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Don midwest
Don midwest

effects of climate change – severe kidney disease

shocking article about workers in agriculture contacting severe kidney disease – the leading cause of hospital deaths in El Salvador is kidney failure

scientists trying to find out what is going on and current hypothesis is severe dehydration

killing off species doesn’t get enough attention

killing off ice also doesn’t get enough attention

killing off the climate of the Holocene, the current geological epoch of the last 10,000 years doesn’t get enough attention

killing off humans – well, that might get needed attention

Climate change is turning dehydration into a deadly epidemic

A mysterious kidney disease is striking down labourers across the world and climate change is making it worse. Jane Palmer meets the doctors who are trying to understand it and stop it.


Synthetic Retinal Implants is certainly positive news…just a shame that their use is 5 to 10 years away. I would think that research & testing like this could be expedited.


T and R, bebimbob! 🙂


what wonderful DNA HIV news. imagine that might be applied to other deep viruses….

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