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@bebimbob: the video of the Mariana Trench is way beyond fascinating. It’s too far down for yahoos to wreck anything. Thank gawd. Anywho, T and R to the usual suspects!! 🙂


That was awesome one of the “final frontier’s” on earth. A place where corps cant drill for oil well at least not yet.


Once again thanks for the interesting cross section of information from the scientific world. Will check out the videos later tonight.


Good morning/afternoon everyone. Great doc on the Mariana Trench…while perusing more info on it I came across a recent article by the Guardian…it was fascinating but also very depressing
‘Extraordinary’ levels of pollutants found in 10km deep Mariana trench”

Eileen R

I found the Mariana Trench to be especially interesting. Thanks bebimbob.

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