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The Jupiter image made me think of Salvador Dali.

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Sadly Trump isn’t the only climate sceptic. His administration and many Republicans give him plenty of company. Mother Nature sheds a tear!


Another impact due to lack of effort regarding climate change.


Coral bleaching on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is worse than first thought and the impact will accelerate unless global greenhouse gas emissions are cut, scientists said Monday.

The 2,300-kilometre (1,400-mile) World Heritage-listed reef suffered its most severe bleaching on record last year due to warming sea temperatures during March and April.

Initial aerial and in-water surveys showed 22 percent of shallow water corals were destroyed in 2016, but it has now been bumped up to 29 percent and with the reef currently experiencing an unprecedented second straight year of bleaching, the outlook is grim.

“We’re very concerned about what this means for the Great Barrier Reef itself and what it means for the communities and industries that depend on it,” Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) chairman Russell Reichelt said.

“The amount of coral that died from bleaching in 2016 is up from our original estimates and, at this stage, although reports are still being finalised, it’s expected we’ll also see an overall further coral cover decline by the end of 2017.”


Very sad as its home to a lot of sea life.


Concerning Blue Whales…
Blue Whale Found Dead On Northern California Beach Likely Struck By Ship

79-foot female suffered blunt force trauma and several broken bones.



T and R bebimbob. The videos are fascinating. Hope you and yours are enjoying a safe and fun long weekend. I just don’t feel patriotic today with cheetosbrain and mob running/ruining things. 😦

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