


Democrat Christine Pellegrino defeated Conservative Tom Gargiulo on Tuesday in the 9th Assembly District special election as the progressive and union-backed candidate pulled off an upset victory for the heavily Republican seat.

“This is a thunderbolt of resistance,” said Pellegrino, who becomes the first Democrat to hold the Assembly seat. “This is for all the supporters and voters who understand a strong progressive agenda is the way forward in New York.”
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With all precincts reporting, Pellegrino won 58 percent of the vote to Gargiulo’s 42 percent, according to Suffolk and Nassau boards of election results posted Tuesday night.

The liberal wing of the Democratic Party and Working Families Party had invested heavily in the seat left vacant when Assemb. Joseph Saladino was appointed Oyster Bay supervisor. President Donald Trump had won the district with 60 percent of the vote.

The state teachers union funneled $200,000 to a committee backing Pellegrino, 48, a Baldwin teacher from West Islip active in the anti-Common Core “opt out” movement. She served as a Democratic National Convention delegate for U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

While Republicans hold a 13-point registration advantage in the district, progressive activists hoped to capitalize on opposition to Trump by turning out motivated Democrats in the election, Long Island’s first since November.


“and [the corpses] don’t care if we die”

somebody finally telling it like it is, and from an area that has literally seen this in action. awesome.

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