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Once again thanks for your continued contributions.

I can’t imagine that Amazon’s drone delivery system is all that practical. The drones lifting ability would be so small that only a limited type of packages could actually be delivered. I can’t quite see a drone asking for a signature. LOL.


Climate Scientists are preparing for a Trump Presidency..they have been doing data dumps on too non-government servers to rescue years of climate research that may be erased

The Climate Mirror Project is trying to mirror and safely archive U.S. Govt. websites and datasets related to climate, climate change, and global warming. This is an ongoing effort and ideally it should be completed before the Trump Administration takes office.

The Project started from a tweet of journalist Eric Holthaus. Quickly after that tweet, a Google Docs Spreadsheet was published and scientists from around the world immediately started submitting datasets to archive before it’s too late. Soon after some datasets were published, individuals started mirroring them.

This website, climate.daknob.net, was one of the first to help and currently a lot of datasets are hosted here. The project is currently being lead by the Data Refuge Project of the University of Pennsylvania.

to see a list of Mirror websites or help with the project, around the world go here:



The thought of all that information being erased is nuts. It’s a bit too close to Fahrenheit 451 for my comfort….


Thank you, bebimbob! That image of Michelangelo’s, so tiny on that crystal, is amazing in itself, especially thinking back to not-so-long-ago, when engraving was all done by hand.

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