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NYT has an obnoxious article about the Santa Fe shooting on its Home Page today. The whole piece has such a FRightwingnut slant that it is hard to read. It paints a sorry portrait of the people who live down there. They come off as Fundy Christian gun nut ignoramuses. LD/JD, read it if you have time. It is a classic example of psycho-linguistical propaganda! 🙁 The article also states that Floridumb is a “purple” state. Really? That’s news to lefty liberal Floridians. Hope you two are enjoying newlywed-hood. T and R!!


My impression is that Florida does elect Democrats from time to time, making it technically a purple state; the issue is that the Dems elected are some of the worst there are (including Ben Nelson). Am I mistaken?


Alan Grayson and Tim Canova were a few f the good ones and now they are on the outside looking in. Hopefully they will get back in.


It’s Bill Nelson not Ben.


Most Americans are tired of Right wing policies. It worked for 38 years with collusion by the Clinton generation, but a newer generation is accustomed to sharing the wealth differently.

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