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The sense of smell is a powerful sense. I’ve experienced smelling what turned out to be an issue on a pet, it’s a very distinctive smell, so that research rings true for me.

That bit about the 2 billion year-old water is kind of freaky!

Thank you for all of your posts in 2016 bebimbob!! I look forward to more learning thanks to you next year.

I hope you have a great day tomorrow and that 2017 brings you many joys! XO

Don midwest

Glenn Greenwald tweeted Bernie interview by Sarah Silverman

Bernie Sanders In A Candid Conversation With Sarah Silverman

Published on Dec 16 but the youtube version has ovdf 2,000 comments and one on top was from yesterday

Have not listened to whole interview. But aroung 10 min, Bernie recounts the weekly meeting of dem senators which are about money. Who can contact who to get $. They never talk about going to the poor areas and talking to the people.

That one statement goes a long way to explain how the corporate dems operate and why they are not going to lead the charge against Trump, because they work for the oligarchs also.


Thanks, bebimbob!.
For your science review!

Spring Texan

This seems like a really bad idea. It’s a mistake to think you cannot detect cancer too early. You can, and you can overtreat and turn a healthy person who might never be bothered by a small cancer into a patient that has to deal with chemo and stuff. You see this with breast cancer and DCIS detection . . . it’s a two-edged sword. The smell test sounds like just as bad idea as the recently touted “blood test for 25 cancers”.

Most of us probably have some cancer somewhere by the time we are middle-aged. In many cases detection will not benefit us (but it will benefit the pocketbook of the testers and of those who do medical follow-up on positive results).

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