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Thank you for this. It is quite a cross section of interesting material.


The Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault Flooded. Thanks, Global Warming

Since this is a science thread thought this might be interesting. Read on at

The Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault Flooded. Thanks, Global Warming




As always, intriguing!

Don midwest
Don midwest

Danger from EMF – electronic magnetic fields — cell phones, etc.

There is a low power progressive radio station in Columbus OH. I have heard somethings about EMF on the station as I drive around, but Martin Blank was interviewed yesterday.

I didn’t realize that EMF damages the cells. The double helix is a coil and can interact with an EMF.

EMF are all around us.

I assume this guy is for real. A couple of Ph D.. speaking around the world, associated with Columbia university, etc.

He wrote a book Overpowered: The Dangers of EMF …

Here is a 3 min video of him

International Scientist Appeal on Electromagnetic Fields Martin Blank PhD May 11 2015

On my youtube page, there were several links. They depend on your history, but here is a longer speech he made. I have not listened to it.

A long speech from March 2015. Sound is marginal
Cellular and Molecular Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, by Dr. Martin Blank

He wrote the book Overpowered because academics didn’t take him seriously

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