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I look forward to your weekly informative series. Thanks again.




Lets hope the waxworms breed like rabbits. LOL

Don midwest
Don midwest

Let’s hope this gets wide attention.

If I still had MSM, I might see if I could get a group of us to write in to shows like Morning Joe. We did it for Obama, to rectify falsehoods in 2008, and I swear, some of the time, they responded and even said it was in answer to emails. Maybe not often, but still, you never know.

Don midwest
Don midwest

Why Muslims are the world’s fastest-growing religious group

main reason: demographics, so many young people to reproduce

That article was on Juan Cole’s web page. He wrote a book in 2014 — title of the book in the NY Times book review

Youth Tsunami in Arab World:
‘The New Arabs,’ by Juan Cole

The review was published in 2014. Most of the material may have been written in 2013 and earlier before Egypt later, and Turkey in real time, went down the drain.

You can see from this Cole’s optimism. I was optimistic after a trip to Turkey about 4 years ago subsidized by the Gulan inspired followers who are not considered terrorists by the new dictator in Turkey

From NYT book review

“The New Arabs” focuses not on Iraq, but on the Arab Spring, and in particular on the role that youth movements in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya played in bringing down the authoritarian regimes in those countries. “Young people are the key to the rapid political and social change in the Arab countries that have been in turmoil since 2011,” Mr. Cole writes, arguing that members of this “Arab Generation Y” are more literate than their elders, more urban and cosmopolitan, more technologically savvy and less religiously observant than those over 35. Echoing what the veteran Middle East reporter Robin Wright wrote in her 2011 book, “Rock the Casbah,” Mr. Cole contends that “a new generation has been awakened” and that a positive new historical dynamic is taking hold.

Mr. Cole’s book focuses on “left-liberal youth living in towns and cities” who played a crucial role in toppling the regimes of President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya. By focusing on these countries — as opposed to, say, Syria, where the government has cracked down on protesters with horrifying brutality, or Bahrain, which has imprisoned or detained growing numbers of its most vocal opponents — Mr. Cole stacks the deck in favor of his belief in the ability of Middle Eastern millennials to shake “a complacent, stagnant and corrupt status quo” and change the world.

Continue reading the main story
He glosses over the difficulties of actually implementing democratic change and ensuring civil liberties post-revolution. Just last month, in part of a crackdown on news media freedom, an Egyptian judge sentenced three journalists from Al Jazeera’s English-language network to at least seven years each in prison — without making public any evidence.

I was poking around Juan Cole’s web page and this might be of interest. He put up and translated a web page on

Kahlil Gibran Page

Kahlil Gibran was among the most important Arabic language authors of the early twentieth century. He also went on to become a famous author and artist in his adopted country, the U.S., especially by virtue of the phenomenal popularity of his 1923 The Prophet



Don midwest
Don midwest

Home to World’s Biggest Wind-Turbine Maker to End All Subsidies

good news story – profitable much sooner than expected

Don midwest

Thanks bebimbob and Don m for a great diary and comment links! T and R to the usual suspects!! 🙂 Another YUGE obstacle in getting obstinate Americans on board with facing climate change is overcoming their beliefs in the Christian Bible. All the nonsense about the Rapture, Second Coming, Endtimes, etc. is truth to these marks. As trained and educated as I am in literature and psycholinguistics, I have no answer to a very bad and dangerous problem!

Don midwest
Don midwest

Orlbufcan – you might be interested in this

Rhetoric is related to regular linguistics

Here is a rhetorical analysis of Obama’s 2006 speech to The Hamilton Project set up by his buddy Bob Rubin. The analysis is done by one of the main players on Naked Capitalism. He uses a color coded scheme to code his statements.

Who SELECTED Obama? I am serious. Why is the only senator at the kick off of this neo liberal project when Obama was a junior senator???

Obama at the Hamilton Project, 2006: “This is not a bloodless process.”

In the article there are links to the same kind of analysis of his 2013 inaugural address


More of these people would be awesome. Such good news when this happens, as they tend to be the most fervent for the cause!


I am not onto Science today but into political science. Catlin Johnstone’s take on the DNC’s evidence in the crooked primaries trial in Florida:
View story at Medium.com

Don midwest
Don midwest

Another article on DNC that claims that they can do whatever they want

If You Want to Know What the Democratic Party Is, Just Ask Their Lawyer

Headlines from the article in bold in original

The Democrat Party Has No Obligation to be Democratic

Nobody Knows What a Fair Election Means

Nobody Knows Who a Democrat Is, or What the DNC Is

The Courts Can’t Hold the Democrat Party Accountable for Anything, Ever

so the DNC atty explains who they are

So we have an association whose membership is indeterminate, yet nonetheless can order its affairs by whim. Seems odd. And why the heck are we entrusting the election of any public official to these guys if the public can’t hold them accountable for how they run elections?


It seems to me that a party that brands itself “Democratic,” even if a private association, ought to “order its own affairs” in a democratic fashion. The Democrat Party lawyer disagrees. Again, I find this wonderfully clarifying.[3]

Oh, and if we have any readers who have the necessary expertise to comment on the case, that would be great!

UPDATE Assume all the DNC”s arguments as prevented by Spiva are true. What then would a hostile takeover of such an entity look like?


I’m more and more thinking hostile takeover is not possible. They’ve drawn too many McResistance people into their web.

However, I’m staying in until I’m proved wrong or 2020, whichever comes first. Platform committee meeting tomorrow evening. 😉


This is really good, CPat!

And like I always keep pounding on, now that TPTB are complaining about hacked machines, can we get rid of them, too? Please????

As Caitlin sez, rather than be honest, they’re admitting all kinds of stuff that proves that we don’t have a democracy. Or as Trump would say, Sad! Bad!


Awww, R.I.P., Cassini.

And i just love the idea and the sound of dark matter–the mysterious depths, so to speak.

As always, thanks, beimbob


I learn something new each week. Thank you, our own scientist who can help explain in layman’s terms or point us to great explications of complex science problems.

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