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She is not the only one with concerns . The possibility that a corporatist hawk holding the reins is terrifying.


Bernie and Tulsi on the Green Ticket. Pass it on.


I would like to have Jill Stein on the ticket. Stein is the real deal.


I think most people that support Bernie are very concerned about Clinton’s foreign policy. She is a hawk and seems almost eager to initiate conflict that will, of course, benefit the military industrial complex. Very little thought seems to be given to the human dimension of such conflicts.


Ellen North

But this isn’t ‘a struggle between interests’, regarding the billionaires/corporate interests and The People – it’s a struggle between often-destructive self-interests and democracy, civilization and a sustained ecology providing the life-support system of the planet.

The Greeds are willing to destroy the results of billions of years of evolution, including their own human race, in order to personally gain more power and money than they could ever use, even if they’d have an economy remaining to use it in, given what’s being demanded by them.

We are not talking about sane, rational people who ought to have an ‘extra-special voice’, and if billionaires and corporations can’t manage in a democracy, without suppressing, poisoning, underpaying and draining the people and destroying the environment for additional profiteering, why should they have any special policy-controlling voice to be held as of equal or much greater value than those of the people they pollute/exploit?


This was an excellent comment!

joe from Lowell

The part that really bothers me is her hawkishness towards Iran. President Obama and Secretary Kerry have worked very hard to improve relations alongside President Rouhani and Minister Zariff, and while Hillary supports the nuclear weapons deal, she is also making it clear that she doesn’t view it, as they do, as the beginning of further diplomatic rapprochement. Which is a shame, because this is the greatest opportunity we’ve had since the 1979 revolution.

Cali Scribe

My concerns with Clinton stem from not just the IWR vote, but from her vote on Kyl-Lieberman. While Bush never took advantage of it to invade Iran, a Clinton that supported it could probably do so. There’s oil in them there sands, after all…

Star Strider

Sung to the tune of ‘I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now’:

Hillary’s Kissinger now!
We don’t know just where, but somehow
She’ll get us in more
Unwinnable wars
’Cause Hillary’s Kissinger now!

Ellen North

Applauds loudly!

Star Strider

Thank you!

It has a second stanza (although slightly less relevant in the context of this thread):

Hillary’s Kissinger now!
She’ll send your job to Macau!
Human rights she’ll ignore,
So that Wall Street can score!
’Cause Hillary’s Kissinger now!

I’m working on more stanzas, but I have to wait for my anger to abate. Other contributions (and improvements on mine) are of course welcome, since I consider this is a community effort.

Linda Thieman

My dad used to love that song, as in joking about wondering what a woman’s “now” is. Any way you can post the tune for us to hear?

Star Strider

You absolutely do not want to hear me sing! My polar bear could probably do better than I could, and my polar bear is only fluent in Inuit.

I would encourage others who do sing well to sing it and post it! I have no intention of copyrighting it, and want it to continue to be open-source. There are many talented people here, and I want to encourage all to contribute to it.

My intent is to eventually have someone (with talent) sing it here, on Saturday Night Live, several late-night talk shows, the Democratic National Convention, the network morning and evening news shows, DK, and as any other fora as are possible.

Ellen North

I wish you a fast recovery, so that I can read the rest. I think you have a hit there!


And she is 110% right. Add in the fact that they stole the election from Bernie, and there is no way in hell I can sit back and let them get away with it. I mailed my forms to join the class action lawsuit against the DNC today. I will vote for Stein, or I may yet vote for Trump. For damn sure, Hillary will never get my vote. I am really hoping that Bernie is playing this to the end and then will form new third party to start to take these phuckers down.

If you have read “Brexit Is Only the Latest Proof of the Insularity and Failure of Western Establishment Institutions by Glenn Greenwald, you absolutely need to. OMG, he didn’t leave out a thing.

There is also a good essay at c99 by CaptainPoptart that lays out a path to a new third party that is modeled from our European 99 percenters who are just as fed up as we are. All I know is that this can never be over.

Jo Crain

I did too. By god I want them to know we are watching the dnc like hawks and if they dare move badly we will bite their assets!


Tulsi Gabbard is someone who I intend to keep an eye on in the future. She is very impressive. I saw her introduce Bernie in a video at Gettysburg College in PA and I thought…’now there is a woman who should be in the White House!’

Cali Scribe

And there were plenty of people at You-Know-Where who demonized her, just as they demonized Dr. West — probably a badge of honor at this point.

Linda Thieman

Personally, I think the word “interventionist” is a euphemism for “murdering warmonger.”

Ellen North

I think you’ve nailed it! Might need an extra word or two for someone who laughs about people’s horrible deaths, though.

Linda Thieman

I agree. But the only one I can think of with my teeth this clenched is “sadistic.”

Ellen North

I was thinking psychopathic; funny how similar that sort of behaviour appears to people capable of empathy and all that non-money-making-and-therefore-useless human-type stuff.


I imagine her as SOS. Though on the youngish side, her real life military experience offers quite a bit.


The thing I worry the most about HRC being CiNC is the inordinate and unnecessary amount of death that has and will happen under her watch.

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