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Don midwest
Don midwest

Melting ice — incredible

A clear and now present danger

What would happen if this video were shown to all school children around the world? Would the kids revolt and force their parents to act now.

Keep in the ground is a start.

Put it back in the ground is needed.

If is is not already past the tipping points…

My wife, 50 years ago, had nightmares about melting ice. She saw the possibility all the way back then. And it scared her. Now, ……

Trump has to fire off another missile

We have to create more terrorists and more displaced people to add to those displaced by climate change

and, what about water??


Unfortunately I saw this on another forum and most the comments dismissed this (ice melt) as fake news, Fools!!!. At least my millennial kids realize that we have a problem with climate change.


Thanks for the post. I hope my addition appeals to the physics part of you.


Nothing seems to sum up the universe’s descent into disordered chaos quite like shoes getting untied. Try as your shoes might to keep themselves together (unless you’re rocking Velcro straps), inevitably their strings will come unravelled, causing you to trip and fall in some embarrassingly public setting.
Image: UC Berkeley

But how do your shoes come undone? That was the question guiding a set of mechanical engineers at the University of California, Berkeley. The answer, they think, lies in a complex albeit somewhat intuitive combination of physical factors.

The idea behind the research started when the authors stumbled upon a 2005 TED talk by Terry Moore about how to tie shoes — but it didn’t talk about why shoelace knots fail. “It seems like no matter how hard you tie them they become untied,” graduate student and study co-author Christopher Daily-Diamond told Gizmodo. “That intrigued us. Why is it happening?”

The team hypothesised that the knots failing came from a few things. The acceleration of the leg swinging forward leaves the free strings feeling a force in the opposite direction, resisting the change in motion and loosening the knot. The impact of the shoe hitting the ground deforms the knot, reducing the friction that the string feels and making it easier to slide out. The repeated impacting and deforming, combined with the swinging motion, makes the knot looser. The inertial force of the free string overpowers that of the loop side causing the loop to get smaller and push through the knot, until the whole thing falls apart.

I have one particular pair of shoes that the left one becomes undone that I have to double knot it.


How climate chaos affects the larger weather patterns is such important info and really knocks the legs out from under deniers. But it’s not a simple enough story for our MSM so many people still think in terms of hot and cold–if it’s colder, how can it be “global warming”?

Eileen R
Eileen R

Interesting and informative, as always.

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