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It sounds good, Fleur de Lisa!

Linda Thieman

Sounds really great! Just reserved a copy from my local library. Thanks, @fleurdelisa!


Thanks for doing this. Hope I find time to lurk a little. :O)


Good book. I read it three or four years ago as part of a long-running (can you believe since the 80s) book club/social get together that I’m a part of. Sorry i missed your discussion on Franks’ Listen Liberal. That one was excellent and very helpful to me.

Right now I’m reading The Sympathizer by Nguyen about a Vietnamese refugee who comes to the U.S. after the fall of Saigon who also happens to be a Communist spy. It won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, deservedly so. It might be a good fiction choice sometime for a political blog reading group.


Great choice. Do hope the Science Sunday folks will join in.


“Remarkable Creatures” I have not read, will do so post haste to join the conversation.

I have an interest in Tibet, the Dali Lama, China, and “War at the Top of the World”, Eric Margolis. Not sure this fits the narrative of your post. Perhaps a consideration for the future?

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