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Thanks once again for your ongoing series.

I came across this and will add it as I found it interesting.


A team of University of Toronto geoscientists has made a discovery that could lead to a new understanding of ancient life on Earth and other planets: two billion-year-old water, believed to be the oldest H2O ever found, in a mine in Timmins, Ont.
“We thought, ‘Wow,'” said Oliver Warr, a postdoctoral researcher and leader of the team.
“Everything about the water is brand new. We are seeing signals in all isotopes that we’ve identified so far that we’ve never seen anywhere else.”

“If water has been down there for up to two billion years, it can tell us something about the atmosphere at the time, or the state of the Earth, which previously we’ve not been able to get much insight into,” Warr said

Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death
Aint Supposed to Die A Natural Death

Very interesting read (and video). I’m going to show the volcano drilling video to my 8 yr old twin grand daughters who are studying rocks now in school and have a lot to say about how they are formed. Thanks for this series.

Don midwest

I posted your links on valcano drilling on Juan Cole’s web site in the comments. Juan, Mid East History prof at Univ of MI, has had an ongoing series of articles on the env and the one today is that solar is now cheaper than coal. Article from Bloomberg news

Don midwest

My friend who teaches the history of science and technology is going to begin his lectures next quarter with a 20 minute speech saying that by the end of the quarter, 10 weeks, what you knew about the US may have been changed forever by the work of the Trump system. He also says that he will cover many topics in his class that are not covered in the corporate media. The students in this semi rural univ typically come in with their electronic technology gadgets and have never had to reflect on technology or what is going on in the world, especially the environment.

If they are uncomfortable with what he says, they can drop his section immediately and sign up for some other person’s course.

My question: will the science community finally take a political stand against the power of money and the destruction of science from Trump appointees? Or are they, like politicians and corporate media personalities beholden to money and their position? Do the scientists even know how to wage a political fight?

As it says in an article in commondreams.org, the fight against Trump requires a strategy

Don midwest

Article title

ExxonMobil CEO Relieved It Finally Too Late To Do Anything About Climate Change

‘We Really Dodged A Bullet There,’ Says Executive

Article in The Onion


“RVING, TX—Saying the multinational oil and gas conglomerate had “really dodged a bullet,” ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson told reporters Wednesday how relieved he was now that it was finally too late to do anything about climate change.

The 64-year-old petroleum executive, who acknowledged that throughout his career he had feared the public might take action to curb rising temperatures by imposing emissions restrictions or mandating a switch to alternative energy, said he was just happy that the window for avoiding the planet’s environmental destruction had closed, and that the entire industry was now free to carry on as usual.

“I was really worried for a while there that some kind of law would be passed to stop us from releasing all those hydrocarbons into the atmosphere, but I guess not,” said Tillerson, describing how he felt as if a tremendous weight had been lifted from his shoulders now that catastrophic climate change was an inescapable certainty. “Seriously, it’s a huge load off. There were a number of real tense years after the recycling movement picked up momentum when we thought people might all turn away from fossil fuels next. But it’s just so reassuring to know that we passed the point where it’s no longer possible to stop global warming through environmental regulation or green energy or anything like that.”

a little bit more in the article


Pretty much the same attitude of the repub party as well and a large block of their voters


Pretty much the same attitude of the Repub party & their voters as well. I saw an article where the local govt where Trump$ estate is in Florida is raising the sea walls in certain area’s where these Billionaires live as the water is encroaching their properties with higher and higher tides. What was really scary was the comments section where comments ranged from out right denial of the problem to recalls of the local officials for suggesting such nonsense was the general tone along with the usual its lib scare tactics. You just cant deal with these people they are truly bat shit crazy.


Yes saw the same article Humphrey found it interesting as well. Glad bebimbob has this series going always informational

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