HomeIssuesForeign Policy“She’s Baldly Lying”: Dana Frank Responds to Hillary Clinton’s Defense of Her Role in Honduras Coup
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Ellen North

Thanks for the post! Although the use of the term ‘dilemma’ makes you a master of understatement…


Thanks for this.

And, on those TOP diaries I got into it repeatedly, playing whack-a-mole. I thought I made progress with someone (see ) who was there and wanted to say that it was only BernieBros. After much back and forth he finally was able to see that it was the community who was protesting. Alas, during the next protest the capacity to ‘see’ the community was again lost.


Hillary’s supporters are such lying thugs. So sick and tired of their claiming that Hillary is distrusted because of GOP smears. She outright lies about this and then, in a perfect Fahrenheit 451° moment, sends that chapter of her book up in smoke.

Hillary Clinton is more dishonest than Richard Nixon. I hope she appoints Kissinger as Secretary of State. But I guess she’d never be that honest.


I’ve actually wondered if she would appoint HFK!


Yes, this whole “POC love HRC and not Bernie” is odious. As is Clintons’ SoS tenure.


I’m surprised you didn’t mention – on June 15, activists from around the world will gather and protest at Honduran embassies everywhere to try and force the Honduran government to take action against Berta Cáceres’ killers. Several of those charged for Berta’s murder have ties to the Honduran military, including Active Major Mariano Diaz Chavez, who is reported to have been trained by the U.S. Rangers. If you live in D.C (or another capital city) please join them.

If you can’t, you can also sign a petition (LINK) to Congress to cut off all “security aid” to Honduras until the government shows a commitment to human rights.

I’ll be returning to Honduras for the umpteenth time in October to provide medical aid. The change in atmosphere since the coup, from hope to fear, is palpable. The murder rate is the highest in the Western Hemisphere – mostly journalists, activists, and “leftists”, fortunately, not aid workers. And the government Clinton helped to install is creating law-free “enterprise zones” where Honduran law does not apply, little fiefdoms where mining companies can ignore the few environmental and labor laws that Honduras does have. The situation is a nightmare, and while i said i wouldn’t go back, here we go again. For the very last time – again…


O.K. Haven’t figured out how to link, obviously –


Wow, Chris. In awe of your dedication to others in a dangerous setting. I had not heard about these protests at all.


Well, not as dangerous as it may sound since we are known and appreciated in the community and aren’t clueless on the way.


Excellent Diary. I believe one of the worst mistakes President Obama made was to appoint Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

I disagree with Hillary on many Policy related issues, but this is MY red line, the line that my conscious will not allow me to cross. I absolutely refuse to have blood on my hands for any future deaths in the middle east and elsewhere around the world by voting for a presidential candidate who has proven to be a warmonger throughout her tenure as SOS, and intends to continue U.S. involvement in perpetual war.

I’ve included a few articles below that details Hillary Clinton’s disastrous use of her so called ‘Smart Power’ foreign policy doctrine.

Hillary Clinton’s Unapologetically Hawkish Record Faces 2016 Test

The Left Ought to Worry About Hillary Clinton, Hawk and Militarist, in 2016


Darn, where’s that edit button when I need it?
correction (sp)—> conscience


Hillary loves her some coup. In fact, she instigated her own coup in this election with all her proponents, top-down. What’s not to love about coups?


Oh, and terrific interview. Amy Goodman is gold-standard!

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