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Wait But Why. love it.


Interesting about the Komodo Dragons. Goes to show how unlikely flora and fauna can hold answers to our most difficult problems. Hard to utilize if we make everything extinct with our plunder of the planet.


Augh. Forgot to put in my link…


Some interesting stuff on cyborg insects and other robotics.

We had a blizzard last night – or at least what passes for one here. Magical in the moonlight late! Now it’s almost gone already. All the trees and shrubs were in full bloom before the snow. Bradford pears opened on 2/20. But we had BEES!!! Tons of honeybees! I am always so happy to see them. We leave big patches of clover uncut in our (2 acre) yard for them.


Nano technology may have a role to play in this developing technology as well.


That’s why the rate of the amazon being destroyed scares me so much flora, fauna being destroyed on a daily basis that would benefit mans illness’s.


OK. Should have listened. I think the Norwegian drinks water, and working on the zebra.


Not looking at whoever answered me and below until i either get it or give up. i did see, and agree with, the Norwegian lives in House 1. :O) bebimbob was right not to start it….. but i love it, too.

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