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Tip jar for bebimbob!

Just for that pic of mouth-watering olives alone. 🙂 I love olives!


Thanks, @magsview. 🙂


Great post bebimbob.

Although I’m not sure how keen I am on the concept of flying taxis, tbh.

Moth’s eyes, eh? That’s really cool.

Pic of pretty insect eyes attached…it’s a damselfly.

blue damselfly.jpg

Thanks bebimbob for this. I just checked out my location using landsat. After a quick glance it appears to still need some work or I am using it wrong. For the time being I will stick with Google Earth.

Eileen R
Eileen R

I look forward every week to your Science Sunday. Thanks bebimbob.


I’ll take the flying car, please. (Maybe I should start with a seagoing plane, tho. ;))

Don midwest
Don midwest

Humans will be gone in 10 years because of climate change

I heard Guy McPherson on an environmental show on our local low power radio

One of the obvious points that I didn’t realize is that IPCC reports are very conservative (know that — always underestimate what happens later) but now realize that it is a political process that issues can be voted down. One of these is the lack of coverage of methane and feedback loops.

Here is a soundcloud transcript of his radio interview # 218

Near-Term Human Extinction #218

Here is an article when he spoke in New Zealand
Climate change specialist predicts human extinction in 10 years

He has a tour this summer that takes him to many places in the midwest. You might want to go to one of the events or you might know someone who would be interested

Coming Events
We need Midwest U.S. support for July near Chicago, Ilinois, Indianapolis, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, St. Louis, Missouri, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

If you’re able to help, please send a message to booking@crawfordsattractions.com.

A professor gone rogue.

He has a very long statement on his web site which he used to update but stopped in 2016. The tipping point is well passed.Climate-Change Summary and Update:
Updated most recently, likely for the final time, 2 August 2016.

In order to help people understand and cope with extinction, he is into spiritual
stuff as well. (He started as a scientist, Uni of AZ, …politics, empire, climate collapse)


Actually it is over. But will hold other workshops in Belize in the future.

He is still in The Enlightenment frame. I will write him about Bruno Latour, but I suspect that he is so busy that he would not have the time to get into it.

He is fighting for the last days of humanity.

I have never heard anyone this pesismestic.

Here he is on Thom Hartmann in 2014

Conversations with Great Minds – Guy McPherson / Human Extinction in our Lifetime?

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