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We need the list…get this folks on record as for or against.


That is very wise. Yes. We need that list. Writing my congress people, for what little that is worth these days.

Matsui is probably already on board…..
The Senators tho-…. Feinstein give up power? I doubt it.

joe from Lowell

It’s sort of brilliant how Bernie reacted to the months long freakout by Clinton supporters about BERNIE WANTS TO OVERTURN THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE WITH SUPERDELEGATES by calling their bluff and proposing their elimination.


What the heck is up with Sherrod Brown? I feel like the scales have fallen from my eyes where Brown is concerned.

“I want Bernie in the fold, I want him enthusiastic,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio, another potential VP choice. “I’m fine with whatever they negotiate, I just don’t care about superdelegates. I don’t care about the whole thing.”


“I don’t care about the whole thing” as long as I’m in like Flynn with the Queen. Lost respect for the man. What a wuss.


Aye. Here, too. The formerly-esteemed senator from Ohio’s going to have a harder time in two years, when he’s going to need boots and phone-callings.

Not to mention, v o t e s. Many previous supporters will be going on down that ballot, and not checking off, near his name.

Maybe her victory-slush-fund will come in handy for bus shuttles from nursing homes – aw gawsh, I’m stopping RIGHT there….


Im curious what Nina Turner’s plans are for the future…


I am, too – and as far as I’m concerned, I’d work for her campaign for dogcatcher, if that’s what she’d want. 😀

But something tells me she’s got some unfinished works in progress for Bernie, then will mark her moment and make her preference known. Keep your eyes peeled, for that one!

Ohio could really use her in their house. The nation could sure use her on that Hill, tho not until we’ve got some folk out of there; too debauched, she’d be wasted. I’ve got my druthers: I want her in as Ohio’s SoS. She’s one to watch, definitely!


Looking up, wherever she puts her awesome talents, that’s for sure. Corporate lobbyists, eat your heart out. :O)

dear occupant

I don’t think this is ‘be nice to Bernie so we can get him into the fold talk’, something is definitely brewing here. 20 or so Senators is a lot on such a complex and controversial issue. My guess is now that they believe the nomination is locked up, they are more emboldened to discuss doubts and questions they’ve had all along, Bernie was the catalyst to speak out.

I saw uber insider Ed Rendell on one of the shows last week, and to my shock he endorsed the whole Bernie package, same day registration, open primaries, abolishing the SD’s and caucuses. I couldn’t believe it.


Oh, so now that she’s the presumptive nominee, Rendell is fine with the whole Bernie package. How convenient. Is that not like closing the barn door after all the horses she rode in bolted …. against anyone who would run against her this election?

I don’t trust a one of them to change the system. If they feel this super delegate system is undemocratic, then they sure as hell needed backbone by not endorsing Hillary and swaying/rigging this election from the get go. It’s preposterous if any of them pretend they didn’t use this system to give her the Presidency.

dear occupant

Trust me, I share your frustration and distrust and maybe I’m being overly optimistic that Bernie has made some headway in changing some minds, which is the premise of this diary. They didn’t have to say anything at all, especially on national tv. But they did, even that it was after the fact I believe it’s significant.

Bernie is persistent, and I believe he will continue to make his case and change some minds. Maybe I’m wrong, but I sure hope I’m not.


From the beginning, party regulars looked at Bernie with dread. Hell, I looked at him with dread at the very beginning — not because I wanted Hillary but because I didn’t want to see the red-baiting and ugliness engulf another campaign. And I dreaded seeing hope die in another generation of young people — I remember the horror of the ’68 Democratic Convention after I’d gone door-to-door for Eugene McCarthy, and remember so vividly the heartbreak and outrageI felt.
But Bernie’s been amazing. He stood up and shouted truth to power, over and over and over again, and the legions of his followers just keep increasing. And seeing that encourages others to do the same.
You can almost see in this Occupy Congress moment as politicians scent the change in the air and “come out” again for liberal causes.
I’m guessing many folks in Congress who learned to play the game of footsy with contributors and corporations in order to survive are feeling hope that the political winds might actually free them from these bonds to support the policies and changes they deeply believe in.
And when they “come out,” I for one will be cheering and supporting them all the way.
I don’t mean to sound like a cockeyed optimist, because I think this is a hard slog that will outlast my lifetime — but I do think we’re seeing a turn in the road.

dear occupant

Thank you, mkls I agree with you especially this quote.

‘I’m guessing many folks in Congress who learned to play the game of footsy with contributors and corporations in order to survive are feeling hope that the political winds might actually free them from these bonds to support the policies and changes they deeply believe in.’

oh and btw, the world needs more cockeyed optimists. lol

A Future To Believe In.


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