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Hope I am not intruding. Just wanted to suggest a book for the book club… It will be a topic of discussion this fall and has scientific connotations concerning the rise in the global population.

It’s titled INFERNO and is written by DAN BROWN and has been turned into a movie that comes out in the fall.

Linda Thieman

I’ve seen the trailer to that film several times recently–looks scary but Tom Hanks looks like he carries the movie well! 🙂

Linda Thieman

Thanks for the reminder. Finished the book a few days ago. Could not put it down!


Ashamed to admit I have never read Dante’s inferno… So I was mesmerized by that aspect… And, as always, love getting to know the landscape of the locations Brown uses for his stories… But, as I already mentioned… The science was more frightening then other of his books… Maybe because it’s possible.

I also could not put it down and although I look forward to the movie have my doubts that ALL the issues in the book will make it to the big screen as written.



I learned a few days ago some of my cousins from Sweden are coming to visit, so we’ll be doing family things and tourist-ing this weekend through next week. I’m afraid I’ll have to miss it — but it sounds great. I hope to come back and check in on the discussion after the fact!

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