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Marie Moneysmith

Remarkable Creatures looks great! But I shot my book budget for the month (and it’s only the 2nd!). Off to check the library for a copy!


Another great book occurred to me in the course of a discussion on another recent post here… John Dean’s

    Conservatives Without Conscience

. It analyzes, among other things, how conservatives and liberals are psychologically different (it explains Trump’s appeal, among other things). It was absolutely fascinating (and not complimentary to conservatives).

Although I haven’t read it since it was written, I’d appreciate reading it again. John Dean, as we all remember, definitely is a conservative with a conscience. Interestingly, he was mentored by Goldwater — and he talks about how Goldwater would have been dismayed by the extremist turn the party had taken. (Goldwater, thought way back to be far too scarily right wing… I tell you, we do live in interesting times.)

Linda Thieman

I’ll be there…again! Thanks for re-doing this, Fleur de Lisa!

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